Acoustically Perfect Tabernacle

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Welcome to The Integratron

The Fusion of Art, Science and Magic

Unretouched photo of the Milky Way over the Integratron by Wally Pacholka
The Integratron is an

acoustically perfect tabernacle

and energy machine
sited on a powerful

geomagnetic vortex

in the magical Mojave Desert

“Top 10 Places in the Morongo Basin…

…the Integratron is a can’t-miss

Morongo Basin landmark.”

- The Hi-Desert Star

SPECIAL EVENT!!  Venus Rising – March 21, 2009

The Integratron is the creation of George Van Tassel, and is based on the design of Moses’ Tabernacle, the writings of Nikola Tesla and telepathic directions from extraterrestrials. This one-of-a-kind building is a 38-foot high, 55-foot diameter, non-metallic structure originally designed by Van Tassel as a rejuvenation and time machine.  Today, it is the only all-wood, acoustically perfect sound chamber in the U.S.

Scientist and pilot, Bruce Cathie, author of Harmonics 33 pronounced:

“The Integratron has the same harmonic value that is built into the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid.  I believe that this harmonic is connected with inter-dimensional values.  The yin/yang or gateway to dimensions.”

Huell Howser, PBS travel log guru:

“You made a believer out of me. I can FEEL the energy here!”

Recording artist, Billy Corgan, of rock groups Smashing Pumpkins and Zwan, says,

“I believe that projects like this should be supported.”

Celebrities have discovered the relaxing and rejuvenating benefits of a Sound Bath at the Integratron:

“The Sound Bath is our new favorite desert experience.”

The Integratron is sited on a magnetic vortex

The location of the Integratron is an essential part of its functioning. Its placement was chosen based on a complex set of theories involving the earth’s magnetic field and the Integratron’s relationship to the Great Pyramid in Egypt and Giant Rock, the world’s largest freestanding boulder. In 1947, Van Tassel began operating the Giant Rock Airport three miles away from the Integratron, and in 1953 initiated communications with extra-terrestrials after a physical encounter at Giant Rock.  He subsequently hosted 17 Spacecraft Conventions there for UFO enthusiasts.

According to Van Tassel, the Integratron is located on an intersection of powerful geomagnetic forces that, when focused by the unique geometry of the building, will concentrate and amplify the energy required for rejuvenation and healing.  In 2005, a geophysicist measured the earth’s magnetic field for up to 15 miles in every direction from the Integratron and then inside the dome.  She proclaimed that there is a significant, unexplainable spike in the earth’s magnetic field in the center of the Integratron.

Today, visitors from a wide variety of disciplines are drawn to experience the Integratron’s enhanced energy fields.  They agree that an overnight at the Integratron is equivalent to a relaxing vacation and that a Sound Bath results in waves of peace, heightened awareness, and relaxation of the mind and body.

The Integratron has been featured in many magazines, newspapers and on television, including:

Check out the FaceBook site one of our visitor’s created: “I went to the Integratron and good things happened…”

How do I check it out?

Integratron Events

You can attend regularly scheduled events at the Integratron that include restoration fund-raisers, concerts, workshops, symposiums, retreats, sky-watches and music festivals. Click onIntegratron Events, and bookmark the page to stay in the loop. If you’d like to receive Special Events online updates, please send us an email!

Guided Tours

Schedule an exclusive docent-led tour of the Integratron for groups from 4-100 people. Great for sightseeing groups, scientific clubs, musicians, spiritual groups, UFO/E.T. enthusiasts, sky watchers, school field trips and architectural/historical societies. Special rates for seniors and school groups. Tours take about an hour and include a history of the Integratron, access to Van Tassel’s archives, nostalgic photo library, and a personal experience of the energy and sound phenomenon.


Believe it or not, you can rent the Integratron- hourly, daily, weekends, for an overnight getaway, seminars, music recording, video shoots, retreats, and private events. For information and rates, send us an email or call 760-364-3126.

Sound Baths

The Sound Bath is a 30-minute sonic healing session with 9 quartz crystal bowls played live in the Integratron’s highly resonant, multi-wave sound chamber. This is the ultimate Integratron experience! Click the link to check dates for public Sound Baths and learn how to book your very own private group Sound Bath.
Integratron Products &
Gift Certificates
Great gift ideas: Commemorative Integratron Pins, Travel Mugs, Night Sky Photography Greeting Cards, and Gift Certificates for a Sound Bath, Overnight or Daytime Rentals, “Friends of the Integratron Membership” or Group Tours are available. Click on the “Integratron Products” link for details.
Massage Are you planning a visit or an overnight stay at the Integratron?  Enhance your experience by enjoying a relaxing, healing massage. Whether for yourself, loved one or friend, having a massage inside the Integratron is truly a wonderful combination of therapeutic touch, sacred geometry and heightened energy.  Our massage therapists, Kim Simpson and Drayton Stephenson have enjoyed successful careers working for some of the top spas, chiropractors, and health retreats in California, in addition to their private practices providing massage and healing for some of the most powerful people in the entertainment community.            Seventy-five minute massage  $125   Reservations required.


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