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For those who believe the Sun and moon was created on day four, here is something to consider. The word appointed in Psm- 104:19 “He “appointed” (or made) the moon for “seasons” (Feasts or Sabbaths) is the same Hebrew word found in Gen. 1:14. Where it says “He “made” (appointed) two great lights” The word MADE means APPOINTED in Hebrew.

The question is, When did He appoint (make) the moon for Seasons? Was it not in Genesis 1: 14 where it says He made/appointedthe great lights for seasons??

The Scripture is teaching that there were two great lights appointed on day four for a purpose (calendar) not created on day four. They were placed in the firmament of the heaven in such a way not only to give light on the earth but for a calendar to beacon the appointments of YHWH.

When you make someone captain of a team, or appoint them to be captain, it doesn’t mean they were not already there for you to make or appoint them captain, epically if you had already called the team together in the beginning before you made or appointed someone captain.  (Both Heaven AND Earth were created before He worked on them for 6 days and on day 4, two great lights were appointed for a special task, other than divide the light from the darkness which it was already doing before day 4, see Gen-1.)

Remember you had evening and morning, evening and morning, evening and morning, before day four. You also had light, green things, night and day, creation of the Heavens, Earth, etc before He made/appointed the sun and moon to rule and for the calendar.

Where do you think they were before He appointed them???

In the Tanach, Stone edition, commentary by a well known Hebrew Scholar named Rashi, in his comments on Gen-1:14 it says ” The luminaries, which had been created on the first day, were set in place on the forth” (work day), there is no evidence what so ever to support the theory that the great lights were created on day four, but were appointed on the 4th work day, or advanced upon for His calendar.

Even if the sun and moon were created on day 4, it would still be in plenty of time to do what they were created for and that is for a beacon of the appointments. “Let them be for days and years signs (beacons) and seasons (appointments)” yes, even if the sun and moon were created on day four they would be in plenty of time to beacon the appointments including the weekly appointment, after the six workdays and even if they were created on day four it would not made day four the first day of the year or the first day of the month because it does not say what phase the moon was in or what position the sun was in on day four. I believe they BOTH would have been in a 4th work day of the Year and Month, so as to reflect the prievous days, which any calendar will do.

30 Day Month Myth
Some people claim that the months were originally 30 days each and one thing used to establish this is the book of Genesis where it teaches that the flood prevailed upon the earth for 150 days, from the 17th of the second month until the 17th of the seventh month.
First of all this has nothing to do with a calendar but rather a time of how long the water prevailed upon the earth because your counting from the MIDDLE of the second month into the MIDDLE of the seventh month which is actually 151 days not 150 days, but at any rate they’re not five full months/moons because they began in the MIDDLE of one month to the middle of another month.

What if it has said that the waters prevailed upon the earth for 140 days instead of 150 and the ark rested on the 7th day of the seventh month, instead of the 17th, would that make the months originally 28 days long, just because five times 28 is 140??? NO it would not and neither does the other make the months originally 30 days long. It has nothing to do with the calendar.
Even though this is not even a calendar Issue, I will show how it is possible to arrive at 150 days NOT 151 days by using the ordinances of the moon as they exist today. First of all I hope everyone understands that the moon is 29 ½ point so many days each month and it is possible to have a 29 day month one month and the 30-day month the next and it is also possible to have two 30-day months back-to-back or even two 29 days most back-to-back but at any rate I will show you how is possible.
If the second month was a 30-day month and the flood began on the 17th day of that 30-day month you would have 14 days left over, before the 2nd 30-day month began and if you had a 29 day month after the second 30-day month and then two more 30-day months back-to-back, your count would look like this,

14 days left of the second month plus 30 days of the third month plus 29 days of the fourth month plus 30 days of the fifth month plus 30 days of the six-month plus the 17 days of the seventh month which equals 150 days. Remember the other count yields 151 days instead of 150 days, when drawn out on a sheet of paper, try it yourself.

Furthermore the Scripture teaches the ordinance of the moon will not change or Israel would cease to be a nation. The moon has not sped up from it taking 30 days to orbit the Earth, to 29 and one half. The above does not prove 30 day months and neither does Daniel or Revelations, which I will deal with later.

Brother Arnold