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Created by pastorbuddy on 7/26/2009

Ron Wyatt claimed to have found the hole/socket in the bedrock that once held the cross of Christ upright. At the bottom of the socket, there was a small man-made hole (a few inches long) leading downward into the bedrock, and, 20 feet directly below, Wyatt found a small cave wherein was situated a stone case with the Ark of the Covenant within, supposedly hidden there by Jews in about 600 BC.

How did Mr. Wyatt know that the Ark was directly below the socket that held Christ’s cross? Because, he saw a crack/fissure in the ceiling of the cave that he imagined to be connected to the small hole in the socket, for he saw a dried dark substance (blood) on the crack, but also on the lid of the Ark…which was situated directly below the crack. Moreover, because the lid of the ark had been split in two, he said that the dark substance dripping from the crack had been deposited into the Ark!

In other words, and this is actually quite beautiful to the point of goose bumps, his discovery was that the blood of Jesus had entered the small hole at the base of His cross, and then flowed into a large fissure created when God caused an earthquake during the Crucifixion. The impression from that picture is that God had created the Ark of the Covenant, in the Days of Moses, with future plans to hold for all generations the dripped blood of the Crucifixion, as a memorial, in the Ezekiel Temple, and perhaps also in the New Heavens.


Yet another stunning inference of Wyatt’s claim is that God caused the Romans to dig the socket (which they intended only for the capital punishment of criminals) directly above the hidden Ark, and this “coincidence” would then be absolute proof that the Crucifixion was an act of God, and that He is indeed Almighty, and beautiful without compare to the point of sweet-bitter tears for the Jews who for generations have rejected the authenticity of Jesus.

As much as I want to believe this story, there are problems. For example, from within the cave he pushed his measuring tape upward into the crack, and it came out the small hole in the socket so that his son, standing on the ground above, could tug on it so as to prove that the Ark was directly below the Crucifixion site. And that’s also how he knew he was 20 feet below the socket. But the chances are very remote indeed of pushing a tape measure blindly up a fissure and getting it to find a distant small hole a few inches long and about one inch wide. It sounds like a fabricated story.

Furthermore, he claimed to have spent years trying to dig 20 feet down into that cave, in order to remove the Ark, which he said could not be removed by any other means because entrances into the cave had been blocked. And the path by which he had entered the cave just happened to be too narrow to remove the Ark (it figures), and all attempts to photograph it proved fruitless (I don’t see why, but it’s fully expected if he was lying).

Since the Ark is so fabulously important, there would not only be the will and the money available, from millions of people, to get it out one way or another, but chiseling through merely 20 feet of rock is by no means a major problem. To this end, it struck me as deceptive when he said that he did not know where above the cave to start chiseling away in order to dig his way directly to the cave. But if he knows that there’s a fissure in the rock leading right into the ceiling of the cave, why not just follow the fissure? How hard could it be to find the fissure when one clue is that it’s located directly under the socket? Just stick a wire into the hole and feel around in order to discover the orientation of the fissure.

For these reasons and more, I see fraud, and indeed the story is being sold online rather than being given away for free, compromising the story’s credibility if it’s true but fully expected if it’s a scam. Wyatt claimed to have gotten some dried blood of Jesus into test labs, but you’ve got to pay money to find out what the results were. I suppose that if the underwear of Jesus had been found, it would be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Yet, judging from what is being said on the website, I don’t think we’re dealing merely with a money-making racket, but with the Millennium-related purposes of an Illuminati-based cult. Not only the Ark, but much of the other Temple furniture was found in that cave, and, as you must know, this Furniture has reportedly been in the care of Templars/Freemasons.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t rule out that the Furniture was fabricated from scratch by Illuminati technologies, before being planted in similar fashion to the planting of the Hall of Records at Giza. It’s even logical to my mind that the Illuminatists of the 1920s had placed the Ark and the Temple furniture (real or fake) in the Great Sphinx, for to “discover” it there, but that, after 1967 wherein the Jews reclaimed Jerusalem, the Illuminatists decided to remove it from the Great Sphinx through the work of Stanford and Dolphin (in the 1970s), and to move it to Jerusalem by the same Stanford-Dolphin team.

Wow. Would they do that? Consider this: Wyatt claimed that a man strolled along the dig site one day whom he says had to be Jesus himself, whose first words were that he was in the midst of traveling from South Africa to the New Jerusalem. It sounds like one of those spy password-lines to me, to identify oneself as an agent of the conspiracy…as if to communicate, “I’m here. I’ll meet you later” (where they on the phone had planned to meet).

But that’s not my main point, which is this: the “New Jerusalem” in this case would translate to their Jerusalem after the Temple-furniture scam was completely fulfilled, and South Africa is Rothschild/Rhodes country. Yes, indeed, for it was in South Africa that both Cecil Rhodes and the Rothschilds, the very people who were the guts of the British Illuminati, took control of diamond mines that were discovered there in the mid 1800s. And they also bought up gold mines, with more than enough gold to create the Temple furniture.

Surely, Wyatt alone didn’t have enough money to purchase the gold let alone fabricate the furniture. There would not only be required the gold enough, the fabrication specialists, and the evil minds willing to perpetrate a fraud on this scale, but there would be required an organization with the abilities to carry out the long-range purpose, which appears to be the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple. Therefore, there is either no cave and no Furniture, or else a pro-Zionist Illuminati group (as opposed to the anti-Zionist Aryans) is the hub of this conspiracy.

According to the Anchor Stone website, the revealing of the Furniture to the world will happen soon. A goal in that revelation would naturally be to acquire fabulous amounts of money and moral support from Christians, toward the building of the Temple, but also, hopefully, to convert non-Christian Jews to Jesus Christ and thereby get them to support a counterfeit Millennium as devised by “Christians.” If that latter requirement fails, and it likely would, perhaps a removal of Jews from Israel would be needed…but because they’re not going to leave willingly, such a task would end up looking a lot like the military affair called, “Abomination that makes Desolate.”

Expect the fake Millennium to be controlled by Illuminatists within, or associated with, the Anglican church, a church that was formed by Rosicrucians, as we shall see, and that has traditionally depicted itself as the chief of Christ on earth for no other reason than to rule the earth…as had the Vatican pope before it. But as not all Anglican leaders coincided with the Rosicrucians, expect other cults of Britain to have been formed, by Illuminatists, in hopes of creating other facilitators of the Rosicrucian cause. I suspect, for reasons to be given later, that the Henry Drummond cult, the Catholic Apostolic Church, was a primary Rosicrucian cult.

It is well-understood that pro-Zionist Illuminatists in Britain have been working hard for centuries to mesh the Jews and Christians together for this very purpose of Millennial Rule, in a movement called “British-Israelism.” This movement was created by Rosicrucians from as early as John Dee’s alliances with queen Elizabeth I (16th century), and it has become my recent discovery that the Rosicrucians were a cult of the dragon bloodline seeking to make the British peoples believe that they were of Jewish blood, in efforts to disguise their own bloodline — everywhere in Britain and particularly on the throne and in other leading roles. British Freemasonry and British-Israelism go together like a snake coiled around its nest of eggs.

That’s the crux of British-Israelism, in other words, an attempt of the dragon bloodline to ascend the throne of Israel and the Biblical Millennium…which it could not so easily do under the true banner of “Gog” or “Dragon Bloodline.” But we wouldn’t expect them to stop with British-Israelism; why not also European Israelism, which the Catholic Apostolic Church promoted; why not American-Israelism, as the Mormons and some Seventh-Day Adventists promoted? My logic is that we just follow the British-Israeli eggs in order to keep track of movements made by the Illuminati snake.

Those of you who would find it hard to believe that the dragon bloodline, also called the Rose Line, has any interest in ruling the world from Israel should take note that it had attempted just that long before the Rothschilds, as early as the Templars in their successful invasion of Jerusalem (1099 AD). The first ruler (i.e. king) of Jerusalem was (supposed to be) Godfrey de Bouillon, who was said to be a descendant of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and it’s by that bit of information that we can identify Godfrey as from the dragon bloodline. But, of course, we can make the same identification by the fact that modern Freemasons/Illuminatists trace themselves to the Templars.

But more recently, starting in 1842, the Anglican Church united with the German Lutherans in a program to create a Jerusalem Bishopric, which the two churches shared…no doubt under the patronage of Illuminatists from both countries, for Rosicrucians played a large part in forming also the Lutherans (as they had formed the Anglicans). Rothschild involvement from both countries is highly suspect, therefore, in the Bishopric scheme.

As of now, early 2005, the Temple-furniture hoax is failing miserably because too many websites are writing in opposition to Ron Wyatt’s credibility. I remember when I first saw Wyatt on the news, proclaiming that he had found an alternative site to Noah’s Ark at the bottom of mount Ararat, recognizing him instantly as a fraud because I knew from the information in Genesis that the Ark had to be near the top of the mountain, high enough for Noah to have seen the tops of the Caucasus mountains. But the Ark-of-the-Covenant scam had occurred even previous to the Noah’s Ark scam, and yet I did not hear of it until late 2004.

The Anchor Stone website, operated by Wyatt’s confidant, Bill Fry, is itself selling Wyatt material online, and not only on the two Arks, but on Wyatt’s other “discoveries,” of the true locations of Sodom and Gomorrah, the Red-Sea crossing, and Mount Sinai. Certainly, Wyatt and Fry may be nothing more than thieves, not at all working for an Illuminati cause. And yet I wonder.

Let’s assume the latter scenario. Because Wyatt’s discoveries by 2005 were all rejected by most authorities, one would think that the Rosicrucians have also let go of the Wyatt plot in favor of another means to reveal the Ark and build the Temple. But details of the Wyatt attempt could help us to understand who’s behind the plot, and what comes next down the Temple-building pipe toward the 70th Week.

According to online reports (shared by both Bill Fry and Wyatt’s wife, Mary), Wyatt began excavations in 1979, but didn’t enter the cave holding the Ark until January of 1982…which was roughly the time that the Stanford team was gearing up for its Temple project — which occurred early in 1983 — to be followed by an attempted bombing of the Muslim Dome in January of 1984. It can therefore be hypothesized that the cave was stacked with the Temple furniture just prior to the date planned for the blowing up of the Muslim Dome, so that the “discovery” of the Ark could occur soon after in order to give world-wide impetus for the building of a Jewish Temple instead of a re-building of the Dome. A bombing in 1984 would, on paper anyway, allow enough time, prior to 1997-2000, to build the Temple.

According to Fry’s May-2000 online Update, Wyatt told him that 4 angels had appeared in the cave in “street clothes,” cautioning him not to reveal his discovery, at the pain of death, until the mark of the beast is enforced in the world. No other group associated with Wyatt had revealed this angel story, not even Wyatt’s wife (Mary) in her detailed online story of Wyatt’s discovery, suggesting that Fry was fabricating the story and therefore going forward with the fraud on his own. Wyatt had died (of colon cancer) a year previous to this Update so that it allowed Fry to make up the story.

But then we are to believe that Wyatt’s death was due to his not keeping the discovery secret, wherefore Fry himself now has a case, before the cries of his critics, for not revealing intricate details that would tend to discredit the discovery. Of course, everyone wants to know the location of the cave, but Fry’s not telling. The team at Wyatt Archaeological Research (WAR), which includes Wyatt’s wife, does not know the location of the cave, for they had performed unsuccessful digs at the site in efforts to find it.

Wyatt, just before his death, didn’t bother to appoint a replacement president for WAR, declining to do so for an off-the-wall reason, showing again that the organization was not privy to the plot. But he did give Fry a written letter stating that he, Fry, could use his photos, etc. for website promotion, etc, after his death. I would therefore suspect Fry, if there is any Illuminati-based plot taking place, to be an agent of the Illuminati. If so, it looks as though the initial post-2000 Illuminati Plan B was to bring out the commercial skincode before going ahead with the Temple rebuilding.

That gives me reason to caution serious believers, once again, not to wait until the Temple is built before having their tribulation retreats ready for self-sufficient living.

Perhaps the Illuminati now feels that the best time to build the Temple on the site of the Dome is when the opposition, led by Muslim terrorists, can no longer make purchases without being tracked down and caught. Under this scenario one can see that the West will essentially force Muslims to both use the skincode and to honor the Image of the Beast. Those Muslims who do not honor that Western system are without doubt going to include the terrorists, wherefore the False Prophet will have some of them killed, even as the U.S. is killing them at this very time.

There is evidence that the Fry angel-story is not completely without some basis in the real world, for if he were fully making it up, he wouldn’t have needed to include the street clothes of the angels. In fact, the story would have captured Christian imaginations better had the angels been radiating with light; that’s how most cultists describe their angelic visits, anyway.

Fry writes online that, on the day that Wyatt had seen the four angels, they had swept the cave clean of rocks and even positioned the Temple furniture for some video footage that Wyatt was supposed to take and reveal only after the skincode was enforced (Fry takes us for fools). The truth must be that the plotters swept the cave clean and positioned the furniture for the video footage, and, perhaps for the day that the world press is let into the cave. I wouldn’t be believing nor saying this, as it just seems highly ridiculous, if I didn’t believe that the Illuminati had set up the Hall of Records in just the same way, for press releases and to deceive the world unto their New-Millennium agenda.

If Fry was fabricating the story most-completely so that there wasn’t ever a cave nor even the Furniture — so that there was never any intent to allow cameras into the cave on the day of revelation — then he would not have needed to include the part where the angels had cleared the main tunnel i.e. the one supposedly used by the Jews 2600 years ago when storing the Furniture in the first place.

The angels in street clothes were said to keep guard over that tunnel and cave to this day, as they had been doing for 2600 years previous, but the truths that seem logical to me is that it’s cult agents who keep guard over the tunnel and cave, and that the tunnel was never in the first place blocked up with debris, as Wyatt had claimed, but the Furniture was planted, by the Illuminati, through that very tunnel. And while it appears to have been a part of the initial plan, while Wyatt was still alive, to allow reporters into the cave, it seems that Fry has canceled that part, because he included in his angel story a wall of the cave that shone miraculously with rainbow light.

It looks as though Fry himself took the video, after Wyatt’s death, and that he plans to reveal it at a future time while giving some excuse as to why reporters cannot enter the cave. Already, Fry has come out with a wild claim that the angels killed some Israelis who were in the act of entering the tunnel, and so it would not be difficult for him to add that, by a command of the angels, no one will be allowed entry into the cave.

Fry writes in a 2003 Update:

“We have seen recently, with some claimed Bible archeology discoveries (James Ossuary), that ancient artifacts can be faked and that people are very skeptical if the evidence of authenticity is not iron-clad. So how can the discovery of the Ark and tables of stones be authenticated? BY THE BLOOD!Clever men can make a fake ark and deceive people. They can make a fake set of commandment stones and pass them off as the real thing. But even with today’s technology men cannot make fake human blood. The blood found on the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant, tested in a forensic manner, will provide the authenticity needed to convince even the most skeptical BUT honest-hearted critic.”

Does that not sound as though Fry is absolutely convinced that the Illuminati is going to come forth, publicly, with the tests of the blood samples?

Now I beg to differ with Fry’s comments, for the Illuminati has for a long time been in the very business of cutting-edge (and very secretive) studies in DNA, and it could conceivably produce a unique blood type that can for various pre-deliberated reasons pass as the blood of God’s son. It would appear to be the case that have the ability to altar/manipulate human blood so that it comes out with only 24 chromosomes.

Wyatt is supported by the false prophets of the online Prophecy Club, some of whom lie down, ask God for dreams, and then explain those dreams to the public as messages from God. It is not hard to discern that this is a divination-like practice not unlike the practice of the so-called “sleeping prophet,” Edgar Cayce. Because the Prophecy Club promotes Christian militia in the United States, and anti-government propaganda, it’s not hard to tell where they are coming from. Consider this online article:

“Jailed Branch Davidian theologian, Livingstone Fagan, is believed by many to be the successor to David Koresh.During the siege, Koresh sent Fagan out of the compound on March 23rd with the mission to present the Message of the Seven Seals to the world through the media…He believes Koresh will be resurrected as a sign to the world by the end of 1996.

He holds a Masters of Theology from Newbold College in England, a Seventh-Day Adventist institution…

The Branch Davidian Seventh-Day Adventists are basically Millerites. They are historical and doctrinal descendants of the Seventh-Day Adventist and a break-off group of reformers, the Davidian Seventh-Day Adventists.”


The above website belongs to James Trimm, an Irishman who poses as a Jewish rabbi, and has been caught posing as a promoter of Mormon themes (see evidence at The Mormons, an Illuminati-based Apostolic movement, were formed (in America) at the same time as, and for certain reasons may have been associated with, Henry Drummond’s Catholic Apostolic Church.

The visible leader of the Mormons, Joseph Smith, told his very naive followers that people dressed like Quakers lived on the moon, a statement that coincides with my belief that Quakers were a Rosicrucian offshoot.

Smith taught that the American Indians were Jews of the lost ten tribes, and idea having affinity with British-Israelism. My research, as I have already mentioned, has convinced me fairly well that the gold-rich, eagle-worshiping Aztecs, and therefore some other native Indians, were a Gogi and Amazon/Meshech peoples i.e. of the dragon bloodline. It is very likely that the highest levels of the secret societies know to equate the Aztecs as part of their bloodline, for it is easy to connect them to the Meshech, and by that connection make a further link to the Gogi. As I said, the Aztecs were of the Meshica tribe, and named Mexica city after themselves, as well as Tex-Coco, that latter term looking like it has origins in “Tochar-Gogi” (the Tocharians of far-north Russia were almost certainly the Togarmites).

Mr. Smith must have had a wonderful time robbing old ladies of their homes, and fornicating with their teen-age granddaughters, until he was shot dead at an early age and soaked in Hell to think long and hard on what he had done. About one year prior to discovering his golden plates (i.e. the Book of Mormon), and the special glasses that translated into English the Egyptian hieroglyphs on those plates (can you see Rosicrucian marks here?), he was charged in a court of law (1826) for soaking families of their livelihood by promising to find them buried treasure, through the means of his divination expertise, which included the use of a stone crystal through which he would peep into a hat. At one point, Smith’s Mormon headquarters had a Freemasonic lodge on the top floor.

James Trimm, Joseph Smith, and Ron Wyatt are all fakes, clear and simple, and these sorts of Christian is what we should only expect when Illuminatists enter our folds. Now Wyatt was himself, like the Waco cult, a Seventh-Day Adventist. The Adventists consider other churches to be Babylon the Great and/or the anti-Christ. Some researchers argue quite logically that Adventists had, prior to William Miller’s rise, origins in the Catholic Apostolic Church.

The believers at the Apostolic cult included the first (of the modern era, anyway) wide-spread false-prophet movement of charismatics along the lines of those at Prophecy Club, not to mention that they, sometimes called “Irvingites,” produced the first pre-tribulationists. You see, by exposing the Catholic Apostolic cult (today the “New Apostolic Church”), pre-tribulationism itself becomes suspect as an Illuminati plot.

Britannica seems to verify the relationship between Irvingism and Adventism when it defines the latter as “a number of religious bodies a dominant element of whose doctrine is the imminent second coming of Christ.” I stress the word “imminent,” a term used by pre-tribulationists. Moreover, there were charismatic tendencies also in Adventism, while initial Pentecostalism-proper, as per its leaders at the turn of the 20th century, derived from both an occult segment of Adventism and mainline Irvingism.

If you are a charismatic, and pride yourself for it, you’d really have to be a ninny to deny that a false Holy Spirit movement has presented itself in charismatic circles, and so please don’t frown on me for pointing it out. I was at first an arm-raising attendant of charismatic churches, until I saw this reality.

Wyatt was probably attempting to bring to pass the prophecies of the 19th-century Adventist, Ellen White:

“Many Seventh-day Adventists are especially interested in finding the ark [of the covenant] because they see in its recovery the fulfilling of one of Ellen White’s prophecies…

‘The precious record of the law was placed in the ark of the testament and is still there, safely hidden from the human family. But in God’s appointed time He will bring forth these tables of stone to be a testimony to all the world…The tables of stone are hidden by God, to be produced in the great judgment-day…’”


White, a false prophetess, sounds here much like Edgar Cacye and his Hall-of-Record prophecy. It is known that she copied her husband’s book after his death, which had in turn been plagiarized from the writings of J.N. Andrews, an Adventist missionary. That’s not the worst of it, for she then claimed that the main features of her writings were a direct revelation from God, and these then went on to become core beliefs in her Adventist movement. Therefore, she was a wolf in sheep’s clothing, not merely a sincere-but-mistaken false prophetess.

Now it just so happens that when Wyatt found the Ark of the Covenant, he claimed that the Stone Tablets of Moses were in the same cave, and you have seen in this chapter that the Tablets are to be revealed (by Bill Fry and his people) in relation to Judgment Day. And that’s why it’s possible that Wyatt was connected to White’s Seventh-Day Adventism.

Remember, Wyatt is supported by the Prophecy Club, which is known to emphasize Christian militia groups not unlike the Seventh-Day-Adventist Waco cult. David Koresh (its leader) claimed that he was able to open the seven Seals of Revelation — even though Revelation itself says that the Seals could not be opened by anyone, except Jesus — and in other ways Koresh portrayed himself as a second Jesus Christ, as for example when he taught that YHWH’s last name was “Koresh.” What a joke if not for the sad fact that so many people took him seriously enough to die for him.

While I can’t yet say whether Wyatt was in any way related by blood to Ellen White’s Adventist leadership, nor whether she was connected to the dragon bloodline, what I can hypothesize very tentatively is that “Wyatt” might be a version of “White,” and moreover by some chance “White” may originate in Aryanism. Now Ellen’s maiden name was “Harmon,” and by some heart-stopping chance that bloodline may have produced Willis Harmon, a leader at Stanford University of an Illuminati conspiracy (i.e. the “Aquarian Conspiracy”)…that I have already mentioned but will mention again soon.

We know that Ellen White wrote a book, “Spiritual Gifts,” and that such a topic, not to mention female prophets, had origins in the Henry-Drummond cult. We know that the Drummond cult placed emphasis on end-time Israel, not only in the form of activist Zionism, but in Dispensationalism as a tool for that activism. We know that the Rothschilds were the likely sources of Zionism in the days of Henry Drummond (early 1800s), and that the Rothschild Illuminati in England was a Rosicrucian species from Germany. But my personal discovery is that the family of Henry Drummond, in England, was working closely with the first Rothschild, Mayer, from Germany. What does that spell to you?

We know that there were significant levels of pyramidology in British Israelism, attesting once again to the Rosicrucian colors of the cult. We know that Charles Totten, an Adventist, was a pyramidologist from whom some of the early Pentecostals proper would stem. But we also know that yet another cult, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, would stem from the Adventists, and that they too would have as their founder a serious dabbler in pyramidology.

We should not be surprised that British Israelism came on strong in the 19th century because the Rothschild family (Jews) was in Britain from 1799 onward. But we should also take note that the distinguishing feature of the Seventh-Day Adventists, in comparison to other Adventist groups, was that they heeded the Sabbath on Saturday (which I think is a wonderful idea but not to be enforced on others), but beginning on Friday evening…just like the Jews! In all these things, it’s not hard to see a merging of Christianity and Jewishness with the Rosicrucian Illuminati acting as the glue.

Ellen White’s prophecy, concerning the discovery of the Ark in relation to the return of Jesus, may have been inspired by the dragon bloodline because, in her days, Charles Russell arose from the Adventist camp, he being the said pyramidologist who founded the JWs, and almost-certainly an Illuminatist in his seeking to move Christians away from the Deity of Christ and into Rothschild Zionism. Interestingly, he and his JW following are often called “Arians,” after Arius (the man who in the 4th century taught that Jesus was a mere creation of God, not God in the flesh). While this is not just reason for connecting Russell to Aryans, it’s curious that Arius was a Berber, this latter term defined as a North-African Amazon! That is, Arius was in fact descended from Aryans of the dragon bloodline. It comes as no surprise, then, that the author of The Da Vinci Code (Dan Brown) effectively supports the Arian brand of Christianity when in his book he attacks the Council of Nicea (325 AD), the religious gathering that subdued Arianism. The early Adventists were likewise Arians:

“While the Seventh day Adventist Church today espouses the doctrine of the Trinity, this has not always been so. The evidence from a study of Adventist history indicates that from the earliest years of our church to the 1890′s a whole stream of writers took an Arian or semi Arian position.”(

It could seem as though the Rosicrucians stopped infiltrating the Adventists around 1890 in favor of infiltrating Russell’s cult. This is especially convincing if it’s true, as some say, not only that Russell was an Illuminatist, but that a Russell branch is today one of the top 13 Illuminati families.

Russell set 1874 as the date for Christ’s return, and added that the Kingdom of God, and Armageddon, would not arrive until 1914 (i.e. 40 years later). Compare that to what Britannica has to say of the proto-Seventh-Day Adventists after their 1843/44 date for the Return proved to be wrong:

“Seventh-day Adventism [prior to 1860] began with the belief that the prophetic date was correct but that the event foretold was not the Second Advent but the opening of an investigative judgment in heaven, which would terminate in the coming of Christ to execute judgment on all.”
(see “Adventism”)

In 1914, right on Russell’s predicted date for Armageddon, the Rothschild’s started World War I in an effort to secure a world government, with the military capture of Israel occurring in 1917.

Aside from the Prophecy Club, a conspicuous supporter of Ron Wyatt is Michael Rood. That surname is interesting because it is similar to “Rhodes,” a key location through which the dragon line snaked in the ancient Greek theater. James Trimm (may not be his real name), who is supported by Michael Rood, and vice versa, wrote that the Waco-cult leaders “also regard the works and teachings of Ellen G. White, Victor Houteff, Ben Roden, Lois Roden, and David Koresh to be inspired prophecy.” Italics mine.

The successor to Charles Russell was Judge Rutherford, while “Ruth” is a variation of “Rus,” as per “Ruthene/Rusyn” in describing the same peoples. The Ruthene were a Russian peoples and were also called “Rodez,” but lived at Rosellon, France. At Roslin, Scotland, a king of Scotland (David I) built Holy-Rood House for his mother (queen Margaret); she had previously been in the company of the Ruthene of Kiev, a peoples who had inter-married with the Varangian Rus to become the modern Russians of Moscow.

Those Russians, moreover, had been in league with the ruler-to-be of Hungary (Andrew I) who as king gave birth to the Drummond clan that brought forth Henry Drummond of pre-tribulation fame. In fact, Margaret, while yet a princess, had lived in the company, and under the protection, of that king of Hungary.

Earlier, the Ruthene peoples of France became the Varangian Rus in the first place, who in Sweden were called Rodskarlar peoples, named after “rud’r,” a very near match to “Rutherford.”

Of course, the “Rothschild” and (Cecil) “Rhodes” names also come to mind, and it is a little curious that “Cecil” could, like “Cecrops,” be rooted in “Gog.”

And so a look at Michael Rood and his circle of friends wouldn’t hurt. At Lambert Dolphin’s “Brief History” page (below), you see him sitting in a pagan temple at his computer, with a common striated sun (god) at the apex of a pyramid in the background…only, in this case, a sharp-peaked mountain substitutes for a pyramid. At this site we learn that Dolphin attended the Peninsula Bible Church, where also fellow hippie Ted Wise, attended. He and Ted were in India in 1981, amid Dolphins excursions to Egypt and just prior to his secret work at the Jerusalem-Temple site. (

Now Ted had come out of heavy-drug use into the “Jesus movement,” and like so many others took on the illusion that God wanted him to be an instant model leader in the Church. Some converts can’t tolerate being students before being teachers, and must have influential, leadership positions, or bust. But while such limelight zeal eventually succumbs to better wisdom, it at first creates disastrous spiritual conditions and often results in cults. Ted felt inspired by his new-found life to initiate the “Living Room” evangelical outreach that was a contradiction to the typical church setting. Sitting on a church pew while being considerate, attentive, mature, and feeling sullen about private sins was considered “dead” to the hippie converts. They wanted what kids want: action, vibrancy, and a good feel.

Fine. Wonderful. But there were other things that showed they to be the dead ones. Now-famous New York street preacher, David Wilkerson, attended the Living Room and was gravely disappointed at “the continued use of drugs, profane language, and stubborn embrace of countercultural ideology…I had a shocking conversation with four psychedelic ministers. They told me they ‘dropped acid’ (took LSD) before they undertook Bible study”

The hippie group that Wise sprang out from, the Way International, was a JW-like cult led by Paul Wierwille, who, as per the Arians, didn’t view either Jesus or the Holy Spirit as God…and moreover taught that adultery and fornication, which he was practicing, was just fine so long as we don’t allow a guilt trip to set in. Christian women were to bless the men of God with sex. Now there was a test of godliness; I wonder how many failed the Lord? Wierwille opposed Sunday worship.

Ted Wise left Way International for Peninsula Bible Church, where he sacrificed his tongues, and from all appearances upon his website today, turned out sound in Biblical doctrine. Others who considered themselves God’s chosen leaders to fix the “dead” churches, who likewise left the Way International, were Lonnie Frisbee and Chuck Smith. Both came to lead Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, where Chuck Missler partook. Frisbee broke away from Smith (1971) for a more extreme charismatic movement; Smith was quite sound in his charismatic beliefs, emphasizing love as the greatest manifestation of the Holy Spirit, while opposing “charismania.” He founded Maranatha Music and his church organization grew massively into multiple hundreds of churches.

Ken Gulliksen also broke away from Smith (1973) and formed the well known “Vineyard” charismatic churches which would become a Latter-Rain sect, and in turn give birth to Millennial/Utopian groups that have brought forth, and worked in co-operation with, false prophets of the Prophecy Club kind. I’ll expound a little on the Vineyard movement in later chapters, and ask if it and similar mystic groups weren’t Illuminati plants.

The point here being that Michael Rood was a leader in the Way International (evidence at!! And, no surprise, he is supported by the Prophecy Club. He has been airing his “Christian” program on the Sky Angel satellite system, and for a couple of years had been predicting that the start of Daniel’s 70th Week would begin in 2000. The totality of these things, and more, make it possible that he is Illuminatist material.

But his claiming to be a Levite may suggest that he has been appointed, by his superiors, a role to play in the Temple system. While he’s not Jewish, he calls himself “rabbi,” and promotes a Hebrew-Roots, Christian movement. The Seek-God website provides much information on Rood; at one page concerning his “corrected” Hebrew calendar, we can discover that “The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Florida” consider the year 2001 as the 6001th year from Creation. And that’s why the year 2000 has been so important to Freemasons, for they have been conditioned by Illuminatists to believe that God will start the new Millennium through them on that year 6000.

Michael Rood claims not to be a Freemason, and yet in his new Hebrew calendar, the year 2000 is the year 6000!!

His partner in creating the “corrected” calendar is Robert Wadsworth, who, while involved with Way Intermnational, “first came across the book ‘The Witness of the Stars’ by E.W. Bullinger, which spurred my interest in Biblical Astronomy.”

“Biblical astrology” is much closer to the truth. These men, then, get their prophetic information from the Zodiac! But it gets worse. For example, the website goes on to reveal that Wadsworth said: “My good friend and colleague Pyramidologist Ralph Lyman states that the Pyramid gives a timeline for the Great Tribulation beginning in the Spring of 2001 and ending in the Fall of 2004.” Charles Russell did the same: he used the Great Pyramid to discover 1914!

Bullinger, either a very stupid man, or a clever occultist, equated the constellation of Centuarus with Jesus and the Crucifixion, whereas in Greek myth the Centaurs were offspring of Ares and therefore of the dragon bloodline. Bullinger wrote that the Chaldaic name of Centaurus was “Bezeh,” and something tells me that this term refers to the ancient Buzi/Bese branch of the Medes, whom I had already identified (tentatively) as the progenitors of certain Hungarians and Scandinavians. “Buzi” was said, on one website, to mean “buzzard/hawk,” and an eagle certainly qualifies. But “Buda,” the capital city of Hungary (now Budapest), seems named after the Buzi…since a “z” modifies to a “d”. But the Buddha also comes to mind, as the (east) Indians were also a branch of Aryans from Media/Iran…which is why the Aryans are now called by a nicer term, “Indo-Europeans.”

The mother of the Centaurs (Nephele) was also the mother of Phryxus, the latter depicting the Golden-Fleece bloodline. Phryxus depicted the Phrygians, also depicted, I have no doubt, by Odin’s wife, Frigg. It is also my personal theory that Odin — or “Woten” — was an eponym for the Budini peoples, for “Budini” modifies to “Vudini” and then to “Wudini.” I have yet to research to find evidence for my suspicion that the Budini stemmed from the Buzi. In any case, this constellation that Bullinger equated with Jesus was a half man, half horse Greek creature that depicted Scythians in Greece, of that there is little doubt. You will note that Cheiron/Chiron, yet another name of the Centaurus constellation, was in mythology a prominent “figure” (i.e. peoples) involved with Jason of the Golden Fleece.

Of course Bullinger equates the constellation of Virgo with the mother of Jesus, even though the Greeks did not so much as know Mary when they named it. But Bullinger says that the Greeks were “ignorant of the Divine origin and teaching of the [constellation]” What a stupid man. Or else a clever Satanist. He was an early pioneer for the dispensationalist movement but associated with the non-charismatic kind i.e. the Plymouth Brethren from whom came forth John Darby and his cult…still with us today as the Exclusive Brethren.”

Because Michael Rood supports Ron Wyatt’s “discoveries,” we must wonder if he had meant Wyatt’s Ark of the Covenant when he, Rood, predicted that the Ark would be revealed in 2000. Rood went from city to city in the first year after the 2000 date failed, speaking on yet a soon-coming fulfillment, wherefore he was either a fool asking for further punishment, or he was being paid/controlled to get out a message on behalf of others. He is still talking today (2005) about rebuilding the Temple, but there is nothing on his website warning of any particular date for the Advent.

I have read that the founder of Way International denied the Holocaust, which if true suggests that he was of the anti-Zionist Aryans. It would also explain why many broke off from his cult, if they happened to be pro-Zionist Aryans.