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Shalom All,

Instead of defending the lunar months and lunar weeks as I have done for the past 12 years I would like to show conclusive evidence that the traditional weekly Sabbath cannot possibly be scripturally correct and if you are interested you can go to my website and see more Scripture as to why we keep the lunar Sabbath at

You really owe it to yourselves and families to examine the following proof that the traditional uninterrupted cycle cannot be scriptural and if I give positive proof you should reconsider your position on Sabbath keeping.

If Adam and Eve were keeping Saturday Sabbaths on a continual uninterrupted cycle of counting one through seven then both Saturday AND SUNDAY are correct. The reason for this is when Adams descendents migrated east and west from the Garden of Eden the ones traveling East will see the sunrise sooner and sooner and meet the day BEFORE the ones traveling west and when they get opposite to each other on the Earth they will be keeping Saturday 12 full hours apart, i.e. the East travelers will keep Saturday and then the West travelers will keep Saturday 12 hours later when it comes around to them. When they continue migrating on around the Earth and meet anywhere on the other side they will now be a full 24 hour day apart in observing Saturday. This is true even if a man that came in from the east and married a woman whose descendents came in from the west. He would keep the Sabbath on Saturday and she would keep it the next day on Sunday 24 hours later, i.e. Adam’s descendents that migrated east will still keep Saturday first and then it will go around to the ones that traveled west and then they will keep it 24 hours later ON SUNDAY! This is the reason the man made International Date Line was created in order to supposedly and put them back on the same day which in reality WILL NOT change the cycle but it gives the illusion and puts them on the same artificial date but in reality the imaginary dateline does not change anything. At any rate with the traditional cycle Sabbath BOTH and Saturday and Sunday cycle would be correct because the traditional uninterrupted cycle was not broken by either of Adam’s descendents and therefore the ones that trave led east should keep Saturday and the ones that traveled west should keep SUNDAY when the uninterrupted cycle comes around to them. This fact alone should make the honest hearted person take another look at their doctrine because the Scripture teaches only one Seventh day cycle each week.

The fact that with the traditional Saturday Sabbath cycle men will be keeping TWO seventh day cycles on two different days while living in the same house proves this was not the system that the Almighty chose.

If you do not believe what I’m saying is true concerning the cycle you can call NASA, any science Center, or by asking any Astronomer or any Math or School teacher or anyone that does not have a dog in the fight and is not biased. You can also contact the US Naval Observatory or go to their website at they all offer mathematical and Histori cal proof there will be TWO Seven day cycles with the traditional uninterrupted count. When we have a mathematical certainty that the traditional 1 through 7 uninterrupted solar cycle will not work and will not harmonize with Scripture which teaches only ONE Seventh day per week it is time to re-examine our doctrine. The Almighty has not left us this system because it is confusion and He is not the author of confusion. The traditional solar week system of an uninterrupted solar cycle is unscriptural because you have TWO separate cycles and the Scripture only teaches one per week.

I offer this information to help and not condemn.

Not only will you have TWO seventh days back to back, you will also have TWO separate counts to Pentecost, because some will count from the Morrow after Saturday and the other from the Morrow after Sunday. Not to mention those that keep the true Pentecost and begin the count from the Morrow after the 15th., this is the Morrow after the lunar true weekly Sabbath.

If adding or subtracting a day/cycle when crossing the man made International Date Line puts people on the SAME DATE/cycle. What would happen if they did not add or subtract day when they crossed it?

The simple truth is if they did nothing; they would be in TW0 different cycles of the week. AND TWO Separate dates of the month and causing them to be on TWO separate days of the week. In reality they are still be in TWO separate CYCLES but it seems to put them on the SAME date but the date is artificial because the true dates in Scripture are by the moon. Nothing can change the cycle except going back around the Earth which will cause you to lose or gain a day/cycle. The man-made solar months and weeks are artificial and therefore the dates are artificial also. Man can do whatever he likes by using an artificial date line but the cycle is real because it is caused by the Sun and man can do nothing with it. If he could the fallacy of the traditional uninterrupted cycle could not be exposed or unmasked as I am doing here.

Here’s what the navel Observatory has to say about the situation.

The International Date Line is the imaginary line on the Earth that separates two consecutive calendar days.

That is the date in the Eastern hemisphere, to the left of the line, is always one day ahead of the date in the Western hemisphere. It has been recognized as a matter of convenience and has no force in international law.

WITHOUT - the International Date Line travelers going westward would discover that when they returned home, ONE DAY MORE than they thought had passed, even though they had KEPT CAREFUL TALLY of the days. This first happened to Magellan’s crew after the first circumnavigation of the globe. Likewise, a person traveling eastward would find that ONE FEWER days had elapsed than he had recorded, as happened to Phileas Fogg in “Around the World in Eighty Days” by Jules Verne.

The International Date Line can be anywhere on the globe. But it is most convenient to be 180° away from the defining meridian that goes through Greenwich, England. It also is fortunate that this area is covered, mainly, by empty ocean. However, there have always been zigs and zags in it to allow for local circumstances.

Historical positions of the International Date Line from ‘Notes on the History of the Date or Calendar Line,’ in The New Zealand Journal of Science and Technology, Vol. XI, pp. 385 – 388

Over the years, the position of the International Date Line has changed several times. Until 1845, the Philippines were on the eastern side of it (the same side as the United States). It was on the eastern side of the line because it was a Spanish colony and most Europeans arrived there via the Spanish colonies in South America. Indonesia, almost directly to the South of the Philippines, was a Dutch colony and most European arrivals came via the Cape of Good Hope. Thus Indonesia was to the west of the International Date Line. After the independence of the South American countries, most people traveling to the Philippines also came by way of the Cape of Good Hope, so it was decided to change from the east of the line to the west of the line. Alaska, originally claimed by Russia, was to the west of the International Date Line because most travelers arrived there by way of Siberia. When the United States bought Alaska in 1867 the line was moved to the west of it. The most recent change in the line was in 1995 when Kiribati —  moved a large segment of it to the east, so that the entire nation would be on the same side of the International Date Line. As with all other changes in the International Date Line, the change was made by a government with local interests. As a result, the line is as far East as 150°, farther east than Honolulu. This did not change where the first sunrise of the new millennium occurred, however.

The honor still went to – Antarctica.

The position given on most maps is the line drawn by the British Admiralty in 1921. ns/astronomical-information-center/inter-date-line

I might mention that each time they change the date line they changed people in the areas Sabbath Day.

I have more of this information, if anyone is interested please contact me.

The bottom line is, people who are keeping the traditional solar week; need to start keeping the original lunar weeks becausethe traditional solar weeks will not work as the above shows and it is not scriptural and that is why you cannot find a pinpointed weekly Sabbath that was not on one of the four major phases of the moon in Scripture, i.e. on the 8th, 15th, 22nd, or 29th of the moon.

This is why we can offer a $10,000.00 - Reward to anyone who can pinpoint a conclusive weekly Sabbath; that is not one of the above date of the moon, such as the one in - Exodus 16 - when the Sabbath was made known to Moses.

I have demonstrated how, that when men began to multiply on the Earth and migrated east and west they would be on TWO separate day cycles when they meet on the outside of the Earth even if it took them 1000 years and neither of them missed a beat in their count. This is an absolute that cannot be intelligently argued against and this is extremely problematic for the traditional uninterrupted cycle Sabbath keeper because the Scripture only teaches ONE seventh day of the week.

When men discovered this problem which was caused by Julius Caesar when he booted the moon out of the calendar contrary to Genesis 1:14 -19, and Psalms 104:19 – thinking to change times and laws as Daniel prophesied and came up with the solar only month it created major problems that was discovered when men began sailing around the Earth. They tried, but added to the problem by inventing an imaginary line called the International Date Line which would somehow magically add or subtract one full day, depending on which way you are traveling, when you cross it. This supposedly put the travelers back on the same day of the solar month which was created by Julius Caesar in 46 BC, see encyclopedia under calendar, but in reality they are still in two – 2 – different days of the solar month and solar week. Just saying you lose or gained a day when crossing the imaginary man made date line does not make it true, the seven day cycle still exists and there are TWO of them with the traditional count and this alone proves the traditional seven day cycle is unscriptural because the Scriptures teaches only ONE.

Not only will they have TWO back to back Seventh days,  there will be TWO separate counts to Pentecost for those who count from the Morrow after the traditional weekly Saturday-Sabbath which is also unscriptural because the Scripture teaches only ONE Pentecost and with the traditional cycle some would begin the count from the Morrow after Saturday, and the others from the Morrow after Sunday 24-hour later; and they would both be right according to the traditional uninterrupted cycle Sabbath. Oh what a tangled web we weave when trying to justify our error instead of confessing it and then repenting and forsaking it. What a mess!

Again, for those who still don’t believe you will be in TWO separate days with the traditional count you can and you really MUST go to any encyclopedia, NASA, or to the US Naval Observatory at :

for confirmation or you can actually fly around the Earth keeping up with the evenings and mornings/days never missing a count and when you return you will be on a different day than the people you left behind. This is a fact.

With the lunar months and lunar weeks this problem goes away because - when they meet a 1000 years later after slowly migrating around the Earth East and West; they will look up and be in the same day of the lunar month and day of the lunar week because with the creation calendar it will self adjust and you need no man-made date line and with the creation calendar even if they were not on the same day of the month and week when they meet they certainly would be when the next new moon comes around but with the traditional cycle Sabbath, they will never ever be in the same cycle for Pentecost or the weekly Sabbath unless one = 2 0 of them goes back around the Earth. Again, this is an absolute that cannot be intelligently argued against and the next step is to turn from the tradition of men to the Scripture because the day of the Almighty is near and if we reject knowledge He will reject us, Hosea 4:6.

Someone could argue that we should keep the same cycle as Jerusalem but they would BOTH be in the same cycle as Jerusalem; but in TWO separate cycles from each other. One would be 12 hours ahead of Jerusalem and the other 12 hours behind Jerusalem but both in the same cycle as Jerusalem.

Adam lived almost a 1000 years and if he had traveled east of Jerusalem to the US his cycle Sabbath would be correct and if he traveled West to the US his cycle Sabbath would be correct also. The same is true for his descendents and besides this the Sabbath was made for man;  NOT for Jerusalem either, and therefore the Sabbath goes with man wherever man travels and therefore this argument is unacceptable.

If a man whose descendents came to the USA from the east married a woman whose descendents came in from the west he would keep the traditional Saturday cycle first and she would keep Sunday 24-hours later; i.e., he would go to church one day and she would go to church the next day. He would have to keep the Sabbath on Saturday in order not to break the traditional uninterrupted cycle and she would keep it the next day on Sunday 24 hours later for the same reason.Remember breaking the Sabbath is a sin and carries the death penalty and if the husband and wife’s descendents had been keeping the traditional Seventh day cycle for a 1000 years or so they would not want to give it up and if they did one of the spouses would be unequally yoked living with a sinner. And a woman is to keep silence in the assembly and is suppose to ask her husband at home but if he didn’t hear the question himself there could be confusion. On top of all this,  if they did not know for positive which way their descendents came in from they would not be keeping the cycle with a clear conscienceOf course they could keep both Saturday and Sunday but the Scripture teaches only 1 Seventh Day and SIX DAYS to work and then keep the Seventh day.

The true Sabbath will not separate a man and his wife from worshiping on the same 7th day. Besides all this they would keep Pentecost a day apart also.

I don’t believe one should commit sin and give up their cycle that was handed down to them from the Garden of Eden therefore He did not use the traditional system. I might also mention that the man and his wife would be keeping all the other feasts/moeads days at the same time, the new moons, the Day of Atonement, The Feast of Trumpets, Unleavened Bread, Tabernacles, BECAUSE these days are by the moon and if they observed the scriptural Seventh Day Moadim at the end of the Lunar/Celestial weeks they would be keeping them on the same day also, instead of a day apart.


Anyone with common intelligence should admit that: the Scripture CLEARLY Teaches ONLY ONE Seventh day cycle each week. They should acknowledge that with the traditional Solar Seven Day Cycle, they will be in TWO of them on entirely different days when men begin migrating East and West from the garden of Eden and meet on the opposite side of the Earth. This is true even though they are living in the same house. There will be TWO BACK TO BACK 7 DAY WEEKLY CYCLES 24-hour apart to choose from when the Scripture clearly TEACHES ONLY ONE. this absolutely rules out – ANY POSSIBILITY of the traditional weekly Solar Cycle from ever being scripturally correctIt is that simple. The famous Sherlock Holmes, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, was famous for sayingwhen the impossible has been removed, whatever remains, however improbably, must be the truth“.

The only week that remains is the lunar/celestial week and some will argue that they will have the same problem living in the same house also. I disagree, but even if this were true the problem would go away the next new moon but with the traditional Saturday-Sabbath; they will ALWAYS have TWO back to back Seven-Day Cycles, and TWO different counts to Pentecost that will never ever go away, unless one of them goes back around the Earth. Again, THE SCRIPTURE CLEARLY TEACHES ONLY ONE SEVENTH DAY CYCLE EACH WEEK and in reality when men slowly migrated around the Earth and meet a 1000 or so years later they will most definitely have TWO. Again this rules out the traditional uninterrupted cycle as being an option. Again, the famous Sherlock Holmes, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, was famous for saying “when the impossible has been removed, whatever remains, however improbably, must be the Truth“. stronomical-information-center/inter-date-line

For more information go to

or e-mail me at:

FINAL – Conclusive facts

Fact No. one: is that the Scripture teaches only one weekly Seventh day cycle.

Fact No. two: is that the traditional cycle Sabbath will have TWO Seventh-Day Cycles making it and impossibility according t o the Scripture ONE Seventh day cycle.

Fact No. three: is that the lunar week has not been proven impossible because it will have only one Seventh day cycle each week and if we could prove it scripturally impossible we would-be left with no possible scriptural seventh day week at all.

Prayerfully submitted by,

Brother Arnold  -


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Hope of Israel Ministries (Ecclesia of YEHOVAH):

“The Serpent’s Trail” –

The Mysterious Tribe of Dan

What happened to the tribe of Dan? Why are they left out of the 144,000 of Revelation?  History reveals some fascinating

facts about the powerful tribe of Dan and their perambulations and migrations in ancient times, as well as where they are on the earth, today!

One of the sons of Jacob was a youngster by the name of Dan, which means “judge.” He was the son of Rachel’s handmaid Bilhah (Gen. 35:25). Dan became the ancestor of one of the twelve tribes of “Israel,” the name YEHOVAH God gave to Jacob after wrestling with him (Gen. 32:28). Jacob, when he was growing old, prophesied of Dan, “Dan will provide justice for his people as one of the tribes of Israel. Dan will be a serpent by the roadside, a viper along the path, that bites the horse’s heels, so that it’s rider tumbles backward. I look for your deliverance, O Lord” (Gen. 49:16-18). The King James Version has this last verse, “I have waited for thy salvation, O Lord.”

A serpent, when it slithers and crawls, leaves a trail or track in the sand. Even so the tribe of Dan would leave signs or “waymarks” showing where it had journeyed. They tended to leave their “name” behind as an identifying sign! We read in Joshua: “But the Danites had difficulty taking possession of their territory, so they went up and attacked Leshem, took it, put it to the sword and occupied it. They settled in Leshem and NAMED IT DAN after their forefather” (Josh. 19:47).

For some reason, as this prophecy states, Dan must “wait” for YEHOVAH’s salvation — even longer than the other tribes. In the book of Revelation, when the Messiah tells the apostle John that he will choose 144,000 special servants from the twelve tribes of Israel (Rev. 7:1-8), and chooses 12,000 out of each tribe, it is interesting to note that he gives Joseph a double portion — that is, a portion for Ephraim (Joseph) and a portion for his brother Manasseh (Rev. 7:6, 8) — but Dan is not mentioned at all! Why is this?

Part of the answer may be contained in the book of Judges. The tribe of Dan still had not settled down and occupied their “inheritance” in Canaan (Judges 18-2), so they sent five warriors forth to explore the land. They found a Levitical priest of the Lord in the house of a man named Milcah, and enquired whether YEHOVAH God would bless their endeavor. He said yes. They journied forth and found a city Laish dwelling securely and prosperously, went back and urged their tribe to attack it, and 600 Danites sallied forth. But on their way, they set up camp in a place they named Mahaneh Dan (there they go again! — Jud. 18:12), and then came to Milcah’s house again.

Notice what happened: “The six hundred Danites, armed for battle, stood at the entrance to the gate. The five men who had spied out the land went inside and took the carved image, the ephod, the other HOUSEHOLD GODS and the cast IDOL while the priest and the six hundred armed men stood at the entrance to the gate. When the men went into Milcah’s house and took the carved image, the ephod, the other household gods, and the cast idol, the priest said to them, ‘What are you doing?’ They answered him, ‘Be quiet! Don’t say a word! Come with us and be OUR FATHER AND PRIEST. Isn’t it better that you serve a tribe and clan in Israel as priest rather than just one man’s household?’ Then the priest was glad” (Jud. 1:16-20).

The tribe of Dan was the first tribe of Israel to plunge into pagan IDOLATRY! Over the centuries, they have become steeped in idolatry and image worship — so much so that they will be slow to repent of their sins and to come out of the prevalent end-time idolatry of Roman Catholicism, which numbers over 900 million adherents around the world, today.

Characteristics of Dan

Dan was born to Bilhah about 1737 B.C. (Gen. 30:1-9). He was a rambunctious youth, and multiplied greatly during the sojourn of the Israelites in Egypt (Exodus 1:7-9, 12). When Moses led the children of Israel out of Egypt, about 1483 B.C., the tribe of Dan which accompanied him numbered some 62,700 men old enough to make war, 20 years old and upward (Numbers 1:38-39). Dan outnumbered Manasseh, the son of Joseph by almost 2 to 1, and outnumbered the children of Ephraim about 3 to 2. His descendants were very prolific.

When Moses gave his final blessings to the children of Israel, he said of Dan, “And of Dan he said, Dan is a lion’s whelp: he shall leap from Bashan” (Deut. 33:22). Notice! Dan would be a vigorous, warlike, tribe of warriors. He would not sit solitary, and be content but would “leap” forth, and journey forth, by leaps.

In the book of Judges, we learn another trait of this tribe. In the song of Deborah and Barak, during the time of the Judges, the song asks, “Why did Dan remain in ships?” (Judges 5:17). Or, “Dan abode in ships.” The tribe of Dan was a mighty SEA-FARING tribe, which loved to sail the seas.

History tells us more about these ancient Danites. At the same time Moses led the children of Israel out of Egypt, with the kingdom of Egypt left in shambles, some chose not to follow Moses into the land of Canaan. About 1500 B.C., a last flowering of megalithic culture occurred. On the island of Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea, a tower-building people sometimes called the Shardana emerged, and soon dominated Sardinia and then invaded Corsica and the Balearics, and ruled them for about a thousand years. These were ancient Danites! Their very name identifies them! They gave their name to their island, Sar DINia, and their very name SharDANa, proves who they really were. In Hebrew, the term “sharon” means a level “plain.” It comes from the root word yashar, meaning “to make straight or even, right, pleasant, prosperous.” The “Shardana” were nothing more than the “prosperous DANites,” the tribe of Dan! The term “sar” or “shar” in Hebrew means “chief,” “prince,” “ruler,” from which such words as “Tsar,” “Caesar,” “Kaiser,” etc., derive. The “Shar-Dana,” then, were the chiefs or princes of DAN!

The Mysterious Shar-Dana

The Shardana were a tribe of warrior-farmers — just like the tribe of Dan! Remember, Dan was prophesied to be a “lion’s whelp” — a warlike tribe.

Say Alastair Service and Jean Bradbery in Megaliths and their Mysteries of the Shardana:

“They were farmers and warriors, and in each of their dominions they developed quite new sorts of monument particular to each island. The designs and structural techniques appear to be rooted in the earlier European megalithic tradition. But their Giants’ Tomb, Taula, Navetas, Nuraghi and other forms are an impressive original finale to the long story of megalithic architecture. That story finally ends with the roman conquest of Menorca in 23 B.C.” (p. 19).

The “Tower people,” or Shardana, or tribe of Dan, conquered Corsica around 1400 B.C., the same time Israel entered the Promised Land under Joshua. Their occupation lasted until 800 B.C., or possibly as late as 500 B.C. (about the same time Assyria took Israel into captivity, 718-721 B.C., or near the time of the Babylonian captivity of Judah in 587 B.C.).

Dan — A Serpent’s Trail

In the division of Palestine among the twelve tribes of Israel, after the Exodus from Egypt, Dan received his portion in the very north. As Dan was unable to secure and conquer much of its inheritance, due to spiritual weaknesses, they felt hemmed in and constrained to migrate and conquer elsewhere, which is one reason they captured Laish and renamed it “Dan.” Their inheritance was near the cities of Tyre and Sidon, famous home ports of the Phoenicians. Dan, who “abode in ships,” made common concourse with the Phoenicians, intermarried with them, and established colonies throughout the Mediterranean region.

In the downfall of the northern kingdom of Israel in 718-721 B.C., the inland portion of the tribe of Dan was carried into captivity with the other tribes composing the northern Kingdom, led by Ephraim. This portion of Dan was taken into captivity beyond the Euphrates River, into Assyria, and when the Assyrian Empire fell in the seventh century B.C., they migrated through the Caucasian Pass, just north of the Caucasus. This was known as the land of the “Sarmatians,” and the pass was called the “Sarmatian Gate.” The name Sarmatia was obviously derived from the name Samaria, which was the capital of the northern kingdom of Israel. These people called themselves the Scoloti, but the Greeks called them Sythians. These people continued migrating to the northwest of Europe and eventually many of them settled in the British Isles, and are the “Scots” of today.

The chief tribe of the northern kingdom of Israel was Ephraim, the youngest son of Joseph. Even after Ephraim was carried away into captivity, and never returned, YEHOVAH’s heart still yearned for him. YEHOVAH God said through the prophet Jeremiah:

“Is not Ephraim my dear son, the child in whom I delight? Though I often speak against him, I still remember him. Therefore my heart yearns for him, declares the LORD. SET UP ROAD SIGNS, PUT UP GUIDEPOSTS. Take note of the highway, the road that you take. RETURN, O Virgin Israel, return to your towns. How long will you WANDER, O unfaithful daughter?” (Jer. 31:20-22, NIV).

As the Israelites migrated through Europe, they fulfilled this prophecy, and left “ROAD SIGNS” and “GUIDEPOSTS” along the way, so that we can trace their route! The chief tribe to do this was Dan, because of their proclivity to leave the name of their ancestor “DAN” everywhere they went.

In Hebrew there are no vowels, so the name Dan is written DN, or its Hebrew equivalent. Thus words like Dan, Din, Don, Dun, Den, or Dn, correspond to the name of Dan.

Just west of the Black Sea, ancient geographers designated a region by the name of Moesia, which means the land of the “Moses-ites.” These people revered a person whom they called Zal-moxis. “Zal” significes “chief,” so this person, “chief Moxis” or “leader Moxis” was actually “chief MOSES,” the man of YEHOVAH God who led Israel to the promised land, and whom these people remembered as their original leader. The tribe of Dan also passed through this region, and the surrounding territory, leaving its name in Mace-DON-ia, and the Dar-DAN-elles, and to the north by the river DAN-ube. In the territory of Sarmatia (or Samaria, meaning the Israelites), were located the rivers DN-iper, DN-ister, and the DON.

Professor Totten declares:

“There is no grander theme upon the scrolls of history than the story of this struggle of the Anglo-Saxons westward. The very streams of Europe mark their resting places, and in the root of nearly all their ancient names (Dan, or Don) recall the sacred stream Jor-dan river of rest– from whose whose hands, so far away, as exiles, they set out. It was either the little colony of Dan, obeying its tribal proclivity for naming everything it cap- turied (Jud. 18:1-29) after their father, or else the mere survival of a word and custom; but, none the less, it serves to TRACE these wanderers LIKE A TRAIL. Hence the Dan-ube, the Dan-ieper, the Dan-iester, the Dan-au, the Daci and Davi, the Dan, the Don, the U-Don, the Eri-don, and the THOUSAND OTHER dans and dons of ancient and early geography, down to the Danes in Dan-emerke, or ‘Dan’s last resting place’” (quoted in Allen, Judah’s Sceptre and Joseph’s Birthright, p. 263-64).

Denmark, the name of the modern country in Europe north of Germany, means, literally, “Dan’s mark.” It’s people are called “Danes.” In fact, because at one time Denmark ruled all the surrounding region, the whole region took its name from them — the ScanDINavian peninsula! Clearly, here are remnants of the people of DAN, who migrated westward overland from the Caucasus to their present location in northern Europe!

However, other Danites, who dwelt or abode in ships, and who associated themselves with the sea peoples of Tyre and Sidon, fled westward through the Mediterranean when northern Israel fell. Early Danites fled Egypt at the time of the Exodus, and migrated through SarDINia, and left their trail along the sea-coasts of the Mediterranean. Thus Dan, who was a “lion’s whelp” who would “leap from Bashan,” leaped all the way to Ireland, where historians explain that the early settlers were known as the “Tuatha de Danaan” — literally, the “tribe of Dan.” The Greeks called them the Danoi, the Romans called them Danaus.

In Ireland, today, we find their customary evidence — their place names — in abundance. Such names as Dans-Lough, Dan-Sower, Dan-Monism, Dun-dalke, Dun-drum, Don-egal Bay, Don-egal City, Dun-glow and Lon-don-derry, as well as Din-gle, Dun-garven and Duns-more, which means “MORE DANS.” Of course, the most famous Irish ballad of all time is the song, “Danny Boy.” It should be plain that the country of Ireland is replete, filled with names which derive from the ancient patriarch of the Hebrews — DAN, the son of Jacob! It should be plain that the ancient Danites settled in Ireland, and most of them dwell in that land, today.

There is also a river Don in Scotland, and another in England. These countries, also, show the evidence of the presence or passing of the tribe of Dan, who migrated with the other tribes of the northern kingdom of Israel, especially the tribe of Joseph (Ephraim and Manasseh). Here we find such names markers, or “guide posts” as YEHOVAH God called them in Jeremiah — as Dun-dee, Dun-kirk, Dunbar, Dunraven, E-din-burgh, and Lon-don.

Danites from Egypt!

The Greek historian Herodotus reveals that some of the ancient Greeks actually came from Egypt, and that the ancestor of the Dorian princes in southern Greece was a certain “Danae, the daughter of Acrisus” (Herodotus, VI, 1, iii). The term “Dorian” apparently comes from the name of a city of Manasseh, in northern Israel, called “Dor,” near the Mediterranean coast. The Dorians were apparently Danites, of the tribe of Dan, perhaps mixed with some of the descendants of Manasseh.

The Irish word “tuath” means literally “a tribe” or “people.” These people were the tribe of DAN of Biblical fame! They came from the Greek “Danaans,” and were the same people as the tribe of Dan. Hecateus of Abdera says that the Egyptians, troubled by calamities, in order that the divine wrath might be averted, expelled the foreigners — all aliens gathered together in Egypt. Of these, some, under their leaders DANUS and CADMUS, migrated to Greece, others to other regions, but the greatest number to “Syria,” that is, Palestine, their leader said to have been Moses.

Says Diodorus of Sicily:

“They say also that those who set forth with Danaus, likewise from Egypt, settled what is practically the oldest city of Greece, Argos, and that the nations of the Colchi in Pontus and that of the Jews, which lies between Arabia and Syria, were founded as colonies by certain emigrants from their country . . .” (Diodorus, Bk. I, xxviii, 1-5).

The Lacedemonian Greeks

The tribal emblem of the Danites was a snake with a serpent in its claws. Interestingly, Josehus records a letter written by the Lacedemonian Greeks to the Jews in which they express their kinship to the Jews. Their seal, that of the tribe of Dan, was affixed to the epistle — an eagle with a dragon (serpent) in its claws!

The reply of the Jewish high priest to the letter from the southern Greeks, the Spartan Greeks, declared:

“Jonathan the high priest of the Jewish nation . . . to the ephori and senate and the people of the Lacedemonians, send greeting:

“When in former times an epistle was brought to Onias, who was then our high priest . . . concerning the KINDRED THAT WAS BETWEEN US AND YOU, a copy of which is here subjoined, we both joyfully received the epistle . . . because we were well satisfied about it from the SACRED WRITINGS, yet did not we think fit, first to begin the claim of this RELATION TO YOU, the glory which is now given us by you. It is a long time since this relation of ours to you hath been renewed, and when we, upon holy and festival days offer sacrifices to God, we pray to Him for your preservation and victory . . . . You will, therefore, do well yourselves to write to us, and send us an account of what you stand in need of from us, since we are in all things disposed to act according to your desires” (Antiquities of the Jews, XIII, 5, 8).

The Lacedemonians received the Jewish ambassadors carrying the letter kindly and made a decree of friendship and mutual assistance with the Jews, and then sent the letter to their Lacedemonian kinsmen.

In Ancient Mythology, Bryant relates that Stephanus Byzantium shows that Alexander Polyhistor and Claudius Jolaus also speak of a direct relationship or kindship between the Spartan Greeks and the people of Judaea (vol. 5, p. 51-52, 60).

During the time of the Messiah, the Jews knew that some of the Israelites who had long since been carried into captivity, and then migrated from thence, had settled among the Greeks in the Ionian peninsula. The Jews were mystified by a statement of the Messiah that they would look for him, but be unable to find him (John 7:34). “The Jews said to one another, ‘Where does this man intend to go that we cannot find him? Will he go where our people live SCATTERED AMONG THE GREEKS and teach the Greeks?’” (verse 35).

Clearly, some of the scattered, dispersed Israelites who had left Palestine centuries before had been “scattered among the Greeks.”

From Greece, then, the tribe of Dan — the Tuatha de Danaan — travelled by ship through the Mediterranean Sea, and thence up the coast of Europe to Ireland and Scandinavia.

Ancient Irish History

Early Irish history reveals that the first permanent settlers in Ireland were called “Nemedians,” after their leader, and were “of the patriarch, Jacob” and were “said to have come from the shores of the Euxine [Black] Sea” (Moore, The History of Ireland, Vo.1, p. 63). It is very possible that some of these descendants of Jacob, or grandchildren, migrated to Ireland during the time of grievous famine that struck the Middle East in Joseph’s time, around 1707 B.C. That famine lasted seven years and struck the whole Middle East, and was “very grievous” (Gen. 41:31, 54-57).

This was about the time the Nemedians entered Ireland, according to Irish history! The Nemedians dwelt in Ireland from 1709-1492 B.C., during the time most of the descendants of Israel were in Egypt. Before the time of the Exodus, the Nemedians were conquered by African sea-rovers called Fomorians, and a colony of them fled to Greece, where other Israelites and Danites had settled, after leaving Egypt. They later returned to Ireland, now known as the Firbolgs. They were the first people to establish royal authority over Ireland, dividing the land into five provinces.

At this time, after ruling about 30-40 years, a new tribe conquered the Firbolgs — called the “Tuatha de Danaan.” This tribe also dwelt in Greece, and then migrated to Denmark and Norway, and then to Ireland (Moore, p. 60). The Tuatha de Danaan became the sole masters of the country. In time, they were dispossessed of the country by another group of Israelites — the Milesian Scots!

Says Moore in The History of Ireland:

“In process of time, theTuatha-de-Danaan were themselves dispossessed of their sway; a successive invasion from the coast of SPAIN having put and end to the Danaanian dynasty, and transferred the sceptre into the hands of that Milesian or SCOTIC race, which through so long a series of succeeding ages, supplied Ireland with her kings. This celebrated colony, though coming directly from Spain, was originally, we are told, of Scythic race” (p. 60).

The Milesian Scots, under Heremon the son of Gathelus, arrived in Ireland shortly after the Exodus — bringing with them the celebrated Lia Fail or Pillar-Stone of Jacob.They ruled Ireland for many hundreds of years and eventually settled the northern part of England, calling it Scotland.

These Milesian Scots came from Scythia and said they were originally from Egypt, and connected themselves with the children of Israel. Says Moore:

“Tracing this chosen race in their migrations to different countries, and connecting them, by marriage or friendship, during their long sojourn in Egypt, with most of the heroes of Scripture history, our Bards conduct them at length, by a route not very intelligible, to Spain” (ibid.).

The Tuatha de Danaan were beyond doubt of the tribe of Dan, of Israelitish fame. The new tribe, the Milesian Scots, were no doubt of the royal tribe of Judah — through his son Zarah. These Scots spoke of a “long sojourn” in Egypt, no doubt the same as that of Israel, from the time of Jacob till Moses, over two hundred years. Says Moore:

“A scheme of descent which traces the ancestors of the Irish through a direct series of generations not merely to the first founders of Phoenician arts and enterprise, but even to chieftains connected by friendship with the prophet Moses himself” (p. 71).

This authority concludes that the Milesian Scots were of the same race as the three colonies in Ireland before them — that is, the Nemedians, the Firbolgs, and the Tuatha de Danaan. Notice!

“The Bardic historians themselves, who represent the Scoti to have been of Scythic descent and to have from thence derived their distinctive appellation . . . and to confirm still further the origin of the Scots from that quarter. It is added by the Bards that they were OF THE SAME RACE WITH THE THREE COLONIES that had preceded them; namely, the Nemedians, the Tuatha-de-Danaans, and the firbolgs or Belgae” (p. 74).

The tribe of Dan was the first tribe to plunge into idolatry, as the book of Judges reveals (Judges 18). They became ensnared in this sin, and their descendants, today, the Irish, are among the most superstitious and idolatrous people on the earth. They today practice the Roman Catholic religion, and are among the most devout and fervid Catholics on earth. the various forms of sun worship. It will require the Second Coming of the Messiah to bring them back out of the idolatry they are steeped in, In the ancient Annals of Clonmacnoise we read of the Tuatha de Danaan:

“Upon them [the Firbolgs] came in the people called Twathy De Danaan out of Greece too. Being a Branch of the same stock that Firbolgs were of and were kinsmen. During the time of Firbolg, which was 37 years, there reigned in Assyria 3 monarchs. . . . Twathy De Danaan after they had spent much time abroad in learning necromancy, magic, and other diabolical arts wherein they were exceedingly well skilled, and in those days accounted the chiefest in the world in that profession. Landed in the west part of Connaught. Forbolgs hearing of their coming made towards them, and meeting them in a great plain called Moytoyrey in Connaught, fought with them, where Firbolg was overthrown and one hundred thousand of them slaine with their said King Eochy McEirche, which was the greatest slaughter that was hard of in Ireland in one meeting” (Annals of Clonmacnoise From the Creation to A.D. 1408, 1627 edition, quoted by Raymond McNair, in an unpublished manuscript on “The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel,” p. 149).

Meanwhile, the tribe of Joseph also migrated to England and the British Isles, and became dominant there. They became known as the “British.”

“A Covenant People”

In Isaiah 49, a prophecy for the End time, YEHOVAH God says, “Listen to me, you ISLANDS; hear this, you distant NATIONS” (Isa. 49:1). This is a message to the scattered nations of the northern kingdom of Israel. YEHOVAH says to them, “In the time of MY FAVOR I will answeryou, and in the day of salvation I will help you; I will keep you and will make you TO BE A COVENANT FOR THE PEOPLE, to restore the land and to reassign its desolate inheritances . . .” (v. 8).

The Hebrew word for “covenant” is Beriyth. In Judges 8:33 and 9:4 it is used as a proper name — “Baal-Berith.” This means “Baal of the covenant.” The Hebrew for “man” is Iysh. If we take the Hebrew word which means “covenant,” and anglicize it, we come up with “Brit” — the British people, of course, are often called “Brits.” The term “BRIT-ISH” is literally, in Hebrew, “Covenant Man,” or “Man of a Covenant.” The people of YEHOVAH’s covenant, then, that are IN THE ISLANDS, who compose distant nations, as compared to Israel in the Middle East, are the British peoples! Their very name once again IDENTIFIES them!

The people of Wales call themselves, in ancient Welsh, “Bryth y Brithan,” which means “Briths of Briton.” This means “The Covenanters” of “the land of the Covenant.” The earliest settlers in Wales and Southern England were the Simonii — the descendants of the tribe of Simeon!

What the Future Holds

The tribe of Dan, more than any other of the “lost ten tribes of Israel,” left its “signature” wherever it migrated or journeyed. It did so by the unique method of naming rivers, moutains, lakes, villages, towns, bays, and cities after the name of their ancestor — Dan.

Therefore, tracing the name and routes and migrations of the Danites gives us the evidence we need to trace the other “missing” tribes of Israel to their locations in northwestern Europe, and the world.

The Danites, unfortunately, are still steeped in pagan idolatry and superstition. It has been a warlike tribe. Jacob prophesied of Dan,

“Dan shall judge his people, as one of the tribes of Israel. Dan shall be a serpent by the way, an adder in the path, that biteth the horse heels, so that his rider shall fall backward” (Gen. 49:16-17).

The Irish, today, are infamous for their rejection of the British rule. All Ireland is in ferment against the British rulership in Northern Ireland, and Irish terrorists strike without warning, just like a “serpent by the way, an adder in the path.” The outlawed Irish Republican Army in its clandestine war with England has set off bombs in London, near the Prime Minister’s office, and has shown no reluctance to main, kill or destroy.

Because of this attitude, the modern descendants of Dan are the most wayward and idolatrous and far from YEHOVAH God of all the tribes.

Therefore, Jacob declared, Dan prophetically has to say, unlike the other tribes of Israel:

    “I have WAITED for thy salvation, O LORD” (Gen. 49:18).

But in the Millennium, during the Reign of YEHOVAH God and the Messiah, even the tribe of Dan will fulfill their true purpose and destiny. They will truly abide in ships, and settle new colonies, and rebuild the waste places. They will once again “leap from Bashan,” and colonize the world!

YEHOVAH God says of His people Israel, including the tribe of Dan:

“Though you were ruined and made desolate and your land laid waste, now you will be TOO SMALL for your people, and those who devoured you will be far away. The children born during your bereavement will yet say in your hearing, ‘This place is TOO SMALL for us; give us more space to live in.’ Then you will say in your heart, ‘Who bore me these? I was bereaved and barren; I was exiled and rejected. Who brought these up? I was left all alone, but these — where have they come from?’ . . . . Then you will know that I am the LORD; those who hope in me will not be disappointed” (Isaiah 49:19-23).

The true saga of the tribe of Dan, “a serpent by the way,” who left a tantalizing, fascinating “trail” of waymarks along his path of journey, is one of the proofs of the modern location and identity of the so-called “Lost Ten Tribes of Israel.” Dan, a remarkable people, a powerful people of farmer-warriors, and sailors, left their indelible imprint on ancient history, wherever they went. They will also become a powerful force for good, during the reign of the Messiah and YEHOVAH God the Father, when they establish the Kingdom of YEHOVAH God on this earth!

– Edited By John D. Keyser.

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(Joseph’s Blessing, Judah’s Shame)

“O’ evei, We are thine! Thou never bearest rule over them. They were never called by thy name.”

O’ Happy day! O’ Happy Day! When evei

Takes those Jews away!

The very first thing that Joshua did upon entering the promised land, was to separate the Sons of Judah from all of the other tribes of Israel. He commanded the sons of Judah to remain within their border in the South. All of the other tribes were to remain within the border on the North. (Josh 18:5)

“What evei joins, let no man put asunder.” Conversely, “What evei separates, let no man rejoin!”

Almost without exception, the descent of rule in a kingdom is by direct bloodline and the exclusive birthright of the firstborn male. Yahushua (Messiah), is the Firstborn Son of our Heavenly Father. His kingdom was not of this world. In the Law, the firstborn male of every living creature is commanded to be dedicated to our Heavenly Father.

For Yahushua to rightfully obtain an earthly kingship through the Birthright of a firstborn Son, He must be of direct bloodline descent of an earthly father who holds that Birthright! Thus, fulfilling the Commandment!

That earthly Birthright of the firstborn descended to the Sons of Joseph, not the sons of Judah! The Son’s of Judah rule, but not by the Birthright of a firstborn son. Rather, like their father before them, by lies and deception!

Jesus, the Jew, is a Talmudic Zionist Impostor planted by Identity Theft.

The name “Jesus” replaced the name: “Yahushua.” Satan has indeed transformed himself into an Angel of light and his ministers into ministers of the gospel, (The Talmudic Zionist Judeo-Christian Churches). Virtually the entire world has been deceived! These Talmudic Zionist have seized power and now rule the world! How do you like the “Change?” It is these Zionist Sons of Judah, who are without the Birthright of the Firstborn Son.

It is “Yahushua” alone, who is both a firstborn Son of YHWH and a firstborn Son of Joseph, through Ephraim. He alone holds both the Earthly & Heavenly Birthright of the Firstborn. “Thy will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven.” Let “the Bride maketh herself ready!”Cast out the impostors and Yahushua will rule in Heaven and Earth as King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

“Come out of her my people.” for I know them that say they are Jews but are not!

The power of the Zionist Jews will not be broken until their group validity and respectability has been destroyed and or seriously damaged. As long as the blind sheep believe the false propaganda that “Messiah / Christ is a Jew”, we will never recover from the lie of the serpent people. This line of thinking is only justified by alleging that Messiah / Christ came through Judah, now supported by most of the baal box preacher’s of churchianity. The false Zionist Jews will continue to reign on this planet. The consequences of those who support the Judah progenitor theory are forever propping up modern Talmudic Jewry by giving it support and respectability. They might as well run down the street proclaiming, Yahushua / Jesus is a Jew. Furthermore they really have not “COME OUT OF HER.” Yet many so called Identity Christians refuse to open up their minds and change their views in the face overwhelming evidence. “In the latter days, knowledge will increase”. Dan 12:4. We believe that an exegesis of the Bible, together with historical accounts and just common observation, show that Joseph, not Judah, is the progenitor of Yahshuha. Judah was the poster child for a life of evil, sin and racial transgression. The Bible shows not one incident where Judah did the right thing to produce a righteous bloodline.

Judah did not marry Tamar — he fornicated with her, his daughter-in-Law, and conceived Zarah and Pharez by her out of wedlock. He uncovered his son’s nakedness. For this act the Law requires both the male and female be put to death! Judah was all for putting Tamar to death for becoming with child by whoredom, until he discovered he was the father. He then repented of his zeal to put Tamar to death, and spared her and himself. Phineas would have killed Judah.



Esau sold his Birthright for a morsel of bread and soup. Judah

Pledged his Signet, Bracelets, and Staff for the services of a Harlot.

Esau never regained his Birthright! Judah never redeemed his pledge!

2368 6616 4294

Judah pledged his: Signet, Bracelets & Staff to Tamar.

*Pledge: nvbro (AR-aw-bone) *6162 from 6148 *(Mortgage / surety)

Signet: mxh (kho-thawm) *2368 from 2856 (one’s Sovereign Mark)

Bracelet: lixp (paw-theel) *6616 from 6617 (a binding token)

Staff: etm ( met-teh’) *4294 from 5186 (Patriarch or Ruler of Tribe)


Do not confuse a “natural Birthright,” with the “The Birthright of the Firstborn.” In the world every child inherits the name of their father by natural birthright, regardless of birth order. Judah was the “fourth-born” son. Therefore Judah’s claim to be a son of Jacob / Israel is by natural birthright.

Judah’s claim to the Patriarchal status is based upon his natural birthright as a son of Jacob and his natural Birthright to be the head of his Tribe. NOT by the “Birthright of a Firstborn!”

The Birthright of the Firstborn (by the Laws of YHWH) clearly went to Ephraim, the Son of Joseph! By Law, only the Firstborn male is “Consecrated to YHWH.” Only one holding the Birthright of the Firstborn can convey that right to his Firstborn son.

Tamar did NOT restore Judah’s pledge, & Judah did NOT redeem it!

When Tamar the harlot could not be found, Judah said:

3947 (el – hqx)

Gen 38:23 “Let her *take it to her, lest we be shamed.”

· (“Let her ‘keep it for herself’ lest we be shamed.”

6162 – 6148

Three months later, Gen 38:24, Tamar still had Judah’s pledge when she was discovered with child by whoredom!

Let’s apply the same standard to Judah as was applied to Esau. In the light of what Judah said in Gen 38:23, indicates whatever is signified by Judah’s “Signet,” “Bracelets,” and “Staff” was transferred (forfeited) to “TAMAR!

Judah said: “Let her keep them lest we be shamed!” He clearly had no intention of redeeming his pledge!

Judah forfeited his claim to: everything his SignetBracelets and Staff signify, by not redeeming his pledge. Thus, they were traded for the favors of a Harlot!

“The workman is worthy of his hire.” This applies equally to theworking woman.

Everything Judah pledged then, now belongs to Tamar, as a matter of Right and as a matter of Law. This was no different than not redeeming an article at a Pawn Shop. By Law one’s Covenant, Pledge, or Oath must be kept. Once made, they are not optional and their breach has consequences.

Bottom line:

Tamar is now the Chief / Ruler / Matriarch of the sons of Judah!

Questions we need to answer:

1) Who was Tamar? A daughter of Ishmael, Canaan or Shem? This is a major point because Tamar is the Matriarch of Judah!

2) By her deeds, can we know what Tamar was? (especially her character)

3) Is this why Judah’s sons claim descent through their mother?

4) Is this why the Sons of Judah have acquired and maintained a virtual monopoly on the possession and interpretation of ancient sacred writings?

5) Is this why it has taken years for even small portions of the Dead Sea Scrolls to be published by the alleged “Experts?”

6) Is that virtual monopoly an attempt to steal the Birthright of the Firstborn from Joseph’s son Ephraim?

7) Do the Talmudic Zionist sons of Judah rule over the Judeo-Christian churches, in the very same manner Zionist rule over all of our political institutions? Are we in denial of the plain facts, or can’t we believe our lying eyes?

In contradistinction Joseph’s life was a life of near perfection coupled with being a Birthright First Born Prophet, Seer, and a Revelator through his dreams. Which one more resembled Yahushua Christ? Which one would you choose? We are told to, “Come out of Her”, meaning Judeo-Christianity. Some people simply will not accept new Truths regardless of how logical they are.

Jacob’s Family

Jacob had twelve sons by four women, Leah, Bilpah, Zilpah, and Rachael. Bilpah and Zilpah were the Handmaids of Jacob’s wives, (Leah & Rachel). Jacob & Rachel also had two grand-sons that were adopted as direct sons of Jacob. Ephraim and Manasseh. Gen 48:1-5

Judah was the fourth born son of Jacob and Leah. Joseph was the eleventh son of Jacob, but the Firstborn son of Jacob and Rachael. Rachael was the wife chosen by YHWH that Jacob had waited for. She was his choice. The wives were not equal in Jacob’s perception. Rachel was Jacob’s intended wife, but Jacob was deceived by his father-in-law and first given Leah.

Reuben, Simeon, Levi, and Judah, were all the end product of this deception.

Joseph was the only son who received a Coat of Many Colors, Gen 37:3. Joseph dreamed dreams and told his brethren. They hated him more. Joseph’s brethren hated him because they all knew that Joseph was Jacob’s favorite, Gen 37:4-5.

Joseph dreamed that the sun and the moon and the eleven stars would make obeisance to him. Gen 37:9. Even Jacob doubted Joseph at that point, especially about the obeisance and bowing down, Gen 37:10. The same word Strong’s 7812 is used to describe both ”obeisance” in verse 9 and “bow down” in verse 10. These dreams ultimately came to pass.

Joseph’s statement about the dream was so notable that Jacob remembered it, Gen 37:11. Joseph’s brethren conspired to slay Joseph because of Joseph’s dreams, Gen 37:18. What an evil thing to do! It was Reuben, the oldest, who refused to be part of any murder, Gen 37:22.

It was Judah who then suggested that Joseph be sold, Gen 37:27. Ultimately the sons sold Joseph to the Midianites for 20 pieces of silver.Judah had the commercial entrepreneurial spirit even then. Yahushua was sold for 30 pieces of silver.

Are there not many similarities between Joseph and Yahushua / Messiah at this point? Joseph’s brothers continued with their deceit by bringing the Coat of Many Colors back to Jacob and telling Jacob how Joseph allegedly died. “Oh what tangled webs we weave when we practice to deceive.”, Sir Walter Scott. Joseph ultimately ended up as the chief operating officer, second only to the Pharaoh in Egypt.


Gen 38:1 it says that Judah “went down” from his brethren. The word used is Strong’s #3381. It means: “to go down, descend, decline, march down, sink down”. When Judah left his brethren he was not separate as commanded and was in fact a close associate of the most evil people in the world, the Canaanites. Who would you expect to be in living the land of Canaan? Canaanites of course. We can only speculate as to why Judah left but it was a knowing violation of the law.

Judah married and impregnated Bedsu-El, the daughter of Shuah, the Canaanite. Gen 38:2. It was a clear violation of the law for Judah to marry or even be in association with any Canaanite let alone mix the holy seed. Judah not only mixed his holy seed with the most evil group of people on the face of the earth. Judah was not only a race mixer but a race traitor. This was nothing less than genocide or high treason and Judah should have been killed Phineas style for this transgression.

Bebsu-El bore Judah a son named Er, a Canaanite, Gen 38:3. Bedsu-El bore Judah a son named Onan, a Canaanite, Gen 38:4. Bedsu-El bore Judah a son named Shelah, a Canaanite, Gen 38:5.

Judah obtained a wife for Er his Canaanite son. Her name was Tamar, Gen 38:6. Why would Judah go to the daughters of Shem (as found in “Jewish interpreted Apocrypha), to get a pure-blood wife for his half Canaanite son? Any offspring of such union would still be an adulterated bloodline. If Tamar were a Shemite, why would she consent to marry a Canaanite? We hold the aforementioned Jewish interpretation in great suspect, as by the Law, it is without a required second witness.

There is no question that Tamar was NOT an Israelite. From the Jewish version of the book of Jasher, Tamar appears to be a daughter of Shem. It would have been impossible for her to have been an Israelite. In fact none of the wives of any of the 12 sons of Jacob could have been Israelites, unless they married one of their possible sisters. Tamar would have been too young and it would have been a violation of the law for Judah to have married Tamar if she were say Reuben’s niece.

We do not know exactly who Tamar was but we know whom she was not. Tamar was living in the land of Canaan. If she were a daughter of Shem she also was not obeying the law to be separate. Who else lived in the Land of Canaan other than Canaanites and self-exiled Judah? It is most probable that she was consequently in fact a Canaanite and that may have been the reason why she had no problem marrying Judah’s Canaanite son Er, then marrying his Canaanite son Onan, and would have married Shelah if Judah had made it possible. It might also explain why she had no problem playing a Harlot! See Gen 38:14. Judah had married Bedsu-El, the daughter of Shua the Canaanite. So for Judah to fornicate with a Canaanite woman would not be out of character.

The connections between Judah and the Canaanites are overwhelming! For an Israelite just being in the land of Canaan would have been a violation of the law, namely not to be separate. Can anyone imagine Yahshuha being born of an incident that was clearly a violation of the law? Yahweh is perfect. There was never any desire for perfection with Judah.

Er, the first Canaanite son of Judah, was so wicked that Yahweh had him slain. Gen 38:7. Onan, the second Canaanite son, was so evil that Yahweh had him slain, Gen 38:10. There are few other recorded incidents in the bible where people were so evil that they were intentionally killed by Yahweh.

Judah wanted Tamar to marry his third Canaanite son, Shelah. Tamar apparently agreed and dwelt in her father’s house, Gen 38:11. Tamar apparently had no problem with marrying Shelah, the Canaanite.

Tamar was in fact a prostitute and had the characteristics of one. Judah was a knowing whore monger. This union was a clear violation of the law for several reasons. Judah and Tamar both committed incest by having carnal relations with each other. Tamar was Judah’s daughter-in-law, having been married to Judah’s sons, Er and Onan. Judah was involved with Er’s and Onan’s widow. While with the required second witnessto this event Judah could claim innocence about being involved with Tamar, she certainly could not. This was incest pure and simple, not just once but twice, by both Judah and Tamar. Judah ultimately impregnated Tamar under fraud (we are told), Gen 38:18 but ALSO by whoredom Gen 38:24. Tamar delivered twins Pharez and Zerah, Gen 38:29-30. Their mother was a whore and their father was a whore monger, having had intimate relations with a Canaanite, both of their parents were guilty of incest. Pharez and Zerah were the products of whoredom!

If Tamar were a Canaanite then Pharez and Zerah would have been Canaanites and consequently Judah had no unadulterated Israelite seed.

When Reuben transgressed and defiled his father’s bed, he lost the Birthright of the firstborn! Apply that same principle to Judah, who not only adulterated his bloodline, but then defiled the bed of his son! Actions have consequences.

The name of “Judah” in Greek is called “JUDAS” in the Septuagint translation, and it is “Ioudas”….”Judas” ….

Judas was a traitor to his people by race mixing with Canaanites and trying to sell Joseph etc. He was a traitor to his family, he was a traitor to his son, traitor to the House of Israel and a traitor to himself.

Judas is the poster boy for evil.

We revere prophets and scorn evil doers. I can think of no instance where Judah’s conduct, or that of his sons was laudatory. They continually embraced evil in all of its available forms. Yet people still cling to the false teaching that Judah was some how pure and righteous enough to be the progenitor of Yahushua. Simply said, Judah (Judas in Greek) was the poster boy for un-repented evil and wrong doing.


After the coming out of Egypt, if the sons of Judah were of the same pure blood Israelites, (Jos 18:5), Joshua would not have first separated the sons of Judah from all of the other tribes of Israel and commanded them to remain within their borders in the South. Joshua would not have commanded all of the other tribes of Israel to remain within their border on the North! Joshua followed the law to be separate. This is as a second witness that House of Judah which included Judah’s descendants, were in fact so different that they had to be separated from the House of Israel as commanded by the law.

Jacob and his wife, together with all of his sons bowed down to Joseph, Gen 44:14. This was a fulfillment of Joseph’s dreams and prophecy. At this time for sure there can be no allegation that Judah had the scepter. Judah was in fact in fear for his life and not in control of anyone.

When we examine Joseph’s life we find an essentially sinless man. He was not married to Canaanites nor involved with whores nor deception. Joseph did not ever want to kill any of his brothers nor sell his brother into slavery, or other serious violations of the law. Joseph never sold nor tried to sell any of his brothers. Joseph did not leave his family and to our knowledge never went into the Land of Canaan.

Joseph was able to interpret dreams. Gen 40:12. The dreams became true and showed the mark of a true prophet.

Jacob’s Blessings

Gen 49:1 And Jacob called unto his sons and said,: “Gather yourselves together, that I may tell you that which shall befall you in the last days.” LAST DAYS. This chapter refers to the Last days and not to the time of Jacob’s proclamation. Once this primal concept has been understood, then this verse takes on a whole new meaning.

Reviewing Chapter 49 as a whole, Joseph was the only one to receive blessings and some of the other 11 received what could easily be called a curse! (just a statement of their characters). Note that of all the twelve sons the word “bless” (Gen 49:25) ONLY applied to Joseph. Judah was NOT blessed in verses 9-10.

The Scepter

The most famous verse is Gen 49:10 where it says that the scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet until Shiloh comes. This is not an unlimited delegation of power. The only way that Judah could keep the scepter forever would be if Shiloh would never come. This would be blasphemy.

The position that Judah would have the scepter forever was developed by Comparet and accepted by Capt, Lent and Wickstrom. The second part of verse 10 was conveniently ignored to accommodate previous prejudices.

When Shlhoh comes the scepter will be taken away from Judah-jewry. When reviewed with verse 1, the last days, it means that Zionist Judah-Jews will have the scepter, meaning worldwide control, until Shiloh – Yahushua comes. This makes sense in view of history and current events. Judah obviously did not have the scepter when he bowed down to Joseph millennia ago but today Zionist Judah-Jews are ruling the world.

Some believe that at the time of Christ that Rome meaning Caesar and the Romans had the scepter. Well if Caesar and the Romans had the scepter, they must have been Judah and not Gad. The simple fact of the matter is that Pilate was “the more afraid” of the jews. As a side point according to the Judah advocates, Judah would then be Germany, Ireland and Italy, the Three Tribes of Judah.

Jhn 19:8 When

3753 Pilate 4091 therefore 3767 heard 191 that 5126 saying 3056, he was 5399 0 themore 3123 afraid 5399 ;

I am sure that the ADL would be happy to hear that the Romans had the scepter and that they killed Christ. Christ was crucified because Pilate was afraid of the jews, who had the scepter, meaning real and not theoretical power.

The destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD is posited to show that the Romans had the scepter and how they had destroyed the jews, at least those who lived in Jerusalem. The Romans may have destroyed Jerusalem and all of its inhabitants but they did not destroy jewry who still had a base in Khazaria.

Ironically 2000 years later the jews still have the scepter and Rome is just history.


There is no question that Joseph was given the birthright of the firstborn. The word birthright occurs 10 times in the KJV. Birthright is typically translated from Strong’s 1062 and once as 4415. While there is no clear definition for the birthright we can go to Strong’s 4415 for an indication as, “the right or advantages of the first born son” which is Primogeniture for short. Although Joseph was the 11th born son of Jacob, he was thefirstborn son of Jacob and Rachel. Yahweh intervened in this birthright order because of Reuben defiling his father’s bed. Judah was a forth-born son and a product of deception. We need to remember that the birthright was a very important gift, Gen 27:36. In fact Judah-Jewry (Esau) would still like to regain the birthright from Joseph and that partially explains the wars and racial mixing so detrimental to the House of Israel today.

Joseph is the only one that received anything like a blessing. THIS is the reason that all the other sons, INCLUDING Judah, were so jealous of Joseph. This was the reason for YHVH separating Joseph from the rest of the sons of Jacob/Israel. YHVH had bigger and better plans for Joseph. His mother, Rachel, was the FIRST intended bride for Jacob (Gen 29:1-30). Rachel was the FIRST woman he laid eyes on, at the well, and Jacob was told that the woman he met at the well, was to be his bride ….but LABAN, Rachel’s and Leah’s father, who was also Jacob’s uncle, his mother’s brother, tricked via deception Jacob into marrying Leah first, because she was the oldest of the two women, and the younger daughter wasn’t to be married UNTIL the oldest daughter was married….and Laban, pretending it was Rachel that Jacob was going to marry.

1 Chr. 5: 1-2 and the Birthright

We have reviewed the Paleo Hebrew for 1 Chr. 5: 1-2 for context. The result is a much clearer understanding of what is being said. I believe that the following translation is the most accurate available especially in light of modern science, i.e. DNA.

1 Chr. 5:1 — “Now the sons of Reuben firstborn of Israel, for he was firstborn. But, because he defiled his father’s bed, the birthright (right of the firstborn) was given to the sons of Joseph, the son of Israel. And the birthright is no longer to be reckoned after the genealogy.”

1 Chr. 5:2 — “And Judah prevailed to rule over his brother’s (right of the firstborn), but the birthright is Joseph’s.”

The KJV corrupts this text to read: “The genealogy is not to be reckoned after the birthright.” This is absolutely reversed! We do not get our genealogy from our birthright. It should be translated as: “The Birthright (concerning Reuben) is no longer to be reckoned after the genealogy”. Our genealogy comes from our parents. In fact in Italian, Il genitori, means the parents. The root word comes from Greek, “genea”…i.e. ”breed”, ”kind”

The physical demonstrates the spiritual. If it were not that way the whole universe would be chaotic. Modern science with its DNA rules is just a subset of Yahweh’s laws. Birthright along with any other genetic characteristic is passed from parent to child. This would tend to show that Esau was a Canaanite because he was warring with Jacob in Rebecca’s womb. Esau went back to his roots and married two Canaanites. Judah also had an attraction for Canaanites. He went down into the Land of Canaan. He married one and had three Canaanite children. He was concerned for Shela, his Canaanite son. It would be chaotic to give Joseph the birthright and then make Judah the genetic ancestor of Yahushua. A double minded man is unstable in all of his ways.

Concept of the First Born

Almost without exception, descent of rule in kingdoms is by birthright, which is the right of the firstborn male. Thus, Yahushua descendant of Joseph through Ephraim is the true Messiah, birthright King of Israel. Judeo Christians believe that “Jesus,” a Zionist fabricated fiction, is the Messiah, king of the Jews. But “Jesus” of the Jews, is without the required birthright of the firstborn son. Judah, a fourth-born son, never received the birthright and therefore cannot convey to his sons that which was never his. Being without a birthright, “Jesus” is exposed as an impostor and a pure fabrication and Zionist deception.

Note that Joseph was the first born of Jacob and Rachael, the chosen wife of Jacob, just as Yahushua was the first born son of Joseph and Mary. Note that Joseph was the name of Yahushua’s father. Judah was the fourth-born of Leah, and a product of deception!

The birthright includes the bloodline descent of the Monarch’s kingdom through his firstborn. No where in the bible is Judah ever named as either the first born or having been given rights as the first born. If Judah did not have the birthright of the Firstborn, he can not pass it on to his children.

Joseph is the only son who is given the Birthright of a firstborn, by his father Jacob, because of Rueben’s vile transgression. Judah cannot convey a right he never had.

Jer 31: 9 “ . . . for I am a father to Israel, and Ephraim is my firstborn.”

When Joseph was given the Birthright of the firstborn, he was not only given the property rights but the promise that the Messiah would descend through him! This conclusion makes sense from both a character analysis of both Judah and Joseph but from an analysis of bible prophecy, the Law, and observation of current events.


Lets look at Joseph’s blessings Gen 49:22-26. “From there is the Shepherd, the Stone (Prophet) of Israel.” verse 24. He received many blessings of not only heaven above but of the deep AND OF THE WOMB, Verse 25. This is not just a double portion of property. Verse 26 including the Strong’s numbers states as follows —

Gen 49:26 The blessings

1293 of thy father 1 have prevailed 1396 above the blessings 1293 of my progenitors2029 unto the utmost bound 8379 of the everlasting 5769 hills 1389: they shall be on the head 7218 of Joseph 3130, and on the crown of the head 6936 of him that was separate 5139 from his brethren 251.

Probably the word “separate” in verse 26 says it all. This means consecrated or devoted one. Note the limitless language of this verse. No qualifiers or limitations as with Judah’s blessing in verse 10. Not only was he separate but he had the “crown” of the blessings.

I realize that the genealogies show Judah as being the progenitor of Yahushua. We can never forget who did the translating and what their interests were. Chronicles chapters 1-5. Matt 1, Luke 3:23-38. However, David the King was a Moabite! Ruth 1:4 & 4:17

To know the truth concerning King David of the Jews, we must go back to the first assumption concerning his roots as set forth in the Book of Ruth. Here, we find he was a descendant of Pharez, son of Judah and Tamar.

Let us do the accounting with attention to detail.

Ruth 1:1

“And it was in the days Judges *Judged (*Israel) and was a famine in the land (of Judah) and sojourned a man from Bet Lacham-Judah, to dwell in the land (country) of Moab, he his wife and his two sons.”


1) No Judges ruled in Judah, ever! So while Judges ruled in Israel (The Northern House), these events took place in Judah (The Southern House).

2) Joshua had separated Judah from the other Tribes of Israel and commanded they each remain within their borders. Jos 18:5

3) Judges ruled in Israel until King Saul was made King.

4) Ruth the Moabitess was the Grandmother of King David. Ruth 4:22

5) These events took place in Judah, before Saul was made King of Israel. Ruth 1:1

6) During this time Judah and Israel were two completely separate houses.

7) During this time Judah and Israel were in occasional conflict with each other.

8) The events in the book of Ruth, Chronologically, occurred in Judah before the events of 1 Samuel, and, at a time when each of the tribes were within their own inheritance.

Ruth 1:2 410 4432

“And the name of the man was Eli-melech (my god- is Molech) and the name of his wife was Naomi, and the name of his two sons were Mahlon ( 4248 – sick) and Chilion (3630- destruction), *Ephrathites (*672 – fruits) of Bet *Lacham-Judah. (*3898a Lacham).

* #672 “fruits” as meant in “fruit of the womb,” works, offspring, or children. This Hebrew meaning is also demonstrated in: “Be fruitfuland multiply.” (Gen 1:28)

Note: 1035 0 ¬ read

1) Strong’s deliberately mis-numbers: Bet Lacham, mhl – xib-m with Strong’s # 1035 placed over the word Lacham (above) and the

# “0” over the word: “bet” (house).

“Lacham,” (mhl) is Strong’s #3898a. AAnd “bet” (xib) is # 1004.

By this deliberate mis-numbering and use of the erroneous Strong’s # 1035, two Hebrew words become combined into one word, which is then falsely interpreted: “Bethlehem! If you will but take the time to understand this, you will understand the meaning of “The lying pen of the Scribe worketh deceit.” And, “ The sin of Judah is written with a pen of iron.”

There was no Bethlehem in Judah! It is a corruption of “Bet-Lacham” (house of Warriors, in Judah), a former Garrison of the Philistines! It is only a LIE used to supplant the Beth-lehem in Zebulon in Northern Galilee, and promote the false claim that Yahushua was a Jew!

Ruth 1:3

“And Elimelech, Naoi’s husband died and she was left with her two sons.

Ruth 1:4

And they took to themselves wives of the women of Moab; the name of the one was Orpah ( Strong’s #6203 – stiffnecked), and the name of the other, Ruth (Strong’s # 7327 - friend), And they dwelled there about ten years.”

Ruth 1:5

“And Mahlon and Chilion both died and the woman (Naomi) was left without her two sons and her husband.”

Ruth 1:6

“Then she arose with her daughters-in-Law, that she might return from the country of Moab.”

Ruth 1:7

“Wherefore she went forth with her two daughters in Law and they proceeded on the way to return to the land of Judah.”

Ruth 1:8

“And Naomi said to each of her daughters in Law, go return to the house of your mother. . . . . .”

Ruth 1:10

“And they said unto her, Surely we will return with thee unto thy people”

Ruth 1:15

“And she (Naomi) said: (to Ruth):

“Behold thy sister-in-law has gone back unto her people and unto her gods. Return thou after thy sister-in–law.”

Ruth 2:1

“And Naomi had a kinsman of her husband’s, a mighty man of wealth of the family of Elimelech; and his name was Boaz.(Strong’s 1162 – fleetness)

Ruth 2:5

Then said Boaz to his servant that was set over the reapers, Who’s damsel is this?”

Ruth 2:6

“And the servant that was set over the reapers answered saying: It is the *Moabite (*Strong’s #4125 – Moabitedamsel that came back with Naomi, out of the country of Moab.”

Ruth 2:10

“Then she (Ruth) fell on her face and bowed herself to the ground, and said unto him (Boaz), “Why have I found grace in thine eyes, that thou should take knowledge of me, seeing I am a* STRANGER?”

(Strong’s # 5237 – *foreigner)

Ruth 2:11

“And Boaz answered her, it hath fully been shown me, all that thou hast done unto thy mother-in-law since the death of thy husband and how thou has left thy father and mother, and the land of thy nativity, and have come unto a people which thou knewest not *heretofore.

( *Strong’s # 8543 – previously or before)

Question: Ruth knew she was a foreigner, could she have forgotten she was an Israelite?

Ruth 4:5

Then said Boaz, What day thou buyest the field of the hand of Naomi, thou must buy it also of Ruth the Moabite, the wife of the dead, to raise up the name of the dead upon his inheritance.

Ruth 4:6

“And the kinsman said, I cannot redeem it for myself, lest I *mar (Strong’s 7843 – destroy or corruptmine own inheritance.”

NOTE: If Ruth were an Israelite, this act of a kinsman Redeemer would secured his inheritance, not alienated or destroyed it!

Ruth 4:11

“And all the *people that were in the gate, and the **elders said: We are witness. YHWH make the woman that is come into thine house like Rachel and like Leah, which two did build the house of Israel. and do thou worthily in *ephratah.

( *Strong’s # 672 fruitfulness), and be famous in *Bethlehem (Strong’s 3898a – Beit-Lacham), And let thy house be like the house of Pharez whom Tamar bear unto Judah, of the seed of which YHWH shall give thee of this young woman.”


1) Ruth was a Stranger / Moabite / foreigner, thus if “like the house of Pharez,” then Tamar was also a Stranger, of Canaanite or other foreign blood to Israel. Judah should have gone to the sons of Laban, (Rachel’s kin), or to the sons of Shem. Instead, Judah chose BedsuEl a Canaanite! When BedsuEl died, Judah then fornicated with Tamar, (his daughter-in-law), which was a “Breach” of the Covenant (Law)! As implied in the name: “Pharez” (breach).

2) Pharez (Strong’s 6557 – ‘breach’), was a son of whoredom, deceit, and breach of the Covenant!

Ruth 4:13

“So Boaz took Ruth and she was his wife, and when he went in unto her, YHWH gave her conception and she bear a son.”

Ruth 4:16

“And Naomi took the child and ‘* laid it in her bosom,’ and became nurse unto it.” * unofficial adoption?

Ruth 4:17

And the women her neighbors gave it a name saying, There is a son born to Naomi and they called his name *Obed (Strong’s # 5744 – *serving), he is the father of *Jesse (Strong’s 3448 – *I possess), the father of David.”

NOTE: Obed was NOT born to Naomi, but only counted as born of Naomi. This adoption does not correct the adulterated Moabite blood!

Ruth 4:18

“Now these are the generations of Pharez. (son of Tamar). Pharez begat Hezron.

4:19 And Hezron begat Ram, and Ram begat Amminadab.

4:20 “And Amminadab begat Nahshon, and Nahshon begat Salmon.

4:21 “And Salmon begat Boaz, and Boaz begat Obed.

4:22 “And Obed begat Jesse, and Jesse begat David.”

Conclusion: Now we know why Jer 8: 1-3 calls them a Dung

1Sa 16:1 And the LORD said unto Samuel, How long wilt thou mourn for Saul, seeing I have rejected him from reigning over Israel? fill thine horn with oil, and go, I will send thee to Jesse the Bethlehemite: for I have provided me a king among his sons.

This below, taken from the actual Paleo text is the root of our diverse understandings.

1 Sam 12:15 Although evei permitted Israel to have a King, King Saul’s kingship over Israel and their self-rule is made conditional. “But if you will not obey – - – -.”

I Sam 15:28 The Prophet Samuel told King Saul: “evei has rent the kingdom of Israel from thee this day and given it to a neighbor of thine that is better than thou.”

Who was Israel’s neighbor? Judah!

1 Sam 16:1

3902 1004 3902

Bet-ha-Lachmi imhle – xib (House of the Warriors)

This text above is found in 1 Sam 16:1 and 1:Sam 16:18, it is corrupted to read in the KJV: “Bethlehem.” Then, Strong’s erroneously mis-numbers these words with the numbers for “Bethlehem.” The numbers above, are the correct Strong’s numbers.

This shows conclusively that Samuel, (the Northern House of Israel’s Prophet) went to the “House of Warriors” (a garrison in Judah) to anoint David the Moabite Warrior, King over Israel! After the Kingdom of Israel was taken away from King Saul. 1 Sam 15:28 (infra).

1035 1004 1035

Bet-lechem mhl – xib (House of Bread) text found in Gen 35:19

*Near where Rachel was buried in Zebulon. (Northern Galilee)

The above in Gen 35:19, is the correct text words for “Bethlehem,” with the correct Strong’s Numbers.

This discovery is significant.

King David of Judah WAS a Moabite!

He is not the David (a lad) of Ephraim, who killed Goliath, and became King Saul’s Weapon Bearer!

What would David, a son of Ephraim, a mere lad, Weapon Bearer of King Saul, of the Northern Kingdom of Israel, be doing in the House of Warriors, a Garrison in the Southern Kingdom of Judah?

Why would Samuel the Prophet journey all the way to Judah to anoint Saul’s weapon bearer? And how would the King and the Kingdom (self-rule) have been taken away from the Northern House of Israel, If Saul’s Weapon Bearer, were made King? What we have here is a biblical case of “Identity Theft” and an attempt to seize the birthright of Joseph !” This is that spoken of in Gen 49:10 by Jacob, when he told his sons what will befall them in the last days: Judah will hold rule over Israel until Shiloh comes. . . as it is this day!

1Sa 16:18 Then answered one of the servants, and said, Behold, I have seen a son of Jesse the Bethlehemite, [that is] cunning in playing, and a mighty valiant man, and a man of war, and prudent in matters, and a comely person, and the LORD [is] with him.

NOTE: Here again Bet-ha Lachmi is corrupted to “Bethlehem.”

And this David is not the Weapon Bearer of King Saul o Israel, but a mighty Moabite Warrior of Judah!

The Galilean Connection

Yahshuha had a strong connection to Galilee and the House of Israel. Considering the overall biblical importance of race and family it only natural that he came to his own.

“He came unto his own and his own received him not.”

John 1:11

What does this mean? It means that he came to the House of Israel, Northern Kingdom, and the House of Israel did not accept him. He did not go to the Jews, he did not go to Judah, they were not his own, it is that simple

He said that he come only to and went to the lost sheep of the House of Israel and by express inference not to the House of Judah. Matt 10:6 and Matt 15.:24. He built his church upon Peter who also was a Galilean, See Matt 26:73 and Mark 14:70. Historically there had been severe wars between the House of Israel and the House of Judah. Racially they were different and with different speech, they were separated. It was the Romans who in Yahushua’s time that forced them into a confederation under Roman rule.

Before Yahushua was even two years old, Herod issued a decree that all male children under two years old be killed. It was only the children in the Bethlehem-Galilee area who were affected. Rachel wept (v. 18) for her children. Her children were of the House of Israel and none other. Judah, was the son of Leah! Herod did not seek to kill the children of Bethlehem-Judah. Herod knew from what tribe the Messiah would come, and it wasn’t the tribe of Judah! See Matt 2:12-18.

Yahushua (the Messiah) descended from Joseph and his connections to the 10 tribe Northern Kingdom, not Judah, are strong and overwhelming. The following examples show his connections.

Yahushua was from Nazareth, which is part of the Northern House of Israel, which for a time, was also called: the House of Joseph, and the Northern Kingdom. He came and dwelt in a city called Nazareth that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophets, He shall be called a Nazarene. See Matt 23:23. The multitude said, This is Yahushua, the prophet of Nazareth of Galilee Matt 21:11. And when he was gone out into the porch, another [maid] saw him, and said unto them that were there, This [fellow] was also with Yahushua of Nazareth. Matt 26:71

Yahushua was baptised in Galilee And it came to pass in those days, that Yahushua came from Nazareth of Galilee, and was baptized of John in Jordan. Matt 3:13 and Mark 1:9

Even the satanic spirits knew that Yahushua was from Galilee –

Saying, Let [us] alone; what have we to do with thee, thou Yahushua of Nazareth? Art thou come to destroy us? I know thee who thou art, the Holy One of God. Mark 1:24. Also a man with an unclean spirit knew that Yahushua was from Nazareth Luke 4:33-34

Bartimaeus knew that Yahushua came from Galilee Mark 10:46-47.

Luke gives us the best examples. The angel Gabriel was sent unto Nazareth of Galilee. Luke 1:26. Yahushua’s own city was Nazareth. Luke 2:39

Yahushua returned with his parents to Nazareth and was subject to his parents. Luke 2:51. Luke 4:16 Yahushua had been brought up in Nazareth.

The multitude knew that Yahushua was from Galilee Luke 18:36-37

The prophets, did write, Yahushua of Nazareth, son of Joseph. John 1:45

Yahushua proclaimed it himself, I am Yahushua of Nazareth, whom thou persecutest. Acts 22:8

He said that even after he rose that he would return to where? Galilee. I wonder why? But after I am risen again, I will go before you into Galilee Matt 26:32

And go quickly, and tell his disciples that he is risen from the dead; and, behold, he goeth before you into Galilee; there shall ye see him: lo, I have told you. Matt 28:7 see also Matt 28:10

And he preached in their synagogues throughout all Galilee, and cast out devils. Mark 1:39

Luke 2:44-51 is probably the best indicator of who Yahushua was –.

When Yahushua was 12 years old his parents took him to celebrate the feast in Jeru-Salem. When the feast was over Yahushua stayed in Jeru-Salem while his parents went back to Galilee. The parents traveled for a day to their home in Galilee and could not find Yahushua amongst their kinsfolk and acquaintances. When Yahushua was not found, his parents went back to Jeru-Salem and searched for him. They were afraid that he had died. Ultimately, Yahushua returned back to Nazareth with his parents because he was subject to them.

This beginning of miracles did Yahushua in Cana of Galilee, and manifested forth his glory; and his disciples believed on him. John 2:11

This [is] again the second miracle [that] Yahushua did , when he was come out of Judaea into Galilee, John 4:54

After these things Yahushua walked in Galilee: for he would not walk in *Jewry, because the Jews sought to kill him. John 7:1

What more needs to be said. He would not even walk among the Jews in Judea because they sought to kill him! * “Jewry Strong’s 2449 means Judaea.

Jn 4:8 The Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well, mistaking Yahushua for a Jew, asked:  How is it that thou being a Jew, ask drink of me, which am a woman of Samaria? For the Jews have no dealings with the Samaritans.”

Jn 4:12 “Art thou greater than our father Jacob, who gave us this well- – -.”

Jn 4:20 “ Our fathers worshiped in this mountain, and ye say that in Jerusalem is the place where men ought to worship.”

Jn 4:21 “Yahushua said unto her: Woman, believe Me the hour cometh when ye shall neither in this mountain, nor yet at Jerusalem, worship the Father.”

Jn 4:22 “ You worship you know not who. We know whom we worship, for one has come to * rescue you from the Jews.” (Strongs’ #4991 “rescue,” “to be delivered from.”


1) The woman at the well was an Israelite. Jn 4:12

2) The Jews have no dealings with the Israelites. Jn 4:8

3) Israel worshiped in this mountain, (Gerazim). Jn 4:20

4) The Jews worshiped in Jebus-Jerusalem. Jn 4:20

5) Yahushua said, paraphrased: Woman, you are lost! You know not who you worship, and one has come to rescue /deliver you from the Jews.

6) The KJV corrupts this to say: “Salvation is of the Jews.” The Word of YHWH says: “Salvation is of YHWH.” Not the Jews!

7) Yahushua stayed three days in Samaria, teaching the lost Sheep of the House of Israel. Jn 4:40

It is not just symbolism that Yahushua’s father was named JOSEPH. That is what we have been trying to say all along. He descended from Joseph.


Some people are using the Book of Revelation verse 5:5 to justify the Judah error position. We need to remember first of all that the Book of Revelation in its entirety was written of things to come (Rev 1:1), and only references things of the past. Verse 5:5 has been examined and it is probably one of the most misunderstood verses in the entire Bible. We will examine it here but we know that others have differing interpretations.

Revelation 1:1 “The Revelation of Yahushua the Messiah, which YHWH gave unto Him, to shew unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass;

“and He sent and signified [it] by his angel unto his servant John:”

This is the introductory and controlling passage from the

Book of Revelation.

“The Revelation of Yahushua . . .”

If the Lion of Rev 5:5 were Yahushua, then Yahushua would be giving the Revelation to Himself! Obviously that is not the case. Yahushua revealed His revelation to his servant John. (Rev 1:1)

Reviewing Revelation 5:5 which some adherents to the Judah position use is as follows. This verse with its Strong’s numbers taken from the KJV appears below.


2532 one 1520 of 1537 the elders 4245 saith 3004 unto me 3427, Weep 2799 not 3361: behold 2400 , the Lion 3023 of 5607 1537 the tribe 5443 of Juda2455, the Root 4491 of David 1138, hath prevailed 3528 to open 455 the book 975, and 2532 to loose 3089 the seven 2033 seals 4973 thereof 846.

Following is the verse in Greek. Notice the near complete sentence structure reversal in the English translation above! Also note the word “has” is not in the Greek text. Then note the sentence structure of other Greek verses are not so strangely reversed when translated into English.

κα? ε?ς ?κ τ?ν πρεσβυτέρων λέγει μοι? μ? κλα?ε,

And one of the elders said to me: do not weep;

?δο? ?νίκησεν ? λέων ? ?κ τ?ς φυλ?ς ?ούδα, ? ?ίζα Δαυίδ,

Behold! *Has prevailed the lion of the tribe of Judah, the root of David,

?νο?ξαι τ? βιβλίον κα? τ?ς ?πτ? σφραγ?δας α?το?.

to open the book and the seven seals of it.

The word “has” (above) is nowhere in the Greek text!. The same exact greek word interpreted: “prevailed,” (past tense) only twice in the NT writings, counting this occurrence, is correctly translated “Overcome” or “Conquer,” (future tense) in the other 21 times it occurs in the NT.

Thus we translate Rev 5:5:

Behold! Conquer the lion of the tribe of Judah, the root of David, to open the book and the seven seals of it.”

The knowledge of who king David of the tribe Judah is, and the discovery of his Moabite roots is the “Key” to the Book of Revelations!

This, the Prophets called: “The Keys of David.” Keys are used to lock and unlock, seal or open something up. In this case, casual access to understanding the revelations are prevented (sealed), until the Key (knowledge of who David is) is understood. Then its wallah! “Open Sesame!”

This verse refers to opening up a book or scroll and to the genetic roots of King David of the Jews. People have historically read fantasies into it.

Lets not be misled about a Greek translation in any event.

Revelations may reference past events, but they are primarily concerned with future events. However, when a specific reference is made to a past event, for example: “the Root of David,” the revelation has everything to do with the genealogy of the Jew’s King David! And the prerequisite to fully understanding the futuristic revelation, is to first know the “root” / genealogy of David. This essential knowledge is made the “key” to that which is to be revealed by revelation. Your bible is all about “genealogy.”

For example: Noah was perfect in all his generations, King David is NOT!

Yahushua is the one giving the revelations! Rev 1:1 If Yahushua is the lion of Rev 5:5, then He is giving the Revelation to Himself!

Lets first examine the word Lion, Strong’s 3023. This word Lion appears 104 times in the KJV. It appears 4 times in Revelation. Lion 3023 appears 9 times in the KJV, it means beast animal in every case. Maybe Rev 5:5 is telling us that the Lion is the mascot or enforcer of the tribe of Judas. Reviewing the word “Lion”. Generally there is no positive characteristic associated with this word. NEVER in the entire KJV is Lion associated with the Lamb of God, namely Jesus.

The word Lamb, Strong’s 721 occurs 26 times from Rev 5:8 to the end of the Book of Revelation. As the nursery rhyme goes –

MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB, his father’s name was Joseph

Some verses tell us about Judah’s and Lion’s characters.

Judah 3063 [is] a lion’s 738 whelp 1482: from the prey 2964, my son 1121, thou art gone up 5927 : he stooped down 3766 , he couched 7257 as a lion738, and as an old lion 3833; who shall rouse him up 6965 ? Gen 49:9

Lion, Strong’s 738 is found 72 times in the KJV. It means a lion tearing apart. Whelp 1482 means a tribe. It is reasonable to state that Judah is like a lion tearing up its prey.

He lieth in wait 693 secretly 4565 as a lion 738 in his den 5520: he lieth in wait 693 to catch 2414 the poor 6041: he doth catch 2414 the poor 6041, when he draweth 4900 him into his net 7568. Psalm 10:9

Like 1825 as a lion 738 [that] is greedy 3700 of his prey 2963 , and as it were a young lion 3715 lurking 3427 in secret places 4565. Psalm 17:12

Lets examine the word Lamb 721. This word appears 107 times in the entire KJV and 27 times in the Book of Revelation. Most typically this word means mutton to eat. In Revelation it clearly means the Messiah. Nowhere in the entire Bible is there a verse with the words Judah and Lamb in it.

For I [will be] unto Ephraim 669 as a lion 7826, and as a young lion 3715 to the house 1004 of Judah 3063: I, [even] I, will tear 2963 and go away3212 ; I will take away 5375 , and none shall rescue 5337 [him]. Hosea 5:14

Revelation 12:4

Revelation 12:4 is also used to support the Judah error position.

“And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.”

Obviously this passage refers to some event in the future. Have one third of the stars of heaven, whomever they may be, been cast to the earth? Declare if thou hast knowledge!


The evidence is overwhelming! What more needs to be said?

russell walker

scott vaught

ark found?

Created by pastorbuddy on 7/26/2009

Ron Wyatt claimed to have found the hole/socket in the bedrock that once held the cross of Christ upright. At the bottom of the socket, there was a small man-made hole (a few inches long) leading downward into the bedrock, and, 20 feet directly below, Wyatt found a small cave wherein was situated a stone case with the Ark of the Covenant within, supposedly hidden there by Jews in about 600 BC.

How did Mr. Wyatt know that the Ark was directly below the socket that held Christ’s cross? Because, he saw a crack/fissure in the ceiling of the cave that he imagined to be connected to the small hole in the socket, for he saw a dried dark substance (blood) on the crack, but also on the lid of the Ark…which was situated directly below the crack. Moreover, because the lid of the ark had been split in two, he said that the dark substance dripping from the crack had been deposited into the Ark!

In other words, and this is actually quite beautiful to the point of goose bumps, his discovery was that the blood of Jesus had entered the small hole at the base of His cross, and then flowed into a large fissure created when God caused an earthquake during the Crucifixion. The impression from that picture is that God had created the Ark of the Covenant, in the Days of Moses, with future plans to hold for all generations the dripped blood of the Crucifixion, as a memorial, in the Ezekiel Temple, and perhaps also in the New Heavens.


Yet another stunning inference of Wyatt’s claim is that God caused the Romans to dig the socket (which they intended only for the capital punishment of criminals) directly above the hidden Ark, and this “coincidence” would then be absolute proof that the Crucifixion was an act of God, and that He is indeed Almighty, and beautiful without compare to the point of sweet-bitter tears for the Jews who for generations have rejected the authenticity of Jesus.

As much as I want to believe this story, there are problems. For example, from within the cave he pushed his measuring tape upward into the crack, and it came out the small hole in the socket so that his son, standing on the ground above, could tug on it so as to prove that the Ark was directly below the Crucifixion site. And that’s also how he knew he was 20 feet below the socket. But the chances are very remote indeed of pushing a tape measure blindly up a fissure and getting it to find a distant small hole a few inches long and about one inch wide. It sounds like a fabricated story.

Furthermore, he claimed to have spent years trying to dig 20 feet down into that cave, in order to remove the Ark, which he said could not be removed by any other means because entrances into the cave had been blocked. And the path by which he had entered the cave just happened to be too narrow to remove the Ark (it figures), and all attempts to photograph it proved fruitless (I don’t see why, but it’s fully expected if he was lying).

Since the Ark is so fabulously important, there would not only be the will and the money available, from millions of people, to get it out one way or another, but chiseling through merely 20 feet of rock is by no means a major problem. To this end, it struck me as deceptive when he said that he did not know where above the cave to start chiseling away in order to dig his way directly to the cave. But if he knows that there’s a fissure in the rock leading right into the ceiling of the cave, why not just follow the fissure? How hard could it be to find the fissure when one clue is that it’s located directly under the socket? Just stick a wire into the hole and feel around in order to discover the orientation of the fissure.

For these reasons and more, I see fraud, and indeed the story is being sold online rather than being given away for free, compromising the story’s credibility if it’s true but fully expected if it’s a scam. Wyatt claimed to have gotten some dried blood of Jesus into test labs, but you’ve got to pay money to find out what the results were. I suppose that if the underwear of Jesus had been found, it would be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Yet, judging from what is being said on the website, I don’t think we’re dealing merely with a money-making racket, but with the Millennium-related purposes of an Illuminati-based cult. Not only the Ark, but much of the other Temple furniture was found in that cave, and, as you must know, this Furniture has reportedly been in the care of Templars/Freemasons.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t rule out that the Furniture was fabricated from scratch by Illuminati technologies, before being planted in similar fashion to the planting of the Hall of Records at Giza. It’s even logical to my mind that the Illuminatists of the 1920s had placed the Ark and the Temple furniture (real or fake) in the Great Sphinx, for to “discover” it there, but that, after 1967 wherein the Jews reclaimed Jerusalem, the Illuminatists decided to remove it from the Great Sphinx through the work of Stanford and Dolphin (in the 1970s), and to move it to Jerusalem by the same Stanford-Dolphin team.

Wow. Would they do that? Consider this: Wyatt claimed that a man strolled along the dig site one day whom he says had to be Jesus himself, whose first words were that he was in the midst of traveling from South Africa to the New Jerusalem. It sounds like one of those spy password-lines to me, to identify oneself as an agent of the conspiracy…as if to communicate, “I’m here. I’ll meet you later” (where they on the phone had planned to meet).

But that’s not my main point, which is this: the “New Jerusalem” in this case would translate to their Jerusalem after the Temple-furniture scam was completely fulfilled, and South Africa is Rothschild/Rhodes country. Yes, indeed, for it was in South Africa that both Cecil Rhodes and the Rothschilds, the very people who were the guts of the British Illuminati, took control of diamond mines that were discovered there in the mid 1800s. And they also bought up gold mines, with more than enough gold to create the Temple furniture.

Surely, Wyatt alone didn’t have enough money to purchase the gold let alone fabricate the furniture. There would not only be required the gold enough, the fabrication specialists, and the evil minds willing to perpetrate a fraud on this scale, but there would be required an organization with the abilities to carry out the long-range purpose, which appears to be the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple. Therefore, there is either no cave and no Furniture, or else a pro-Zionist Illuminati group (as opposed to the anti-Zionist Aryans) is the hub of this conspiracy.

According to the Anchor Stone website, the revealing of the Furniture to the world will happen soon. A goal in that revelation would naturally be to acquire fabulous amounts of money and moral support from Christians, toward the building of the Temple, but also, hopefully, to convert non-Christian Jews to Jesus Christ and thereby get them to support a counterfeit Millennium as devised by “Christians.” If that latter requirement fails, and it likely would, perhaps a removal of Jews from Israel would be needed…but because they’re not going to leave willingly, such a task would end up looking a lot like the military affair called, “Abomination that makes Desolate.”

Expect the fake Millennium to be controlled by Illuminatists within, or associated with, the Anglican church, a church that was formed by Rosicrucians, as we shall see, and that has traditionally depicted itself as the chief of Christ on earth for no other reason than to rule the earth…as had the Vatican pope before it. But as not all Anglican leaders coincided with the Rosicrucians, expect other cults of Britain to have been formed, by Illuminatists, in hopes of creating other facilitators of the Rosicrucian cause. I suspect, for reasons to be given later, that the Henry Drummond cult, the Catholic Apostolic Church, was a primary Rosicrucian cult.

It is well-understood that pro-Zionist Illuminatists in Britain have been working hard for centuries to mesh the Jews and Christians together for this very purpose of Millennial Rule, in a movement called “British-Israelism.” This movement was created by Rosicrucians from as early as John Dee’s alliances with queen Elizabeth I (16th century), and it has become my recent discovery that the Rosicrucians were a cult of the dragon bloodline seeking to make the British peoples believe that they were of Jewish blood, in efforts to disguise their own bloodline — everywhere in Britain and particularly on the throne and in other leading roles. British Freemasonry and British-Israelism go together like a snake coiled around its nest of eggs.

That’s the crux of British-Israelism, in other words, an attempt of the dragon bloodline to ascend the throne of Israel and the Biblical Millennium…which it could not so easily do under the true banner of “Gog” or “Dragon Bloodline.” But we wouldn’t expect them to stop with British-Israelism; why not also European Israelism, which the Catholic Apostolic Church promoted; why not American-Israelism, as the Mormons and some Seventh-Day Adventists promoted? My logic is that we just follow the British-Israeli eggs in order to keep track of movements made by the Illuminati snake.

Those of you who would find it hard to believe that the dragon bloodline, also called the Rose Line, has any interest in ruling the world from Israel should take note that it had attempted just that long before the Rothschilds, as early as the Templars in their successful invasion of Jerusalem (1099 AD). The first ruler (i.e. king) of Jerusalem was (supposed to be) Godfrey de Bouillon, who was said to be a descendant of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and it’s by that bit of information that we can identify Godfrey as from the dragon bloodline. But, of course, we can make the same identification by the fact that modern Freemasons/Illuminatists trace themselves to the Templars.

But more recently, starting in 1842, the Anglican Church united with the German Lutherans in a program to create a Jerusalem Bishopric, which the two churches shared…no doubt under the patronage of Illuminatists from both countries, for Rosicrucians played a large part in forming also the Lutherans (as they had formed the Anglicans). Rothschild involvement from both countries is highly suspect, therefore, in the Bishopric scheme.

As of now, early 2005, the Temple-furniture hoax is failing miserably because too many websites are writing in opposition to Ron Wyatt’s credibility. I remember when I first saw Wyatt on the news, proclaiming that he had found an alternative site to Noah’s Ark at the bottom of mount Ararat, recognizing him instantly as a fraud because I knew from the information in Genesis that the Ark had to be near the top of the mountain, high enough for Noah to have seen the tops of the Caucasus mountains. But the Ark-of-the-Covenant scam had occurred even previous to the Noah’s Ark scam, and yet I did not hear of it until late 2004.

The Anchor Stone website, operated by Wyatt’s confidant, Bill Fry, is itself selling Wyatt material online, and not only on the two Arks, but on Wyatt’s other “discoveries,” of the true locations of Sodom and Gomorrah, the Red-Sea crossing, and Mount Sinai. Certainly, Wyatt and Fry may be nothing more than thieves, not at all working for an Illuminati cause. And yet I wonder.

Let’s assume the latter scenario. Because Wyatt’s discoveries by 2005 were all rejected by most authorities, one would think that the Rosicrucians have also let go of the Wyatt plot in favor of another means to reveal the Ark and build the Temple. But details of the Wyatt attempt could help us to understand who’s behind the plot, and what comes next down the Temple-building pipe toward the 70th Week.

According to online reports (shared by both Bill Fry and Wyatt’s wife, Mary), Wyatt began excavations in 1979, but didn’t enter the cave holding the Ark until January of 1982…which was roughly the time that the Stanford team was gearing up for its Temple project — which occurred early in 1983 — to be followed by an attempted bombing of the Muslim Dome in January of 1984. It can therefore be hypothesized that the cave was stacked with the Temple furniture just prior to the date planned for the blowing up of the Muslim Dome, so that the “discovery” of the Ark could occur soon after in order to give world-wide impetus for the building of a Jewish Temple instead of a re-building of the Dome. A bombing in 1984 would, on paper anyway, allow enough time, prior to 1997-2000, to build the Temple.

According to Fry’s May-2000 online Update, Wyatt told him that 4 angels had appeared in the cave in “street clothes,” cautioning him not to reveal his discovery, at the pain of death, until the mark of the beast is enforced in the world. No other group associated with Wyatt had revealed this angel story, not even Wyatt’s wife (Mary) in her detailed online story of Wyatt’s discovery, suggesting that Fry was fabricating the story and therefore going forward with the fraud on his own. Wyatt had died (of colon cancer) a year previous to this Update so that it allowed Fry to make up the story.

But then we are to believe that Wyatt’s death was due to his not keeping the discovery secret, wherefore Fry himself now has a case, before the cries of his critics, for not revealing intricate details that would tend to discredit the discovery. Of course, everyone wants to know the location of the cave, but Fry’s not telling. The team at Wyatt Archaeological Research (WAR), which includes Wyatt’s wife, does not know the location of the cave, for they had performed unsuccessful digs at the site in efforts to find it.

Wyatt, just before his death, didn’t bother to appoint a replacement president for WAR, declining to do so for an off-the-wall reason, showing again that the organization was not privy to the plot. But he did give Fry a written letter stating that he, Fry, could use his photos, etc. for website promotion, etc, after his death. I would therefore suspect Fry, if there is any Illuminati-based plot taking place, to be an agent of the Illuminati. If so, it looks as though the initial post-2000 Illuminati Plan B was to bring out the commercial skincode before going ahead with the Temple rebuilding.

That gives me reason to caution serious believers, once again, not to wait until the Temple is built before having their tribulation retreats ready for self-sufficient living.

Perhaps the Illuminati now feels that the best time to build the Temple on the site of the Dome is when the opposition, led by Muslim terrorists, can no longer make purchases without being tracked down and caught. Under this scenario one can see that the West will essentially force Muslims to both use the skincode and to honor the Image of the Beast. Those Muslims who do not honor that Western system are without doubt going to include the terrorists, wherefore the False Prophet will have some of them killed, even as the U.S. is killing them at this very time.

There is evidence that the Fry angel-story is not completely without some basis in the real world, for if he were fully making it up, he wouldn’t have needed to include the street clothes of the angels. In fact, the story would have captured Christian imaginations better had the angels been radiating with light; that’s how most cultists describe their angelic visits, anyway.

Fry writes online that, on the day that Wyatt had seen the four angels, they had swept the cave clean of rocks and even positioned the Temple furniture for some video footage that Wyatt was supposed to take and reveal only after the skincode was enforced (Fry takes us for fools). The truth must be that the plotters swept the cave clean and positioned the furniture for the video footage, and, perhaps for the day that the world press is let into the cave. I wouldn’t be believing nor saying this, as it just seems highly ridiculous, if I didn’t believe that the Illuminati had set up the Hall of Records in just the same way, for press releases and to deceive the world unto their New-Millennium agenda.

If Fry was fabricating the story most-completely so that there wasn’t ever a cave nor even the Furniture — so that there was never any intent to allow cameras into the cave on the day of revelation — then he would not have needed to include the part where the angels had cleared the main tunnel i.e. the one supposedly used by the Jews 2600 years ago when storing the Furniture in the first place.

The angels in street clothes were said to keep guard over that tunnel and cave to this day, as they had been doing for 2600 years previous, but the truths that seem logical to me is that it’s cult agents who keep guard over the tunnel and cave, and that the tunnel was never in the first place blocked up with debris, as Wyatt had claimed, but the Furniture was planted, by the Illuminati, through that very tunnel. And while it appears to have been a part of the initial plan, while Wyatt was still alive, to allow reporters into the cave, it seems that Fry has canceled that part, because he included in his angel story a wall of the cave that shone miraculously with rainbow light.

It looks as though Fry himself took the video, after Wyatt’s death, and that he plans to reveal it at a future time while giving some excuse as to why reporters cannot enter the cave. Already, Fry has come out with a wild claim that the angels killed some Israelis who were in the act of entering the tunnel, and so it would not be difficult for him to add that, by a command of the angels, no one will be allowed entry into the cave.

Fry writes in a 2003 Update:

“We have seen recently, with some claimed Bible archeology discoveries (James Ossuary), that ancient artifacts can be faked and that people are very skeptical if the evidence of authenticity is not iron-clad. So how can the discovery of the Ark and tables of stones be authenticated? BY THE BLOOD!Clever men can make a fake ark and deceive people. They can make a fake set of commandment stones and pass them off as the real thing. But even with today’s technology men cannot make fake human blood. The blood found on the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant, tested in a forensic manner, will provide the authenticity needed to convince even the most skeptical BUT honest-hearted critic.”

Does that not sound as though Fry is absolutely convinced that the Illuminati is going to come forth, publicly, with the tests of the blood samples?

Now I beg to differ with Fry’s comments, for the Illuminati has for a long time been in the very business of cutting-edge (and very secretive) studies in DNA, and it could conceivably produce a unique blood type that can for various pre-deliberated reasons pass as the blood of God’s son. It would appear to be the case that have the ability to altar/manipulate human blood so that it comes out with only 24 chromosomes.

Wyatt is supported by the false prophets of the online Prophecy Club, some of whom lie down, ask God for dreams, and then explain those dreams to the public as messages from God. It is not hard to discern that this is a divination-like practice not unlike the practice of the so-called “sleeping prophet,” Edgar Cayce. Because the Prophecy Club promotes Christian militia in the United States, and anti-government propaganda, it’s not hard to tell where they are coming from. Consider this online article:

“Jailed Branch Davidian theologian, Livingstone Fagan, is believed by many to be the successor to David Koresh.During the siege, Koresh sent Fagan out of the compound on March 23rd with the mission to present the Message of the Seven Seals to the world through the media…He believes Koresh will be resurrected as a sign to the world by the end of 1996.

He holds a Masters of Theology from Newbold College in England, a Seventh-Day Adventist institution…

The Branch Davidian Seventh-Day Adventists are basically Millerites. They are historical and doctrinal descendants of the Seventh-Day Adventist and a break-off group of reformers, the Davidian Seventh-Day Adventists.”


The above website belongs to James Trimm, an Irishman who poses as a Jewish rabbi, and has been caught posing as a promoter of Mormon themes (see evidence at The Mormons, an Illuminati-based Apostolic movement, were formed (in America) at the same time as, and for certain reasons may have been associated with, Henry Drummond’s Catholic Apostolic Church.

The visible leader of the Mormons, Joseph Smith, told his very naive followers that people dressed like Quakers lived on the moon, a statement that coincides with my belief that Quakers were a Rosicrucian offshoot.

Smith taught that the American Indians were Jews of the lost ten tribes, and idea having affinity with British-Israelism. My research, as I have already mentioned, has convinced me fairly well that the gold-rich, eagle-worshiping Aztecs, and therefore some other native Indians, were a Gogi and Amazon/Meshech peoples i.e. of the dragon bloodline. It is very likely that the highest levels of the secret societies know to equate the Aztecs as part of their bloodline, for it is easy to connect them to the Meshech, and by that connection make a further link to the Gogi. As I said, the Aztecs were of the Meshica tribe, and named Mexica city after themselves, as well as Tex-Coco, that latter term looking like it has origins in “Tochar-Gogi” (the Tocharians of far-north Russia were almost certainly the Togarmites).

Mr. Smith must have had a wonderful time robbing old ladies of their homes, and fornicating with their teen-age granddaughters, until he was shot dead at an early age and soaked in Hell to think long and hard on what he had done. About one year prior to discovering his golden plates (i.e. the Book of Mormon), and the special glasses that translated into English the Egyptian hieroglyphs on those plates (can you see Rosicrucian marks here?), he was charged in a court of law (1826) for soaking families of their livelihood by promising to find them buried treasure, through the means of his divination expertise, which included the use of a stone crystal through which he would peep into a hat. At one point, Smith’s Mormon headquarters had a Freemasonic lodge on the top floor.

James Trimm, Joseph Smith, and Ron Wyatt are all fakes, clear and simple, and these sorts of Christian is what we should only expect when Illuminatists enter our folds. Now Wyatt was himself, like the Waco cult, a Seventh-Day Adventist. The Adventists consider other churches to be Babylon the Great and/or the anti-Christ. Some researchers argue quite logically that Adventists had, prior to William Miller’s rise, origins in the Catholic Apostolic Church.

The believers at the Apostolic cult included the first (of the modern era, anyway) wide-spread false-prophet movement of charismatics along the lines of those at Prophecy Club, not to mention that they, sometimes called “Irvingites,” produced the first pre-tribulationists. You see, by exposing the Catholic Apostolic cult (today the “New Apostolic Church”), pre-tribulationism itself becomes suspect as an Illuminati plot.

Britannica seems to verify the relationship between Irvingism and Adventism when it defines the latter as “a number of religious bodies a dominant element of whose doctrine is the imminent second coming of Christ.” I stress the word “imminent,” a term used by pre-tribulationists. Moreover, there were charismatic tendencies also in Adventism, while initial Pentecostalism-proper, as per its leaders at the turn of the 20th century, derived from both an occult segment of Adventism and mainline Irvingism.

If you are a charismatic, and pride yourself for it, you’d really have to be a ninny to deny that a false Holy Spirit movement has presented itself in charismatic circles, and so please don’t frown on me for pointing it out. I was at first an arm-raising attendant of charismatic churches, until I saw this reality.

Wyatt was probably attempting to bring to pass the prophecies of the 19th-century Adventist, Ellen White:

“Many Seventh-day Adventists are especially interested in finding the ark [of the covenant] because they see in its recovery the fulfilling of one of Ellen White’s prophecies…

‘The precious record of the law was placed in the ark of the testament and is still there, safely hidden from the human family. But in God’s appointed time He will bring forth these tables of stone to be a testimony to all the world…The tables of stone are hidden by God, to be produced in the great judgment-day…’”


White, a false prophetess, sounds here much like Edgar Cacye and his Hall-of-Record prophecy. It is known that she copied her husband’s book after his death, which had in turn been plagiarized from the writings of J.N. Andrews, an Adventist missionary. That’s not the worst of it, for she then claimed that the main features of her writings were a direct revelation from God, and these then went on to become core beliefs in her Adventist movement. Therefore, she was a wolf in sheep’s clothing, not merely a sincere-but-mistaken false prophetess.

Now it just so happens that when Wyatt found the Ark of the Covenant, he claimed that the Stone Tablets of Moses were in the same cave, and you have seen in this chapter that the Tablets are to be revealed (by Bill Fry and his people) in relation to Judgment Day. And that’s why it’s possible that Wyatt was connected to White’s Seventh-Day Adventism.

Remember, Wyatt is supported by the Prophecy Club, which is known to emphasize Christian militia groups not unlike the Seventh-Day-Adventist Waco cult. David Koresh (its leader) claimed that he was able to open the seven Seals of Revelation — even though Revelation itself says that the Seals could not be opened by anyone, except Jesus — and in other ways Koresh portrayed himself as a second Jesus Christ, as for example when he taught that YHWH’s last name was “Koresh.” What a joke if not for the sad fact that so many people took him seriously enough to die for him.

While I can’t yet say whether Wyatt was in any way related by blood to Ellen White’s Adventist leadership, nor whether she was connected to the dragon bloodline, what I can hypothesize very tentatively is that “Wyatt” might be a version of “White,” and moreover by some chance “White” may originate in Aryanism. Now Ellen’s maiden name was “Harmon,” and by some heart-stopping chance that bloodline may have produced Willis Harmon, a leader at Stanford University of an Illuminati conspiracy (i.e. the “Aquarian Conspiracy”)…that I have already mentioned but will mention again soon.

We know that Ellen White wrote a book, “Spiritual Gifts,” and that such a topic, not to mention female prophets, had origins in the Henry-Drummond cult. We know that the Drummond cult placed emphasis on end-time Israel, not only in the form of activist Zionism, but in Dispensationalism as a tool for that activism. We know that the Rothschilds were the likely sources of Zionism in the days of Henry Drummond (early 1800s), and that the Rothschild Illuminati in England was a Rosicrucian species from Germany. But my personal discovery is that the family of Henry Drummond, in England, was working closely with the first Rothschild, Mayer, from Germany. What does that spell to you?

We know that there were significant levels of pyramidology in British Israelism, attesting once again to the Rosicrucian colors of the cult. We know that Charles Totten, an Adventist, was a pyramidologist from whom some of the early Pentecostals proper would stem. But we also know that yet another cult, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, would stem from the Adventists, and that they too would have as their founder a serious dabbler in pyramidology.

We should not be surprised that British Israelism came on strong in the 19th century because the Rothschild family (Jews) was in Britain from 1799 onward. But we should also take note that the distinguishing feature of the Seventh-Day Adventists, in comparison to other Adventist groups, was that they heeded the Sabbath on Saturday (which I think is a wonderful idea but not to be enforced on others), but beginning on Friday evening…just like the Jews! In all these things, it’s not hard to see a merging of Christianity and Jewishness with the Rosicrucian Illuminati acting as the glue.

Ellen White’s prophecy, concerning the discovery of the Ark in relation to the return of Jesus, may have been inspired by the dragon bloodline because, in her days, Charles Russell arose from the Adventist camp, he being the said pyramidologist who founded the JWs, and almost-certainly an Illuminatist in his seeking to move Christians away from the Deity of Christ and into Rothschild Zionism. Interestingly, he and his JW following are often called “Arians,” after Arius (the man who in the 4th century taught that Jesus was a mere creation of God, not God in the flesh). While this is not just reason for connecting Russell to Aryans, it’s curious that Arius was a Berber, this latter term defined as a North-African Amazon! That is, Arius was in fact descended from Aryans of the dragon bloodline. It comes as no surprise, then, that the author of The Da Vinci Code (Dan Brown) effectively supports the Arian brand of Christianity when in his book he attacks the Council of Nicea (325 AD), the religious gathering that subdued Arianism. The early Adventists were likewise Arians:

“While the Seventh day Adventist Church today espouses the doctrine of the Trinity, this has not always been so. The evidence from a study of Adventist history indicates that from the earliest years of our church to the 1890′s a whole stream of writers took an Arian or semi Arian position.”(

It could seem as though the Rosicrucians stopped infiltrating the Adventists around 1890 in favor of infiltrating Russell’s cult. This is especially convincing if it’s true, as some say, not only that Russell was an Illuminatist, but that a Russell branch is today one of the top 13 Illuminati families.

Russell set 1874 as the date for Christ’s return, and added that the Kingdom of God, and Armageddon, would not arrive until 1914 (i.e. 40 years later). Compare that to what Britannica has to say of the proto-Seventh-Day Adventists after their 1843/44 date for the Return proved to be wrong:

“Seventh-day Adventism [prior to 1860] began with the belief that the prophetic date was correct but that the event foretold was not the Second Advent but the opening of an investigative judgment in heaven, which would terminate in the coming of Christ to execute judgment on all.”
(see “Adventism”)

In 1914, right on Russell’s predicted date for Armageddon, the Rothschild’s started World War I in an effort to secure a world government, with the military capture of Israel occurring in 1917.

Aside from the Prophecy Club, a conspicuous supporter of Ron Wyatt is Michael Rood. That surname is interesting because it is similar to “Rhodes,” a key location through which the dragon line snaked in the ancient Greek theater. James Trimm (may not be his real name), who is supported by Michael Rood, and vice versa, wrote that the Waco-cult leaders “also regard the works and teachings of Ellen G. White, Victor Houteff, Ben Roden, Lois Roden, and David Koresh to be inspired prophecy.” Italics mine.

The successor to Charles Russell was Judge Rutherford, while “Ruth” is a variation of “Rus,” as per “Ruthene/Rusyn” in describing the same peoples. The Ruthene were a Russian peoples and were also called “Rodez,” but lived at Rosellon, France. At Roslin, Scotland, a king of Scotland (David I) built Holy-Rood House for his mother (queen Margaret); she had previously been in the company of the Ruthene of Kiev, a peoples who had inter-married with the Varangian Rus to become the modern Russians of Moscow.

Those Russians, moreover, had been in league with the ruler-to-be of Hungary (Andrew I) who as king gave birth to the Drummond clan that brought forth Henry Drummond of pre-tribulation fame. In fact, Margaret, while yet a princess, had lived in the company, and under the protection, of that king of Hungary.

Earlier, the Ruthene peoples of France became the Varangian Rus in the first place, who in Sweden were called Rodskarlar peoples, named after “rud’r,” a very near match to “Rutherford.”

Of course, the “Rothschild” and (Cecil) “Rhodes” names also come to mind, and it is a little curious that “Cecil” could, like “Cecrops,” be rooted in “Gog.”

And so a look at Michael Rood and his circle of friends wouldn’t hurt. At Lambert Dolphin’s “Brief History” page (below), you see him sitting in a pagan temple at his computer, with a common striated sun (god) at the apex of a pyramid in the background…only, in this case, a sharp-peaked mountain substitutes for a pyramid. At this site we learn that Dolphin attended the Peninsula Bible Church, where also fellow hippie Ted Wise, attended. He and Ted were in India in 1981, amid Dolphins excursions to Egypt and just prior to his secret work at the Jerusalem-Temple site. (

Now Ted had come out of heavy-drug use into the “Jesus movement,” and like so many others took on the illusion that God wanted him to be an instant model leader in the Church. Some converts can’t tolerate being students before being teachers, and must have influential, leadership positions, or bust. But while such limelight zeal eventually succumbs to better wisdom, it at first creates disastrous spiritual conditions and often results in cults. Ted felt inspired by his new-found life to initiate the “Living Room” evangelical outreach that was a contradiction to the typical church setting. Sitting on a church pew while being considerate, attentive, mature, and feeling sullen about private sins was considered “dead” to the hippie converts. They wanted what kids want: action, vibrancy, and a good feel.

Fine. Wonderful. But there were other things that showed they to be the dead ones. Now-famous New York street preacher, David Wilkerson, attended the Living Room and was gravely disappointed at “the continued use of drugs, profane language, and stubborn embrace of countercultural ideology…I had a shocking conversation with four psychedelic ministers. They told me they ‘dropped acid’ (took LSD) before they undertook Bible study”

The hippie group that Wise sprang out from, the Way International, was a JW-like cult led by Paul Wierwille, who, as per the Arians, didn’t view either Jesus or the Holy Spirit as God…and moreover taught that adultery and fornication, which he was practicing, was just fine so long as we don’t allow a guilt trip to set in. Christian women were to bless the men of God with sex. Now there was a test of godliness; I wonder how many failed the Lord? Wierwille opposed Sunday worship.

Ted Wise left Way International for Peninsula Bible Church, where he sacrificed his tongues, and from all appearances upon his website today, turned out sound in Biblical doctrine. Others who considered themselves God’s chosen leaders to fix the “dead” churches, who likewise left the Way International, were Lonnie Frisbee and Chuck Smith. Both came to lead Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, where Chuck Missler partook. Frisbee broke away from Smith (1971) for a more extreme charismatic movement; Smith was quite sound in his charismatic beliefs, emphasizing love as the greatest manifestation of the Holy Spirit, while opposing “charismania.” He founded Maranatha Music and his church organization grew massively into multiple hundreds of churches.

Ken Gulliksen also broke away from Smith (1973) and formed the well known “Vineyard” charismatic churches which would become a Latter-Rain sect, and in turn give birth to Millennial/Utopian groups that have brought forth, and worked in co-operation with, false prophets of the Prophecy Club kind. I’ll expound a little on the Vineyard movement in later chapters, and ask if it and similar mystic groups weren’t Illuminati plants.

The point here being that Michael Rood was a leader in the Way International (evidence at!! And, no surprise, he is supported by the Prophecy Club. He has been airing his “Christian” program on the Sky Angel satellite system, and for a couple of years had been predicting that the start of Daniel’s 70th Week would begin in 2000. The totality of these things, and more, make it possible that he is Illuminatist material.

But his claiming to be a Levite may suggest that he has been appointed, by his superiors, a role to play in the Temple system. While he’s not Jewish, he calls himself “rabbi,” and promotes a Hebrew-Roots, Christian movement. The Seek-God website provides much information on Rood; at one page concerning his “corrected” Hebrew calendar, we can discover that “The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Florida” consider the year 2001 as the 6001th year from Creation. And that’s why the year 2000 has been so important to Freemasons, for they have been conditioned by Illuminatists to believe that God will start the new Millennium through them on that year 6000.

Michael Rood claims not to be a Freemason, and yet in his new Hebrew calendar, the year 2000 is the year 6000!!

His partner in creating the “corrected” calendar is Robert Wadsworth, who, while involved with Way Intermnational, “first came across the book ‘The Witness of the Stars’ by E.W. Bullinger, which spurred my interest in Biblical Astronomy.”

“Biblical astrology” is much closer to the truth. These men, then, get their prophetic information from the Zodiac! But it gets worse. For example, the website goes on to reveal that Wadsworth said: “My good friend and colleague Pyramidologist Ralph Lyman states that the Pyramid gives a timeline for the Great Tribulation beginning in the Spring of 2001 and ending in the Fall of 2004.” Charles Russell did the same: he used the Great Pyramid to discover 1914!

Bullinger, either a very stupid man, or a clever occultist, equated the constellation of Centuarus with Jesus and the Crucifixion, whereas in Greek myth the Centaurs were offspring of Ares and therefore of the dragon bloodline. Bullinger wrote that the Chaldaic name of Centaurus was “Bezeh,” and something tells me that this term refers to the ancient Buzi/Bese branch of the Medes, whom I had already identified (tentatively) as the progenitors of certain Hungarians and Scandinavians. “Buzi” was said, on one website, to mean “buzzard/hawk,” and an eagle certainly qualifies. But “Buda,” the capital city of Hungary (now Budapest), seems named after the Buzi…since a “z” modifies to a “d”. But the Buddha also comes to mind, as the (east) Indians were also a branch of Aryans from Media/Iran…which is why the Aryans are now called by a nicer term, “Indo-Europeans.”

The mother of the Centaurs (Nephele) was also the mother of Phryxus, the latter depicting the Golden-Fleece bloodline. Phryxus depicted the Phrygians, also depicted, I have no doubt, by Odin’s wife, Frigg. It is also my personal theory that Odin — or “Woten” — was an eponym for the Budini peoples, for “Budini” modifies to “Vudini” and then to “Wudini.” I have yet to research to find evidence for my suspicion that the Budini stemmed from the Buzi. In any case, this constellation that Bullinger equated with Jesus was a half man, half horse Greek creature that depicted Scythians in Greece, of that there is little doubt. You will note that Cheiron/Chiron, yet another name of the Centaurus constellation, was in mythology a prominent “figure” (i.e. peoples) involved with Jason of the Golden Fleece.

Of course Bullinger equates the constellation of Virgo with the mother of Jesus, even though the Greeks did not so much as know Mary when they named it. But Bullinger says that the Greeks were “ignorant of the Divine origin and teaching of the [constellation]” What a stupid man. Or else a clever Satanist. He was an early pioneer for the dispensationalist movement but associated with the non-charismatic kind i.e. the Plymouth Brethren from whom came forth John Darby and his cult…still with us today as the Exclusive Brethren.”

Because Michael Rood supports Ron Wyatt’s “discoveries,” we must wonder if he had meant Wyatt’s Ark of the Covenant when he, Rood, predicted that the Ark would be revealed in 2000. Rood went from city to city in the first year after the 2000 date failed, speaking on yet a soon-coming fulfillment, wherefore he was either a fool asking for further punishment, or he was being paid/controlled to get out a message on behalf of others. He is still talking today (2005) about rebuilding the Temple, but there is nothing on his website warning of any particular date for the Advent.

I have read that the founder of Way International denied the Holocaust, which if true suggests that he was of the anti-Zionist Aryans. It would also explain why many broke off from his cult, if they happened to be pro-Zionist Aryans.

The count for the Seventh day

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Before I demonstrate the days in creation it will help to know the scriptural definition of a day and what makes up a scriptural day. We must understand the Hebrew mindset and the definition of day, which is called YOM in Hebrew and simply means a space of time. We have examples in Scripture where a,

A Year

A Month

A Week,

A Day

is all called a Day/Yom.

Therefore the Hebrew definition for Day/Yom is a space of time ;

It depends on how DAY/YOM is used or understood in the Scriptures as to what it is speaking of. The question is, how many spaces of time or YOMS, where there at creation before the Almighty rested on the seventh day?

The count for the Seventh day rest began AFTER heaven and Earth was created which began on the first work day of the week that he worked on his creation and when he rested the seventh day, there was still a creation day that was not counted in the six working days that he worked on his creation.

I believe they understood that there was a space of time when heaven and Earth was created, separate from the six workdays. I believe there were eight spaces of time/yoms or eight sequences of events in creation. The first event was Heaven and Earth was created and then worked on for six days. The creation of Heaven and Earth is not counted in with the six working days. This is a total of seven separate events or space of time/yoms. The Almighty rested the Seventh day after working on his creation for six days but it was the Eighth DAY event counting from the beginning. We believe He rested on the Seventh day of the week but it was the eighth day or space of time of the month, i.e. heaven and Earth was created on what later began to be called new moon day, then worked on his creation for six days, and then rested the Seventh day.

Moses was also commanded to rear up the tabernacle on the new moon day [SEE EXODUS 40-1] which was followed by six working days which ended with a holy convocation on the Seventh day of the week which was on the Eighth Day of the month, same as in creation. THE TABERNACLE  was finished  on the new moon one year later.[see exodus 40-17]

This was what was shown to Moses in the Mount. Moses would have written the book of Genesis later on after this was shown to him in the Mount. see my discussion on this with brother Chuck.

The Almighty teaches that there are three category,s of days/yoms in Ezekiel 46:1 He teaches that they are NEW MOONS days/yoms He teaches there are six working days/yoms and he teaches there are Sabbath days/yoms. In other words the six working days comes after the new moons and Sabbaths. The last Sabbath worship day at the end of each month will be followed by a new moon worship day causing TWO back to back worship days in a row in which the gates will remain open, BEFORE the first day of the six working days begins, when the gates are to be shut, according to Ezekiel 46:1. This is simple deductive reasoning.

I believe the same example applies to creation. You have a space of time/yom when heaven and Earth was created before it was worked on for six days/yoms. The space of time when heaven and Earth was created is simply referred to as IN THE BEGINNING and it was not counted as one of the six working days.

There were no evening and mornings or night and days during this space of time. There was only Darkness at creation and there was no scriptural night and no scriptural light because that did not come until the first work day when he said let there be light. The reason I say there was no scriptural night is because the Hebrew definition for night is the twisting away of the light which produces evening/night.

Everything before this was simply referred to as Darkness but when he said let there be light and divided the light from the darkness, and called the light Day and the darkness He called NIGHT or twisting away of the light, this produced the first evening and morning of the six workdays but there were still a space of time before these six workdays. Everything that happened before the light and it’s division is simply referred to as the BEGINNING when heaven and Earth was created in the darkness. There was no NIGHT because there was no twisting away of the light. I realize that night as we know it, has darkness, but that is not the same as the darkness that was on the face of the deep before he said let there be light because that darkness was so dark that it would be absolutely impossible for anyone but him to see anything.

The night that was produced by the twisting away of the light produced a darkness that you can still see in because of the stars etc, which were not lit up during the first darkness. The light that was divided from the first darkness that was here when he created heaven and earth, produced evening and morning of the first day of the six workdays spoken of by Ezekiel.

That darkness or space of time represented the new moon day which is not counted when counting the six working days. The space of time/yom that was here before the six workdays would cause the moon to beacon A 8 day phase on the seventh day of the week in creation. The Seventh day of the week would actually be theEighth day of the month or space of time and there would be six workdays between the weekly seventh day and the day that heaven and Earth was created, same as it is today. After the first month in creation, this space of time was later called a new moon day which came before the six workdays and the new moon day commemorates creation each and every month and the Sabbath commemorates His rest after working on his creation the six workdays. Remember in Ezekiel 46:1, the Almighty NEVER counted the new moons and S abbaths as any of the six working days. They were SEPARATE from each other, i.e. you have the New Moon WORSHIP DAY, the six working days, and then the Sabbath WORSHIP DAY which makes up the scriptural lunar week with a lunar Seventh day at the end and I believe this is what happened at creation. The beginning day/space of time/new moon was not counted in with the six working days same as in Ezekiel 46, neither was it counted when the Sabbath was made known to Moses and the children of Israel in Exodus 16.

THIS IS simply staying with the Hebrew definition of night which gives us an understanding of what happened. The Hebrew definition of night is as follows;

Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary
3915. layil
lyl layil lah’-yil
or (Isa. 21:11) leyl {lale}; also laylah {lah’- yel-aw}; from the same as 3883; properly, a twist (away of the light), i.e. night; figuratively, adversity:–((mid-))night (season).
See Hebrew 3883

There was no night/twisting away of the light until he said let there be light and divided it from the darkness. This SECOND space of time/yom produced the FIRST evening and morning of the week.

There are several ways in which you can put the Seventh day rest in creation on an 8 day phase of the moon but I believe it was like this. I believe heaven and Earth was created in the first space of time/yom before it was worked on for six days.

I believe that the Sun and moon was a part of the heavens in the day that they were created but it does not say what position the Sun was in when he said let there be light but I believe the light came on just below the horizon in the West and then you had 12 hours of evening and the sun came up in the East and you had 12 hours of morning, a total of 24 hours. Most people agree there was a space of time in creation before he said let there be light. Some think it was 1000 years others millions of years and others believed there was 12 hours. At any rate there was a yom/space of time before the six workdays began.

From the above the creation calendar would look like this,

The FIRST space of time/yom would be in the BEGINNING when heaven and Earth was created.

The SECOND space of time/yom would be the FIRST day of the six working days when he said let there be light and divided it etc.

The THIRD space of time/yom came to be on the SECOND day of the week.

The FORTH space of time/yom would be the THIRD working day.

The FIFTH space of time/yom would be the FOURTH working day.

The SIXTH space of time/yom would be the FIFTH working day.

The SEVENTH space of time/yom would be the SIXTH working day.

The EIGHT space of time/yom would be the SEVENTH/yom Sabbath, after working on his creation for six days. The emphasis is on the creation, then six workdays, then the Sabbath day rest.

After the Sabbath was observed on the eight space of time/yom or eighth day of the month the serpent approached Adam and Eve on the NINTH day of the month and they transgressed that same day and in the evening or cool of the same 9th day they hid themselves and the Almighty made them coats of skin on the 10thday in creation when the 9th day ended at evening. This commemorates the Day of Atonement when the Almighty Atoned for Adam and Eves sins and is to be observed on the 10th day beginning from the 9th day at evening.

Brother Arnold

Brother Arnold

SoldIiers Ranson

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by Bertrand L. Comparet

Taken From Your Heritage

Prepared into a PDF file by:

Clifton A. Emahiser’s Teaching Ministries

Plus Critical Notes

Those entering the military service, and their families, naturally are worried over

the dangers to be faced in battle. They should know that Yahweh has provided the

defense against such dangers. The directions to receive His protection are in the Bible.

There is no pacifism in the Bible, because Yahweh has destined us to impose

His will upon the world, a process which often requires war when wicked nations seek

to blot out righteousness. In Jeremiah 51:20 Yahweh says to our nation, “ Thou art My

battle axe and weapons of war: for with thee will I break in pieces the nations, and with

thee will I destroy kingdoms.”

No matter how the self proclaimed intellectuals may scorn this duty, it is our

inescapable destiny. We can do our part willingly, in complete reliance on Yahweh’s

protection, and we shall prosper. Or, we can be driven to it unwillingly, like slaves under

the lash, and accomplish our purpose at frightful cost, it is our destiny and perform it we


Recent efforts to abolish the draft, and establish a mercenary army of

professional volunteers, is bad. The Bible never gave its approval for mercenary

professional armies. For us, Yahweh’s plan was universal registration and

conscription, we find this law in Numbers 1:1-3 & 26:1-2. “ And Yahweh spoke unto

Moses in the wilderness of Sinai saying, Take ye the sum of all the congregation of the

children of Israel, by the house of their fathers, with the number of their names, every

male; from twenty years old and upward, all that are able to go forth to war in Israel;

thou and Aaron shall number them by their armies.”

Note this military service began at age twenty, none were exposed to the

hardships of war while they were immature boys. Exemptions from military service were

few, and for one year only, these rules are found in Deuteronomy 20:5-9 & 45:5. One

who had built a new house but had not occupied it yet, or who had planted a new

vineyard but hadn’t received a crop from it, and one who was engaged to be married,

or had been married less than one year, these received one year’s exemption from

military service.

Military service was a moral duty of the Israelites. When the people of Israel

were entering into the promised land, the tribes of Reuben, Gad and half the tribe of

Manasseh chose their inheritance in the lands east of the Jordan river. All the rest of

the nation had to cross over the Jordan river and conquer the lands to the west of it.

When it seemed possible that Reuben and Gad might want to stay in their lands while

the other tribes had to continue the war without them, Moses sternly warned them, as it

is recorded in Numbers 32:6-23.

Page 2

“ And Moses said unto the children of Gad and to the children of Reuben, Shall

your brothers go to war, and shall ye sit here? If ye will go armed before Yahweh to war,

and will go all of you armed over Jordan before Yahweh, until He hath driven out His

enemies from before Him, and the land be subdued before Yahweh; then afterward ye

shall return, and be guiltless before Yahweh and before Israel; and this land shall be

your possession before Yahweh. But if ye will not do so, behold, ye have sinned against

Yahweh: and be sure your sin will find you out.”

Registration for conscription was a religious duty in times of national danger,

however it wasn’t to be enforced only so the king could know how big his army was,

merely for his own pride. King David ordered a registration out of his own vanity, when

there was no need for it, this was a sin on his part. However, the punishment fell on the

whole nation because they obeyed the king when he commanded them to do what was

sinful. This is told in detail in II Samuel chapter 24. Yahweh’s way to raise a

conscription citizen’s army, and to give them protection amid the dangers of war, is

stated in Exodus 30:12-16. “When thou takest the sum of the children of Israel after

their number, then shall they give every man a ransom for his soul unto Yahweh

This they shall give, every one that passeth among them that are numbered, half a

skekel …. an half shekel shall be the offering of Yahweh. Every one that passeth among

them that are numbered, from twenty years old and above, shall give an offering unto

Yahweh. The rich shall not give more, and the poor shall not give less than half a

shekel, when they give an offering unto Yahweh, to make an atonement for your souls.

And thou shalt take the atonement money of the children of Israel, and shall appoint it

for the service of the tabernacle of the congregation; that it may be a memorial unto the

children of Israel before Yahweh, to make an atonement for your souls.”

The half shekel of the soldier’s ransom was worth 33 cents in our money, so it

was no burden on the poor. The rich weren’t to make a display of their wealth, to

embarrass the poor by giving more. The importance of the act was that it was a

declaration of faith in Yahweh, looking to Him for protection. Those who truly trust in

Him, He doesn’t fail.

Yahweh’s promise of protection is clear and strong. It is set forth most

beautifully in Psalms 91:1-11. “ He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High

shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of Yahweh, He is my refuge and

my fortress: my God: in him will I trust. Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the

fowler, and from the noisome pestilence. He shall cover thee with His feathers, and

under His wings shalt thou trust: His truth shall be thy shield and buckler. Thou shalt not

be afraid for the terror by night, nor the arrow that flieth by day; nor for the pestilence

that walketh in darkness, nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday. A thousand

shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand: but it shall not come nigh thee.

Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked. Because thou

hast made Yahweh, which is my refuge, even the Most High, thy habitation: there shall

no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling. For he shall give His

angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.”

The Bible records that those who did offer the soldier’s ransom, in reliance upon

Yahweh’s instructions, did receive His protection in battle. In Numbers chapter 31 it is

recorded that an Israelite army of 12,000 men was sent against the Midianites. They

annihilated the Midianite armies and burnt the Midianite cities, quite a devastating war.

Upon the return of the Israelite army we read, “ And the officers which were over the

thousands of the host, the captains of thousands and the captains of hundreds, came

near unto Moses: and they said unto Moses, Thy servants have taken the sum of the

men of war which are under our charge, and there lacketh not one man of us.”

If you are thinking Yahweh was able to protect His soldiers against swords,

spears and arrows in ancient times, but wondering if He has the power to protect them

against the terrible modern weapons, such as atom bombs, I tell you to have no doubts.

He who created atoms is still their master, still able to give protection where needed. In

Isaiah 54:17 we have His promise. “ No weapon that is formed against thee shall

prosper: and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn.

This is the heritage of the servants of Yahweh, and their righteousness is of Me,

saith Yahweh.”

War on a scale never before seen, must come in the near future, it is part of the

battle of Armageddon and the great and terrible day of Yahweh. There is no escaping it,

for it has been prophesied by Yahweh. When it comes, we must take our part in it.

Yahweh has never required us to enter battle without offering protection to those who

are loyal to Him and who claim His protection in sturdy faith.

For those who are drafted into the armed forces, they or their families should

seek their protection by offering the soldier’s ransom. We have heard many reports of

families who have done this, and their sons have returned safely from combat. You

should also profit by their example.

Take Yahweh at His word. Obey His instructions to offer the soldier’s ransom.

Have faith and you will see the demonstration of Yahweh’s power.

Yahweh’s calendar was IT solar or lunar .?

Created by pastorbuddy on 4/1/2009
Subject: Yahweh’s calendar was solar based or lunar based.
NOTE: This article was originally written (8-12-04) for an Internet discussion on whether

Yahweh’s calendar was solar based or lunar based. It rebuts those of a strictly solar

Calendar persuasion. I have placed this essay into article form for your consideration

And hope it is beneficial to you.

There are extremes on both sides of the calendar issue. Some people opt for a total solar calendar,

While others opt for a total lunar calendar. If we choose to love Yahweh’s word more than our preconceived

Biases and prejudices we are forced to believe that the Scriptures speak of a calendar

Consisting of the sun, moon, and stars. Here are 7 proofs to back up this claim.


In Genesis 1:14-16 we are told that Yahweh made two great lights. We are not told specifically what

These two great lights are in the Genesis passage, but we do know that the stars are mentioned

(Genesis 1:16). The understanding of the two great lights is seen by examining additional passages in


Jeremiah 31:35-36 “Thus saith Yahweh, which giveth the sun for a light by day,

And the ordinances of the moon and of the stars for a light by night, which

Divideth the sea when the waves thereof roar; Yahweh of hosts is his name: If those

Ordinances depart from before me, saith Yahweh, then the seed of Israel also shall

Cease from being a nation before me for ever.”

Psalms 136:7-9 “To him that made great lights: for his mercy endureth for ever: The

Sun to rule by day: for his mercy endureth for ever: The moon and stars to rule by

Night: for his mercy endureth for ever.”

We thus see through the witness of Scripture that the lights mentioned in Genesis 1:14-16 are

The sun and the moon (and even the stars). Not just the sun, and not just the moon, but both.

Therefore it is both the sun and the moon that is to “…be for signs, seasons, days, and years…”

Both are used in determining the Scriptural calendar. A calendar that does not use one or the other

Is a purely man-made calendar. For someone to go by such a man-made calendar is vain worship

(Matthew 15:9).


The word translated month (most commonly) in the Old Testament is the Hebrew word chodesh.

This word is defined by Hebrew Lexicons as follows:

Yahweh’s Calendar… Solar or Lunar? 2

Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance: “H2320 / chodesh / kho’-desh From H2318; the

New moon; by implication a month:—month (-ly), new moon.”

Brown, Drivers, Briggs: “chodesh 1) the new moon, month, monthly 1a) the first

Day of the month 1b) the lunar month”

What this shows is that when the Scriptures speak of a certain day of the month they are

Speaking of a specific day of the moon. This is further seen by noticing a couple of other passages in


1 Kings 8:2 “And all the men of Israel assembled themselves unto king Solomon at

The feast in the monthH3391 Ethanim, which is the seventh monthH2320.”

1 Kings 6:38 “And in the eleventh year, in the monthH3391 Bul, which is the eighth

MonthH2320, was the house finished throughout all the parts thereof…”

Notice that in both of these scriptures the word chodesh (#2320) is used interchangeably with

#3391. What is #3391? Brown, Drivers, Briggs Hebrew lexicon defines it as, “…1) month (lunar

Cycle), moon 1a) month 1b) calendar month…” This word in the Hebrew is yerach and is the exact same

Word translated moon in both Deuteronomy 33:14 and Isaiah 60:20. This further confirms the use

Of the moon in Yahweh’s calendar.


Further proof that the moon was used in counting days on Yahweh’s calendar is found in Psalm

81:3. This passage reads as follows in the 1901 American Standard Version of the Bible.

Blow the trumpet at the new moon, At the full moon, on our feast-day. For it is a

Statute for Israel, An ordinance of the God of Jacob. He appointed it in Joseph for a

Testimony, When he went out over the land of Egypt, Where I heard a language that

I knew not. I removed his shoulder from the burden: His hands were freed

From the basket.

This passage shows that the full moon was a feast day in ancient Israel. The word full moon in

The Hebrew is defined by Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance as:

H3677 “kese keseh / keh’-she, keh’-she / Apparently from H3680; properly

Fulness or the full moon, that is, its festival:—(time) appointed.”

We know this festival is speaking specifically of the Feast of Unleavened Bread and the Feast of

Tabernacles which both begin on the 15th day of the moon, i.e. the full moon. This is seen by

noticing Psalm 81:6 mentioning the removing of the burdens and baskets. When was Israel delivered

from Egypt? Numbers 33:3 states that it was on the 15th day of the month/moon. Therefore Israel

was delivered on the 15th day of the moon, or as Psalm 81:3 states the full moon festival. This clearly

shows that the moon was used in numbering days on Yahweh’s calendar.


It is very easy to show that ancient Israel had a festival on the first day of the scriptural month, and

this festival was known as the new moon festival. Some passages which show this new moon as a

festival are as follows:

3 Yahweh’s Calendar… Solar or Lunar?

Ezekiel 46:1 “Thus saith the Master Yahweh; The gate of the inner court that

looketh toward the east shall be shut the six working days; but on the sabbath it

shall be opened, and in the day of the new moon it shall be opened.”

Isaiah 66:23 “And it shall come to pass, that from one new moon to another, and

from one sabbath to another, shall all flesh come to worship before me, saith


Amos 8:4-5 “Hear this, O ye that swallow up the needy, even to make the poor of

the land to fail, Saying, When will the new moon be gone, that we may sell corn?

and the sabbath, that we may set forth wheat, making the ephah small, and the

shekel great, and falsifying the balances by deceit?”

2 Kings 4:23 “And he said, Wherefore wilt thou go to him to day? it is neither new

moon, nor sabbath. And she said, It shall be well.”

These passages are meaningless if one attempts to say new moon simply means a month. These

passages are to be understood as meaning that there was a special festival in ancient Israel on the first

day of the lunation or moon.


Along with this reasoning let’s notice a verse in the New Testament which concerns itself with the

festival of the new moon; Colossians 2:16.

“Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or

of the new moon, or of the sabbath days:”

The underlying Greek text for the word new moon in this passage is the word noumenia defined

by Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance as, “…noumeônia / noo-may-nee’-ah / Feminine of a compound

of G3501 and G3376 (as noun by implication of G2250); the festival of new moon:—new

moon.” The word noumenia is used in the ancient Septuagint translation of the Scriptures in such

passages as Numbers 10:10 and 1 Samuel 20:5 in reference to the new moon festival.

It is because of this overwhelming evidence that scholarly sources as Ungers Bible Dictionary state

the following:

It is evident from the writing of the prophets and from post Exilian documents that

the New Moon was an important national festival. It was often called a feast along

with the Sabbath (Psalm 81:3; Isaiah 1:13; Ezekiel 46:1; Hosea 2:11) on which all

business ceased (Amos 8:5), the pious Israelites waited on the prophets for

edification (2 Kings 4:23), many families and clans presented their annual thank

offerings (1 Samuel 20:6, 29), social gatherings and feasting were indulged in (1

Samuel 20:5, 24). (UBD, under heading Festivals, pg. 352)


We must also notice the heavenly phenomena of the cycle of the moon. The moon cycles in

approximate seven day intervals (7.3) after the new moon festival. This brings one to a half moon,

full moon, half moon, and then last sliver before the new moon festival arrives again.

In Ezekiel 46:1 we find that the new moon and the sabbath were not considered to be part of

the six working days. This means that after the new moon, the six working days commenced,

bringing you to the sabbath on the eighth day of any given month. The sabbaths follow to be the 8th,

15th, 22nd, and 29th days of the lunar months. These days were revealed to Moses in Exodus 16 when

Yahweh’s Calendar… Solar or Lunar? 4

Yahweh spoke on the 15th day of the 2nd month/moon. Israel began to receive manna on the

morning after the 15th (16th) for six consecutive days (Exodus 16:4-5,13). This brings them to the

seventh day sabbath which was on the 22nd day of the moon. The same sequence is mapped out in

the week of Messiah’s impalement. Messiah was impaled on the 14th day of the moon, with the 15th

being the weekly/annual sabbath, and the 16th being the first day of the week as well as the day of the

annual first-fruit offering. There is much more to say concerning this, but this proves that the moon

was involved in reckoning ancient scriptural weeks.

Let me briefly mention a lunar-based sabbath in regard to beginning the count to the feast of

Pentecost. The priesthood was to lift up the sheaf of the first-fruits to begin the count to Pentecost

of the day after the sabbath (Leviticus 23:11). However the ancient Septuagint translation (250 B.C.)

shows that the sheaf was to be waved on the day after the first day of the feast of unleavened bread

(Leviticus 23:6,7,11 – LXX) This shows that the first day of the feast was the sabbath each and

every year on Yahweh’s calendar. Thus we have the first month with a fixed sabbath on the 15th day,

and Yahweh revealed the weekly Sabbath to Moses on the 15th day of the second moon. The only

way to have a weekly sabbath on the 15th day of the 1st and 2nd month is to keep a lunar based

sabbath. Any other sabbath reckoning is a mathematical impossibility.


A calendar based on the moon and the sun requires a 13th month approximately every 3 years. A 13th

month is proven from scripture in the inspired book of the prophet Ezekiel. In Ezekiel 1:1-2 we are

told that Ezekiel received a vision from Yahweh on the 5th day of the fourth month, in the fifth year

of king Jehoiachin’s captivity. In Ezekiel 2:7 Yahweh again speaks unto Ezekiel telling him to warn

Israel concerning their treachery against Yahweh. Then in Ezekiel 3:15 we find that Ezekiel dwelt by

the river Chebar for seven days bringing us to the 11th day of the fourth month, in the fifth year of

king Jehoiachin’s captivity.

Now, in Ezekiel 4:1-11 he is given instructions by Yahweh to lay on his left side 390 days and

when he accomplishes this he is to then lay on his right side 40 days; equaling a total of 430 days.

The next time reference in Ezekiel is found in chapter 8:1 where we see that Ezekiel was sitting in his

house in the sixth year (of king Jehoiachin’s captivity) on the 5th day of the sixth month. This shows

that Ezekiel had finished his instructions given in chapter 4 because he was sitting in his house not

lying on either his left or right side. If Ezekiel was using a strictly solar calendar he could not have

possibly obeyed Yahweh’s instructions by the time reference given in Ezekiel 8:1.

From the 11th day of the fourth month, in the fifth year of Jehoiachin (Ezekiel 1:1-2; 2:7; 3:15) to

the 5th day of the sixth month in the sixth year of Jehoiachin (Ezekiel 8:1) is only 413 days on a

strictly solar calendar. If Ezekiel used a strictly solar calendar he disobeyed Yahweh. However, had

this particular year been one consisting of 13 months (lunar-solar year) Ezekiel obeyed the

instructions from Yahweh, plain and simple.

Keep in mind that Ezekiel 4:9-10 shows that Ezekiel was told to make enough bread to last him

the entire 430 days. I have given the solar only people the best possible scenario available, taking for

granted that Ezekiel made all this bread in one day, i.e. the 11th day of the fourth month. If we factor

in the making of twenty shekels of bread (Ezekiel 4:9-10) for each day this even further destroys the

notion of the strictly solar calendar, because the time span would decrease for the solar only people.

Furthermore, when you recognize the obvious fact that the scriptural months are lunar, but that

the new year is determined by the spring equinox it is a necessity that a 13th month be added

approximately every third year. If this is not done the festivals will be 11 days shorter every “strictsolar

year” that goes by, placing the festivals out of their seasons. This is exactly what happens with

the Islamic calendar which ignores the 13th month. Their festivals travel throughout all seasons of

the year.

yahweh’s Calendar… Solar or Lunar?

YHWH’s Name At Bethel

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YHWH’s Name At BethelYHWH inscribed, with His own finger, His name at Bethel. Can you find it?

The Answer Is Here…

Easter is an­other major celebration

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With the Christmas extrava­ganza now a distant memory, churches are busily gearing up for their next big obser­vance—the celebration of the Savior’s death and resurrection.

As with Christmas, Easter is an­other major celebration featuring an odd blend of religious, mythical, and profane themes:chalices and chocolate, crosses and croissants; bonnets and bunnies, hymns and hams; Son worship and sun worship.

The unstudied may think it pe­culiar that Yahweh would require His people today to eat unleavened bread for a week following the Pass­over. Yet they find nothing weird about observing the Savior’s resur­rection by searching church lawns for painted eggs … allegedly laid by rabbits!

It is time to conduct our own search­ for the scriptural Easter to see whether there even is one.

One Verse in a Version

A peculiar fact jumps out immedi­ately. In a careful examination of the entire Bible we discover that the word “Easter” exists in only one verse: Acts 12:4. In the King James Version it reads, “ …intend­ing after Easter to bring him forth to the people.”

But now notice how nearly all other versions trans­late this very same passage:

“ … intending to bring him before the people after Passover,” The New King James Bible.

“ … intending after the Passover to bring him out before the people,” New American Standard

“ … Herod intended to bring him out for public trial after the Pass­over,” New International Version

“ … with the intention of produc­ing him to the people after Passover,” James Moffat.

“ … intending after the Passover to bring him out to the people,” Revised Standard

“ …intending to bring him out to the people after the Passover,” New Revised Standard Version

“ … Herod’s intention was to deliver Peter to the Jews for execution after the Passover,” Living Bible

“ …intending to bring him out to the people after Passover,” Modern Language Bible.

“ … meaning to produce him in public after Passover,” New English Bible.

“ … intending after the Passover to bring him forth to the people,” The Webster Bible.

“ … purposing after the Passover to bring him forth to the people,” The Amplified New Testament.

“ .. .intending to bring him out to the people after the Passover,” The New Berkeley Version in Modern En­glish

“ .. .intending, after the pasch, to bring him forth to the people,” Douay­-Rheims (Catholic).

In this last version, “pasch” is simply the near Greek word for the Hebrew Pass­over, Pascha. “Passover” is found 28 times in the King James New Testa­ment, Easter only once. Clearly a translation anomaly exists with the KJV.

As the King James Newberry Refer­ence Bible shows in a side column note on Acts 12:4, the word “Easter” in the King James should have been “Passover” (Newberry includes the Greek letters for “Pascha”).

Amazing, isn’t it? Easter is the second biggest religious celebration of the Bible-professing world, yet, its only scriptural evidence is one erroneously translated word!

Apostles Not Easter Dye Hards

But that’s not all. You don’t have to hunt long to discover that no one in the Scriptures ever observed Easter. Rather, even in the New Testament the Apostolic Assembly continued with the Bibli­cal Holy Days commanded in Exo­dus 12 and Leviticus 23. Our Savior died at Passover as the ultimate Passover sacrifice, a fact the Apostle Paul clearly explains in lCorinthians 5:7.

The Eleventh Edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica confirms this simple and astounding fact, “There is no indication of the obser­vances of the Easter festival in the New Testament or in the writings of the apostolic Fathers … The first Chris­tians continued to observe the Jewish festivals, though in a new spirit, as commemorations of events which those festivals had foreshadowed” (“Easter,” vol. 8. p. 828).

The commanded Old Testament Feast days were the ONLY annual observances that the early New Testament Assembly recognized. This fact should speak volumes to every Bible-believer today about the importance of honoring those same observances commanded to Israel.

Writing in Bible Review, Delbert Achuff, Jr., a retired Episcopal minister, noted what would happen if Yahshua were to return to earth to observe modern worship: “He would probably be amazed at what the worshipers accredited to Him. The accretions from having passed through several cultures would puzzle this peasant Jew who said He came ‘to fulfil the Law, not to destroy it’ (Matt. 5:17). St. Paul too is understood in a whole new light when seen as a Jew who is a member of the new sect, defending his new understandings of Torah and relationship with [Yah­weh]. Later he calls it the New Cov­enant, but the word (b’rith in the He­brew) is meaningless if one does not know the Old Covenant.”

Theologians cite Acts 2 as the start of the New Testament Assem­bly. But they neglect the reason that the Apostles and disciples were gath­ered that day. It was in observance of the command in Leviticus 23 to keep the Feast of Weeks (Pentecost)—one of the seven annual holy days!

Nowhere can we find a Biblical injunction to observe the Savior’s res­urrection as a special holiday. The command was and always will be to keep the memorial of His death at Passover. This being the case, where did “Easter” originate?

Thank the Babylonians

Yahshua told His disciples that the poor we would always have with us. The same thing can be said of hea­then worship, at least until Yahweh’s righteous Kingdom is established on earth.

The link between Easter and pa­ganism is so obvious no one could miss it. For starters, take the name. “Easter” even sounds like its name­sake—Eastre, the Saxon deity of dawn, spring, and fertility. One au­thority notes, “Easter is a word of Saxon origin and imparts a goddess of the Saxons, or rather, of the East, Estera, in honor of whom sacrifices being annually offered about the Pass­over time of the year (spring), the name became attached by association of ideas to the Christian festival of the resurrection, which happened at the time of the Passover,” Cyclope­dia of Biblical, Theological, and Eccle­siastical Literature, “Easter,” p. 12.

In his Dictionary of Word Origins” Joseph Shipley writes, “Easter. This is from Anglo Saxon Eostre, a pagan goddess whose festival came at the spring equinox. The festival was called Eastron (plural of Eastre). The Christian festival of the resurrection of [Messiah] has in most European languages taken the name of the Jew­ish Passover (Fr. Paques, It. Pasqua,from Latin pascha … ); but in English the pagan word has remained for the Christian festival,” p. 131.

Before she.was Eastre, the idol was called Ishtar (pronounced by the Assyrians and Babylonians as we do Easter).

John in Revelation tells us that Babylon is the mother of all false worship, and Revelation 14:8 says that Babylon caused all nations to partake in her spiritual unfaithfulness. Our society didn’t escape Babylon’s influence regarding the Easter observance, ei­ther.

Ishtar (a.k.a. Semiramis) was the wife of Nimrod, the priest-king and founder of Babylon. She was the first “deified woman” (Alexander Hislop, ­The Two Babylons, p. 304). The Greeks worshiped her as Aphrodite and the Romans as Venus, goddess of love.

Queen of Heaven

Jeremiah condemns worship of this heathen queen mother in a rite that includes a practice remarkably simi­lar to Easter:

“The children gather wood, and the fathers kindle the fire, and the women knead [their] dough, to make cakes to the queen of heaven, and to pour out drink offerings unto other mighty ones, that they may provoke me to anger” (Jer. 7:18).

“Cakes” is the Hebrew kavvan, meaning a sacrificial cake, which was “used in worship of Ishtar,” The New Brown, Driver, and Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, p. 467.

These “cakes” survive as today’s hot cross buns—an Easter tradition on which are marked crosses, the symbol for woman. In hieroglyphics the cross is a symbol for life. This ancient queen of heaven was the mother of life, the heathen believed.

Also prominent in the Easter cel­ebration is the egg. The 1994 winter Olympics opened with a ceremony featuring a huge egg, ancient pagan symbol of life. Mithras, the sun god, supposedly hatched from a cosmic egg.

Pagan mythology says a mystic egg of the Babylonians fell from heaven into the River Euphrates. Once fish had pushed it ashore it hatched and out came Astarte—Eas­ter (Venus). Hence, the egg became a symbol of Astarte or Easter (The Two Babylons, p. 109).

The egg soon figured into Chris­tian Easter worship. According to Hislop, “A form of prayer was even appointed to be used in connection with it, Pope Paul V teaching his superstitious votaries thus to pray at Easter—‘Bless, O L-rd, we beseech thee, this thy creature of eggs, that it may become a wholesome suste­nance into thy servants, eating it in remembrance of our L-rd J-sus Chr-st,’” p. 110.

Peter Cotton-tale

Imagine honoring Abraham Lincoln with Bingo parties. Or celebrating the first moon walk with a fishing derby. It makes as litte sense to observe the resurrection of the Savior with choco­late rabbits that lay colored eggs. Tradition has melded two entirely dif­ferent observances, intermixed them to produce the strangest of crossbreeds—not unlike remember­ing the Savior’s birth with Santa Claus, reindeer, and evergreen trees.

To understand why the rabbits, we need to go back again to a more ancient festival that in the apostate church merged with Passover to be­come the Easter hybrid.

“Although Easter is a Christian festival, it embodies traditions of an ancient time antedating the rise of Christianity,” saysFunk and Wagnalls Standard Reference Encyclopedia. This source goes on to describe Eastre, the Teutonic goddess of spring and fertil­ity, to whom was dedicated “Eastre monath,” corresponding to April. “Her festival was celebrated on the day of the vernal equinox, and traditions associated with the festival survive in the familiar Easter bunny, symbol of the fertile rabbit, and in the equally familiar colored Easter eggs originally painted with gay hues to represent the sunlight of spring” (“Easter,” Ibid, p. 2940).

In its effort to join heathen with Bible believer, the early church ac­commodated many pagan obser­vances, finding common dates on which to merge. Easter and Passover is one example. Try as they could, however, they could not detach the pagan dates from the pagan rites and rituals.

Scriptural Caution

The Easter sunrise service is com­mon today. But how many who par­ticipate realize the ancient worship they are really keeping alive—adora­tion of the sun-god? Ezekiel gives this sobering account of what Yahweh thinks of this cus­tom employed in worship of Him:

“Then said he unto me, Have you seen this, O son of man? turn yet again, and you shall see greater abominations than these. And he brought me into the inner court of Yahweh’s house, and, behold, at the door of the temple of Yahweh, between the porch and the altar, were about five and twenty men, with their backs toward the temple of Yahweh, and their faces toward the east; and they worshipped the sun toward the east. Then he said unto me, Have you seen this, O son of man? Is it a light thing to the house of Judah that they commit the abominations which they commit here? for they have filled the land with violence, and have returned to provoke me to anger: and, lo, they put the branch to their nose. Therefore will I also deal in fury: mine eye shall not spare, neither will I have pity: and though they cry in mine ears with a loud voice, yet will I not hear them” (Ezek. 8:15-18).

Passover is the only legitimate and commanded observance in honor of our Savior’s death. He kept it with His disciples just before He was impaled, and He said He would observe it again in the coming Kingdom. What better certification for an observance can we get? No Scriptural mandate exists for an annual observance of His resurrection.

Yahweh will one day teach man­kind that He is the only true Mighty One. All will learn—through pain of plague, if necessary—that pagan abominations will not be tolerated. And man will one day discover what True Worship is all about and what blessings can be his if he will simply be obedient not to traditions of the world—but to the Word.

by Alan Mansager

The Feasts will be kept

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Israel was commanded to observe the special days listed in Leviticus 23, which included the weekly Sabbath as well as the seven annual Sabbaths. Significantly, these times are for many more people than just Israel. The Feasts will be kept by everyone worldwide in the coming Millennial kingdom. It’s no wonder— Yahweh com­manded them forever.

In addition, Exodus 12 speaks of a special night to be observed. Notice: “It [is] a night to be much observed unto Yahweh for bringing them out from the land of Egypt: this [is] that night of Yahweh to be observed of all the children of Israel in their generations” (Ex. 12:42).  The Jewish Tanakh reads a bit differ­ently: “That was for [Yahweh] a night of vigil to bring them out of the land of Egypt; that same night [Yahweh's], one of vigil for all the children of Israel throughout the ages.”

A Night to Leave?

Some have understood this verse to mean that the night to be much ob­served was the night Israel left Rameses in Egypt to begin their trek to the Promised Land. That is, the beginning of the 15th of Abib, the High Sabbath, the first of the days of Unleavened Bread.

The setting sun, which ended Abib 14, saw all Israel gathered at Rameses with all their belongings, their live­stock, and all their family including children and the aged. This first High Sabbath was to be a memorial for leaving Egypt. They were prepared for the march to the Promised Land. The last day of Unleavened Bread is marked by the Israelites’ crossing over the Red Sea and being com­pletely free of Egypt. Thus, the seven days of Unleavened Bread memori­alize Israel’s exit from bondage.

The Israelites kept Passover prop­erly at the beginning of the 14th just after the setting sun, doing so until the captivity.

The Encyclopaedia Judaica reads, “The Feast of Passover consists of two parts: the Passover Ceremony and the Feast of Unleavened Bread. Originally, both parts existed sepa­rately, but at the beginning of the exile they were combined” (Vol. 13, “Passover,” p. 169).

Today the Jews keep a Seder ser­vice with the family at home on the 14th of Abib, and on the beginning of the 15th they gather at the synagogue to observe what they call “Passover” on the first day of Unleavened Bread.

Israel left Egypt by night ­the next night after Passover, Deutero­nomy 16: 1. The first annual Sabbath during Unleavened Bread com­memorates leaving Egypt. However, the verses dealing with this first high Sabbath nowhere mention a special night of watching, or a vigil during normal hours of sleep. Nor do we find examples of Yahweh’s people remembering thispreservation-night of Yahweh.

Preservation and Beginning

Just as ancient Israel kept vigil the night the destroying angel was about, Yahweh’s people were to observe a night of vigil on Passover night as well. Evidence is clear that the Pass­over night is the “night much to be remembered.”

Keil and Delitzsch agree that this speaks of Passover night, and state, “Because [Yahweh] had preserved the children of Israel that night from the destroyer, it was to be holy to them, i.e. to be kept by them in all future ages to the glory of [Yahweh], as a preservation” (Old Testament Com­mentaries).

A brief review of the situation will help us gain a deeper perspective of this momentous occasion.

This event is really the birth of the nation of Israel. The first three plagues came upon everyone in the land of Egypt. Yahweh sequestered the land of Goshen (where the Israelites were) from Egypt. Henceforth Israelites were not affected by any more than the three plagues.

The Israelites had been told to take a yearling from their flock and kill it at the going down (Heb. bo) of the sun, ending the day. At sunset the 13th ended, and the next day, Pass­over, the 14th began.

Throughout Goshen preparations for the Passover were well under way. The lamb had been set aside since the 10th of that month. Firewood collections and roasting pits were ready. Some of the Israel­ites with small families arranged to join neighbors, Exodus 12:1-4.

The lambs were killed between the evenings (of sunset and dark) and the blood collected in a basin and smeared on both the lintel and door­posts. The lamb was then roasted whole over the glowing coals in the pit already prepared.

Several hours later the blackened carcass of the lamb was placed on the table in their houses as the Israelites gathered to eat of its flesh with unleavened bread.

Everything was done hurriedly, with trepidation and fear. At midnight the destroying angel would come and kill all unprotected first­born of the land, both man and beast.

They WOULD Remember!

The night of the Passover was a very solemn, somber night of abject fear and trembling. The Israelites knew judgment was com­ing and were praying they would be “passed over” by the destroying an­gel and allowed to survive the night. Huddled in their houses, the Israel­ites prayerfully trusted that the de­stroying angel would see the blood at their door and spare them by “pass­ing over” their houses.

Sleep was hard to come by that Passover night because of the an­guished cries in many Egyptian houses upon discovering their dead firstborn. All Israelites were warned to remain within the protection of their blood-marked houses the entire night.“Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning,” (Ps.30:5).

What a night to remember!

The “Watch” Word

The command we wish to focus upon is found in Exodus 12:42:

“It [is] a night to be much observed (Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance No. 8107) unto Yahweh for bringing them out from the land of Egypt: this [is] that night of Yahweh to be observed of all the children of Israel in their generations.” Strong’sNo. 8107 is shimmur, from No. 8104; an observance. Strong’s says of No. 8104 shamar: “A prim. root; prop. to hedge about (as with thorns), i.e. guard; gen. to protect, attend to, etc.: -beware, be circumspect, take heed, keep, mark, look narrowly, observe, preserve, regard, reserve, save, sure, wait, watch.” Clearly the meaning is watchings.

The Tanakh on Exodus 12:42 reads, “That was for [Yahweh] a night of vigil to bring them out of the land of Egypt; that same night is [Yahweh's], one of vigil for all the children of lsrael throughout the ages.”

The Passover night’s activities made up the key events leading to the release of Israel from Egypt. It is much observed because it was the death of the firstborn that caused Pharaoh to release Yahweh’s people, bringing them out of Egypt.

Watching at Passover in the New Testament

Following the celebration of the Pass­over with His disciples, the Savior went with His disciples to Gethsemane to pray. It was the night of the Passover. “And when they had sung a Psalm, they went out into the mount of Olives” (Mat. 26:30). It was the custom at Passover to sing the Great Hallel (“praise”), Psalms 113 to 118.

When they came to Gethsemane, the Savior asked the disciples to sit there while He went a bit further with Peter, James and John to pray. He then says to them, “My soul is exceeding sorrowful, even unto death: tarry here, and watch with Me” (Mat. 26:38).

Then we read, “And He came unto the disciples, and found them asleep, and said unto Peter, What, could you not watch with Me one hour? Watch and pray, that you enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed [is] willing, but the flesh is weak” (Mat. 26:40-41).

This happened three times. Yah­shua expected His disciples to stay awake and watch with Him. But instead they slept.

Was it not on this night, the 14th, when an­cient Israel had been afraid to go to sleep while the destroying angel was going about Egypt slaying all the first­born of man and beast?

How fitting that the Savior should ask His disciples to watch with Him so they could recall at a later time the agony He went through in preparing for the excruciating ordeal and the final victory that followed.

Be Awake, Alert

The underlying Greek word trans­lated “watch” in both the Complete Biblical Library (CBL) and Strong’s is gregoreo,(CBL No. 1121) and (No. 1127 in Strong’s, from No. 1453). The word means to be vigilant and wide awake; to be alert: be or stay awake, to keep awake, be alert, i.e. watch. It is translated be vigilant, awake, be watchful.

Yahshua wanted His disciples to be alert and watchful that night after they celebrated the Passover. It was the same night some 2,000 years ear­lier that Israel kept vigilant all night, fearing the destroying angel. It was a night much to be remembered, for on this night the world under Satan thought it had triumphed by taking prisoner “Yahweh’s Lamb that takes away the sins of the world.”

Instead, the Jewish authorities and the Romans played right into Yahweh’s hand. Within twelve hours He would be nailed to the tree at Calvary and put to death.

People, People Everywhere

A question arises as to why there were so many prominent people about this late on Passover night. Was it only because there was a scheme afoot to get rid of the Nazarene? Or was there another reason that even the young damsels were up and about? Notice the Bible’s account:

• “Now Peter sat without in the pal­ace: and a damsel came unto him, saying, you also were with Yahshua of Galile.”  (Mat. 26:69).

• “And when he [Peter] was gone out into the porch, another [maid} saw him, and said unto them that were there, This [fellow] was also with Yahshua of Nazareth” (Mat. 26:71).

• “And as Peter was beneath in the palace, there came one of the maids of the high priest: And when she saw Peter warming himself, she looked upon him, and said, And you also were with Yahshua of Nazareth” (Mark 14:66-67).

• “And a maid saw him [Peter] again, and began to say to them that stood by, This is [one] of them” (Mark 14:69).

• “But a certain maid beheld him [Peter] as he sat by the fire, and earnestly looked upon him, and said, This man was also with Him” (Luke 22:56).

• “And after a little while another saw him, and said, You are also of them. And Peter said, Man, I am not” (Luke 22:58).

• “Then said the damsel that kept the door unto Peter, Are not you also [one] of this man’s disciples? He said, I am no” (John 18:17).

It is apparent that this was an extraordinary night.

Why Were Young Girls Out Late?

John 18: 16-17 shows that young girls were up and about, even the respon­sible porter (one who kept charge of the door of the palace of the high priest). Why were these young girls up at this time of a chilly night?

Why the one charged with keeping the door of the high priest was still up we can perhaps understand. But what about the oth­ers? The Savior had just celebrated the Passover with His disciples some 12 hours earlier and had asked them to keep a vigil while He prayed.

Was this not the shimmurim, the night of watchings?

Customarily those observing Passover would stay awake all night long. Many would sing songs to keep awake out of respect for those an­cient Israelites who had huddled in their houses in Egypt for fear of the destroying angel.

Whenever one of the party fell asleep, the atmosphere of the vigil was broken, the group broke up, and everyone retired.

The New Testament supports the Passover as “the night to be much remembered,” especially when viewed through the activities of the Savior. Going to the Mount of Ol­ives, as their leader, Yahshua evidently sang the last part of the Hallel. He sang the lines of Psalms 114 through 118, and the disciples re­sponded with “HalleluYAH!”

He thus promised to keep His vows; ultimately to triumph despite rejection, and call all nations to praise Yahweh.(Expositor’s Bible Commen­tary, Vol. 8, p. 539)

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