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Shalom All,

Instead of defending the lunar months and lunar weeks as I have done for the past 12 years I would like to show conclusive evidence that the traditional weekly Sabbath cannot possibly be scripturally correct and if you are interested you can go to my website and see more Scripture as to why we keep the lunar Sabbath at

You really owe it to yourselves and families to examine the following proof that the traditional uninterrupted cycle cannot be scriptural and if I give positive proof you should reconsider your position on Sabbath keeping.

If Adam and Eve were keeping Saturday Sabbaths on a continual uninterrupted cycle of counting one through seven then both Saturday AND SUNDAY are correct. The reason for this is when Adams descendents migrated east and west from the Garden of Eden the ones traveling East will see the sunrise sooner and sooner and meet the day BEFORE the ones traveling west and when they get opposite to each other on the Earth they will be keeping Saturday 12 full hours apart, i.e. the East travelers will keep Saturday and then the West travelers will keep Saturday 12 hours later when it comes around to them. When they continue migrating on around the Earth and meet anywhere on the other side they will now be a full 24 hour day apart in observing Saturday. This is true even if a man that came in from the east and married a woman whose descendents came in from the west. He would keep the Sabbath on Saturday and she would keep it the next day on Sunday 24 hours later, i.e. Adam’s descendents that migrated east will still keep Saturday first and then it will go around to the ones that traveled west and then they will keep it 24 hours later ON SUNDAY! This is the reason the man made International Date Line was created in order to supposedly and put them back on the same day which in reality WILL NOT change the cycle but it gives the illusion and puts them on the same artificial date but in reality the imaginary dateline does not change anything. At any rate with the traditional cycle Sabbath BOTH and Saturday and Sunday cycle would be correct because the traditional uninterrupted cycle was not broken by either of Adam’s descendents and therefore the ones that trave led east should keep Saturday and the ones that traveled west should keep SUNDAY when the uninterrupted cycle comes around to them. This fact alone should make the honest hearted person take another look at their doctrine because the Scripture teaches only one Seventh day cycle each week.

The fact that with the traditional Saturday Sabbath cycle men will be keeping TWO seventh day cycles on two different days while living in the same house proves this was not the system that the Almighty chose.

If you do not believe what I’m saying is true concerning the cycle you can call NASA, any science Center, or by asking any Astronomer or any Math or School teacher or anyone that does not have a dog in the fight and is not biased. You can also contact the US Naval Observatory or go to their website at they all offer mathematical and Histori cal proof there will be TWO Seven day cycles with the traditional uninterrupted count. When we have a mathematical certainty that the traditional 1 through 7 uninterrupted solar cycle will not work and will not harmonize with Scripture which teaches only ONE Seventh day per week it is time to re-examine our doctrine. The Almighty has not left us this system because it is confusion and He is not the author of confusion. The traditional solar week system of an uninterrupted solar cycle is unscriptural because you have TWO separate cycles and the Scripture only teaches one per week.

I offer this information to help and not condemn.

Not only will you have TWO seventh days back to back, you will also have TWO separate counts to Pentecost, because some will count from the Morrow after Saturday and the other from the Morrow after Sunday. Not to mention those that keep the true Pentecost and begin the count from the Morrow after the 15th., this is the Morrow after the lunar true weekly Sabbath.

If adding or subtracting a day/cycle when crossing the man made International Date Line puts people on the SAME DATE/cycle. What would happen if they did not add or subtract day when they crossed it?

The simple truth is if they did nothing; they would be in TW0 different cycles of the week. AND TWO Separate dates of the month and causing them to be on TWO separate days of the week. In reality they are still be in TWO separate CYCLES but it seems to put them on the SAME date but the date is artificial because the true dates in Scripture are by the moon. Nothing can change the cycle except going back around the Earth which will cause you to lose or gain a day/cycle. The man-made solar months and weeks are artificial and therefore the dates are artificial also. Man can do whatever he likes by using an artificial date line but the cycle is real because it is caused by the Sun and man can do nothing with it. If he could the fallacy of the traditional uninterrupted cycle could not be exposed or unmasked as I am doing here.

Here’s what the navel Observatory has to say about the situation.

The International Date Line is the imaginary line on the Earth that separates two consecutive calendar days.

That is the date in the Eastern hemisphere, to the left of the line, is always one day ahead of the date in the Western hemisphere. It has been recognized as a matter of convenience and has no force in international law.

WITHOUT - the International Date Line travelers going westward would discover that when they returned home, ONE DAY MORE than they thought had passed, even though they had KEPT CAREFUL TALLY of the days. This first happened to Magellan’s crew after the first circumnavigation of the globe. Likewise, a person traveling eastward would find that ONE FEWER days had elapsed than he had recorded, as happened to Phileas Fogg in “Around the World in Eighty Days” by Jules Verne.

The International Date Line can be anywhere on the globe. But it is most convenient to be 180° away from the defining meridian that goes through Greenwich, England. It also is fortunate that this area is covered, mainly, by empty ocean. However, there have always been zigs and zags in it to allow for local circumstances.

Historical positions of the International Date Line from ‘Notes on the History of the Date or Calendar Line,’ in The New Zealand Journal of Science and Technology, Vol. XI, pp. 385 – 388

Over the years, the position of the International Date Line has changed several times. Until 1845, the Philippines were on the eastern side of it (the same side as the United States). It was on the eastern side of the line because it was a Spanish colony and most Europeans arrived there via the Spanish colonies in South America. Indonesia, almost directly to the South of the Philippines, was a Dutch colony and most European arrivals came via the Cape of Good Hope. Thus Indonesia was to the west of the International Date Line. After the independence of the South American countries, most people traveling to the Philippines also came by way of the Cape of Good Hope, so it was decided to change from the east of the line to the west of the line. Alaska, originally claimed by Russia, was to the west of the International Date Line because most travelers arrived there by way of Siberia. When the United States bought Alaska in 1867 the line was moved to the west of it. The most recent change in the line was in 1995 when Kiribati —  moved a large segment of it to the east, so that the entire nation would be on the same side of the International Date Line. As with all other changes in the International Date Line, the change was made by a government with local interests. As a result, the line is as far East as 150°, farther east than Honolulu. This did not change where the first sunrise of the new millennium occurred, however.

The honor still went to – Antarctica.

The position given on most maps is the line drawn by the British Admiralty in 1921. ns/astronomical-information-center/inter-date-line

I might mention that each time they change the date line they changed people in the areas Sabbath Day.

I have more of this information, if anyone is interested please contact me.

The bottom line is, people who are keeping the traditional solar week; need to start keeping the original lunar weeks becausethe traditional solar weeks will not work as the above shows and it is not scriptural and that is why you cannot find a pinpointed weekly Sabbath that was not on one of the four major phases of the moon in Scripture, i.e. on the 8th, 15th, 22nd, or 29th of the moon.

This is why we can offer a $10,000.00 - Reward to anyone who can pinpoint a conclusive weekly Sabbath; that is not one of the above date of the moon, such as the one in - Exodus 16 - when the Sabbath was made known to Moses.

I have demonstrated how, that when men began to multiply on the Earth and migrated east and west they would be on TWO separate day cycles when they meet on the outside of the Earth even if it took them 1000 years and neither of them missed a beat in their count. This is an absolute that cannot be intelligently argued against and this is extremely problematic for the traditional uninterrupted cycle Sabbath keeper because the Scripture only teaches ONE seventh day of the week.

When men discovered this problem which was caused by Julius Caesar when he booted the moon out of the calendar contrary to Genesis 1:14 -19, and Psalms 104:19 – thinking to change times and laws as Daniel prophesied and came up with the solar only month it created major problems that was discovered when men began sailing around the Earth. They tried, but added to the problem by inventing an imaginary line called the International Date Line which would somehow magically add or subtract one full day, depending on which way you are traveling, when you cross it. This supposedly put the travelers back on the same day of the solar month which was created by Julius Caesar in 46 BC, see encyclopedia under calendar, but in reality they are still in two – 2 – different days of the solar month and solar week. Just saying you lose or gained a day when crossing the imaginary man made date line does not make it true, the seven day cycle still exists and there are TWO of them with the traditional count and this alone proves the traditional seven day cycle is unscriptural because the Scriptures teaches only ONE.

Not only will they have TWO back to back Seventh days,  there will be TWO separate counts to Pentecost for those who count from the Morrow after the traditional weekly Saturday-Sabbath which is also unscriptural because the Scripture teaches only ONE Pentecost and with the traditional cycle some would begin the count from the Morrow after Saturday, and the others from the Morrow after Sunday 24-hour later; and they would both be right according to the traditional uninterrupted cycle Sabbath. Oh what a tangled web we weave when trying to justify our error instead of confessing it and then repenting and forsaking it. What a mess!

Again, for those who still don’t believe you will be in TWO separate days with the traditional count you can and you really MUST go to any encyclopedia, NASA, or to the US Naval Observatory at :

for confirmation or you can actually fly around the Earth keeping up with the evenings and mornings/days never missing a count and when you return you will be on a different day than the people you left behind. This is a fact.

With the lunar months and lunar weeks this problem goes away because - when they meet a 1000 years later after slowly migrating around the Earth East and West; they will look up and be in the same day of the lunar month and day of the lunar week because with the creation calendar it will self adjust and you need no man-made date line and with the creation calendar even if they were not on the same day of the month and week when they meet they certainly would be when the next new moon comes around but with the traditional cycle Sabbath, they will never ever be in the same cycle for Pentecost or the weekly Sabbath unless one = 2 0 of them goes back around the Earth. Again, this is an absolute that cannot be intelligently argued against and the next step is to turn from the tradition of men to the Scripture because the day of the Almighty is near and if we reject knowledge He will reject us, Hosea 4:6.

Someone could argue that we should keep the same cycle as Jerusalem but they would BOTH be in the same cycle as Jerusalem; but in TWO separate cycles from each other. One would be 12 hours ahead of Jerusalem and the other 12 hours behind Jerusalem but both in the same cycle as Jerusalem.

Adam lived almost a 1000 years and if he had traveled east of Jerusalem to the US his cycle Sabbath would be correct and if he traveled West to the US his cycle Sabbath would be correct also. The same is true for his descendents and besides this the Sabbath was made for man;  NOT for Jerusalem either, and therefore the Sabbath goes with man wherever man travels and therefore this argument is unacceptable.

If a man whose descendents came to the USA from the east married a woman whose descendents came in from the west he would keep the traditional Saturday cycle first and she would keep Sunday 24-hours later; i.e., he would go to church one day and she would go to church the next day. He would have to keep the Sabbath on Saturday in order not to break the traditional uninterrupted cycle and she would keep it the next day on Sunday 24 hours later for the same reason.Remember breaking the Sabbath is a sin and carries the death penalty and if the husband and wife’s descendents had been keeping the traditional Seventh day cycle for a 1000 years or so they would not want to give it up and if they did one of the spouses would be unequally yoked living with a sinner. And a woman is to keep silence in the assembly and is suppose to ask her husband at home but if he didn’t hear the question himself there could be confusion. On top of all this,  if they did not know for positive which way their descendents came in from they would not be keeping the cycle with a clear conscienceOf course they could keep both Saturday and Sunday but the Scripture teaches only 1 Seventh Day and SIX DAYS to work and then keep the Seventh day.

The true Sabbath will not separate a man and his wife from worshiping on the same 7th day. Besides all this they would keep Pentecost a day apart also.

I don’t believe one should commit sin and give up their cycle that was handed down to them from the Garden of Eden therefore He did not use the traditional system. I might also mention that the man and his wife would be keeping all the other feasts/moeads days at the same time, the new moons, the Day of Atonement, The Feast of Trumpets, Unleavened Bread, Tabernacles, BECAUSE these days are by the moon and if they observed the scriptural Seventh Day Moadim at the end of the Lunar/Celestial weeks they would be keeping them on the same day also, instead of a day apart.


Anyone with common intelligence should admit that: the Scripture CLEARLY Teaches ONLY ONE Seventh day cycle each week. They should acknowledge that with the traditional Solar Seven Day Cycle, they will be in TWO of them on entirely different days when men begin migrating East and West from the garden of Eden and meet on the opposite side of the Earth. This is true even though they are living in the same house. There will be TWO BACK TO BACK 7 DAY WEEKLY CYCLES 24-hour apart to choose from when the Scripture clearly TEACHES ONLY ONE. this absolutely rules out – ANY POSSIBILITY of the traditional weekly Solar Cycle from ever being scripturally correctIt is that simple. The famous Sherlock Holmes, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, was famous for sayingwhen the impossible has been removed, whatever remains, however improbably, must be the truth“.

The only week that remains is the lunar/celestial week and some will argue that they will have the same problem living in the same house also. I disagree, but even if this were true the problem would go away the next new moon but with the traditional Saturday-Sabbath; they will ALWAYS have TWO back to back Seven-Day Cycles, and TWO different counts to Pentecost that will never ever go away, unless one of them goes back around the Earth. Again, THE SCRIPTURE CLEARLY TEACHES ONLY ONE SEVENTH DAY CYCLE EACH WEEK and in reality when men slowly migrated around the Earth and meet a 1000 or so years later they will most definitely have TWO. Again this rules out the traditional uninterrupted cycle as being an option. Again, the famous Sherlock Holmes, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, was famous for saying “when the impossible has been removed, whatever remains, however improbably, must be the Truth“. stronomical-information-center/inter-date-line

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FINAL – Conclusive facts

Fact No. one: is that the Scripture teaches only one weekly Seventh day cycle.

Fact No. two: is that the traditional cycle Sabbath will have TWO Seventh-Day Cycles making it and impossibility according t o the Scripture ONE Seventh day cycle.

Fact No. three: is that the lunar week has not been proven impossible because it will have only one Seventh day cycle each week and if we could prove it scripturally impossible we would-be left with no possible scriptural seventh day week at all.

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